Top 5 1st Cours Carole & Tuesday Scenes

From the brainchild of Shinichiro Watanabe, we have Carole & Tuesday, an anime of two young ladies who are dream of making it to Mars’ music industry. Not only is it packed full of unique music, but shows an incredible coming-of-age tale of two people from different worlds who come together and fight the same struggles. Not only is it packed with music, but the episode titles are references to song names from the last 50 years of pop culture. With 12 episodes aired so far, we thought it would be a great opportunity to share with you some of our top 5 favorite scenes. And of course with one warning we have to disclaim, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!

5. The Mermaid Sisters (Episode 9)

We thought that we’d start this list off with the performance of The Mermaid Sisters as they enter Mars’ Brightest, an equivalent to American Idol or whatever country names their singing contest show. They just casually spew lyrics with the worst explicits you can think of that would make George Carlin proud. If anything, this act was more appropriate for The Comedy Store. To native English speakers or those highly fluent or familiar with English speaking culture, you’re going to have the laugh of your life. You’d think only South Park could get away with this. If anything, native English speakers think they should have lost, but with the judges recognizing the ridiculousness of the song, they disqualify them. Considering the serious tone of the series, the nature of this song and how it’ll make English speakers laugh their heads off is why we started with this scene. All we can say is if any of you readers want to audition for such a show, PLEASE SING THIS SONG!

4. Round & Laundry (Episode 3)

It looks like in the future on Mars, people may still need coin laundries to take care of such chores. As you all know, waiting for your laundry can be a drag. When it comes to the creative types such as our titular duo, they see the music in the routine and make a song on the spot. It’s a funny scene as a man sits between the two as he is trying to figure out what’s going on and then comes to join in on the fun. This scene shows that sometimes the greatest ideas can come from doing something mundane and you can turn it into joy.

3. Angela’s Honor (Episode 12)

If Carole & Tuesday have a definitive rival in the music industry, it has to be Angela Carpenter, a model who wants to break into singing. On the surface, she comes across as superficial, demanding, and full of herself. However, you see the character has integrity and honor as she progresses to the finals of Mars’ Brightest. When her “mama-san” has Carole injured in order to not have her perform, she condemns her actions saying she wanted to compete on equal terms. When Carole & Tuesday were disqualified for showing up to the finals late, she even asks the judge to allow them to perform. These actions show that Angela believes in fair play and acknowledges the talent of Carole & Tuesday, and that she doesn’t want everything handed to her and she is willing to work hard for it.

2. OG Bulldog (Episode 8)

Everyone can agree that Carole & Tuesday is full of interesting characters whether they be featured in every episode, or only one. In addition to The Mermaid Sisters, OG Bulldog is another unique one-shot character that audiences will forever remember. He mixes hip hop with opera and tries to portray himself as a hardened gangster who has been shot more times than Fiddy. Little did he know, his grandma in the audience exposed him as a phony. When you learn the truth about him, how it contrasts with his unique style and image will also have you laughing your head off.

1. Their First Live (Episode 5)

Every performer has to start somewhere. Not everybody can debut at Madison Square Garden and Carole & Tuesday are no different. Though they do have a slowly rising social media following, in the real world and anime, that’s sometimes not enough and you need more than that to get experience and exposure. Through the efforts of Guts, their manager, they get their first official gig at a small live house with a small audience. Ironically, Tuesday’s brother, who is there to bring her home, can’t bring himself to take her back and gives his silent support. Through this scene, you get an idea on how something small, can eventually bloom to something much bigger and that as long as you get experience, that’s all that matters.

Final Thoughts

With where the series is presently (at the time of the drafting of this article), we’re just getting started. Based on episode 12’s ending, we see there’s a lot more to come and we’re sure that the upcoming episodes will have scenes that will make us re-evaluate this list. In the meantime, what are some of your personal favorite scenes from the first 12 episodes of Carole & Tuesday?

Carole-Tuesday-Wallpaper Top 5 1st Cours Carole & Tuesday Scenes


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