Top 5 Anime Villains of Spring 2022

Villains are easy to hate, loathe and have great disdain for but let’s be honest, they can make or break an anime. When a series implements a bad guy/girl, viewers are at the whims of hoping this threat can be on par with the hero/heroine of the anime. We here at Honey’s Anime love a good hero but we also have a love for the bad guy, hoping they will truly make us feel anger as they try to hurt the MCs. The Spring 2022 anime season has quite a selection of villains and we’re naming our Top 5 Anime Villains of Spring 2022 right here and now!

5. Stephanie Fou Offrey from Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs

Woman in Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Game is Tough for Mobs can be a bit terrifying. Yes, girls like Olivia and Angelica Rapha Redgrave are beautiful—and have become our new waifu—but other women in the show are just plain evil. Case in point, Stephanie Fou Offrey literally uses her influence to manipulate others into doing dastardly deeds and working alongside pirates. Stephanie’s actions cause Leon and several others to almost being killed/taken hostage. But luckily our semi-evil MC puts an end to her plan and saves everyone. Stephanie is a bully and clearly let her status make her think she was invincible…she wasn’t and she probably sees that now as she’s been placed under arrest.

4. Supreme Leader Bosslar from Love After World Domination

Okay, as far as bad guys go, Supreme Leader Bosslar from Love After World Domination isn’t that evil but he’s on our list for a specific reason. Due to the fact that Bosslar runs the evil organization Gekko, our main power couple Fudo and Desumi can’t be together without constantly hiding and dealing with being on opposing sides. Bosslar should just come to the realization that his forces are up against the Gelato 5 and will never win. This way, Desumi and Fudo can just stay in love and not hide their relationship!

3. Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott from Date A Live IV

Date A Live has entered its fourth season and Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott still continues to be a thorn in Shido’s side. Westcott has proven he has the means to stop Shido’s mission of saving the spirits and has launched countless attacks to try and kill him! Episode 9 of season 4 has Westcott launching artificially created spirits towards Shido and orders them to annihilate him at all costs. Luckily, Shido and his fellow spirits/team are used to this level of attack by now and aren’t afraid of Westcott!

2. The Administrators From Tomodachi Game

Friendship is a tested phrase in the world of Tomodachi Game. While many of the characters have ulterior motives and some can’t be trusted, the true villain of this series lies in the unseen forces known as The Administrators. Made up of various entities—we used two of the monitors that work with them as our image—The Administrators are the ones cruel enough to take people and challenge them to extreme games just for entertainment. What’s worse, their powers seem to extend far and wide as they can literally kill people/get them killed if they reveal their sick game. These villains are scary and you have to wonder if real people like them exist in our world…

1. Kyo “Book Hero” Ethnina from The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2

Hands down the cruelest baddie of spring 2022 is Kyo Ethnina, the so-called “Book Hero”. Despite having the title of “hero” Kyo is a cruel man who also has a super-inflated ego and has no regard for his fellow human. Kyo’s plans have been recently revealed as trying to create waves—when others thought he was trying to stop them—showing the world and all of its inhabitants are just guinea pigs in his sick experiment. Kyo even tried to use Raphtalia for his twisted plan…that alone is unforgivable in our minds!

Final Thoughts

Spring 2022 had a lot of anime villains but we think our list found some of the best of these evil foes! Have you seen a villain that should have made our list? Comment below letting us know! Keep stuck to our not villainous hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more Top articles for your reading pleasure!

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