Top 5 Scenes in CAROLE & TUESDAY 2nd Cours

While Carole & Tuesday were disqualified on a technicality due to circumstances beyond their control in the finals of Mars’ Brightest, at the insistence of Angela, who didn’t want to win on a technicality, demanded the judges to allow them to perform. Though they couldn’t win, they still got their due. With Angela getting a record deal, Carole & Tuesday are still in a position to still top her as Mars’ next big hit as they team up with Toby, an old school producer, to make an album that will forever change the fate of Mars. However, things start to heat up as both of their pasts catch up with them. So for the latter half of Carole & Tuesday, we wish to share our top 5 scenes. WARNING: THERE ARE GOING TO BE SPOILERS!

5. Ezekiel’s Video From a Jail Cell (Episode 21)

In the second half, American viewers can obviously come to the conclusion that a lot of scenes portrayed take influence from ICE’s raids on immigrants who are allegedly in the country illegally. In this series, alleged undocumented migrants are being detained in detention centers, and one of them is Ezekiel, a notable hip hop artist who happens to be a childhood friend of Carole. While imprisoned, he manages to convince the guards to shoot a video of him in a cell, and what we’re saying here more or less explains it all. It’s probably even more powerful than the prison version of Michael Jackson’s They Don’t Really Care About Us. He makes a music video from prison about the system and it’s the ultimate political statement anyone can make through art that you have to see for yourself.

4. Carole Reuniting With Her Father (Episode 13 and 14)

When Carole & Tuesday competed on Mars’ Brightest, Carole publicly shared that she was a refugee from Earth and wanted to reunite with her family. Shortly after her appearance, lots of people were coming forward claiming to be her family hoping they could mooch off of her, but knowing their game, Carole brushed them off. At the laundromat she frequents, she meets a man named Dan, who defended her from these false claimers. Due to how he acknowledged Carole as just a regular young lady, they were able to form a friendship. Eventually, Dan shares his background with Carole and before he can go back to Earth, Carole is able to come to her own conclusions that he’s her father and share a genuine father and daughter moment.

3. Mars’ Grammy’s (Episode 22)

As it turns out, the tradition of the Grammy’s has continued onto Mars and Carole & Tuesday get a chance to perform on the biggest stage with one of Mars’ hottest singers, Crystal! Their song, After the Fire, is another politically driven song in response to Tuesday’s mother’s destructive rhetoric. However, even if things are destroyed, we can learn that we can rebuild and move forward. Granted it has a lot of dark settings, ultimately, it’s an uplifting song about hope and that in the end, everything’s going to be alright once all the bad things pass.

2. Mother (Episode 24)

The last episode of Carole & Tuesday can pretty much be the anime equivalent to We Are The World. In order to reach out to Tuesday’s mother, Carole & Tuesday decide to make a New Year’s concert by gathering all of Mars’ greatest musicians to make a song about love. Granted Valerie isn’t the president, anti-immigration policies are still enacted by the incumbent Hamilton administration as they even try to put a stop to the concert! But thanks to the efforts of Gus and concert hall security, Mars’ finest can make the greatest performance in Mars’ history. The song Mother perfectly sums up the themes of this second half of we should do away with prejudice, learn to be accepting of one another, and that a mother should be an example of how we should conduct ourselves.

1. Flora (Episode 16)

At number one, we have to give it to the backstory of Flora, an old friend of Gus who happens to be one of Mars’ hottest 20 years prior to the series. While she’s past her prime by the time she’s introduced in the series, many young artists, most notably Carole, still look up to her and say they wouldn’t have gotten into music if it wasn’t for her. What makes Flora very unique is that the background story almost parallels that of Whitney Houston’s. Her singing style, the fact that she performed at the equivalent to a Super Bowl and her unfortunate fall will instantly make you think of their similarities. What makes this scene powerful is that it reminds us that even with all the fame, it doesn’t mean you have everything if you don’t genuinely have love in your life, and that’s what Flora seems to have ultimately lost when you see at her at her lowest. But thanks to Carole & Tuesday showing that people still love her, she finds the courage to keep on living.

Final Thoughts

If Elon Musk wants to get to Mars by 2025, then he seriously needs to watch these selected scenes to get an idea of where he wants its future to go. It provides ideas of where we need to go with not just music, but with policy as well. The notion of migrating to Mars is the perfect opportunity for mankind to move forward and Carole & Tuesday is a good example that we shouldn’t stick to some of our present ways. In the end, we are all one and if we’re to migrate to Mars or some other planet some day, we have to stop looking at what makes us different. Carole & Tuesday came from opposite backgrounds, however, they became the best of friends. If two young ladies can do that, so can everyone.

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