Top 5 Funny Scenes in Gakuen Basara (Gakuen Basara: Samurai High School)

What happens when you take a bunch of people from the Sengoku Period and throw them into a modern day Japanese high school? You get Gakuen Basara where there is no shortage of action and comedy to keep you entertained. One of the best aspects of Gakuen Basara is seeing the characters we know and love ditch the seriousness war filled world for a more light hearted one. Join us as we look at five of the funniest scenes in Gakuen Basara.

1. Kickball

One of the first scenes from the first episode, Masamune Date and Yukimura Sanada decide to settle their dispute over who gets to use the school's field with a friendly game of kickball. With the fate of their two teams on the line, Date proceeds to hit Yukimura's pitch out of the park thanks to his wielding six bats and the ball gets hit around by some of the series most recognizable faces. This scene has a lot going on with appearances from Mitsunari Ishida, Ieyasu Tokugawa, Kojuurou Katakura, and many more characters; we get a taste of just what kind of comedic hijinks our favorite characters from the Sengoku Period can get themselves into.

2. The Road to Badness

Pushed by Maeda and Takeda to enjoy his youth, Yukimura decides to partake in some nefarious activities in order to reach ultimate levels of badness. Despite his best efforts, everything Sanda tries results in him doing good for others. With everything, he tries only making him less evil, Yukimura finally catches a break when he gets scolded for running and screaming in the halls. The highlight of this scene is how sincerely the honest and straightforward Yukimura works so hard at being bad.

3. Class Trip

The class gets into a heated discussion involving where they will go on their class trip. Every time the group finally decides on a destination, they are halted by the weather. Torrential rain and snow halt them in the tracks forcing them to replan and pray for better weather. There is a whole lot to enjoy with this scene,from everyone's fantasies about their desired location to the way the class handles the strange weather that keeps getting in their way.

4. Honda and Fuma Babysitting

One day, Honda and Fuma find themselves taking care of a child they find near the front gate of the school. They must find a way to care for the child and find out where it came from. One of the best scenes of the series, Honda and Fuma are able to get so much laughter without saying a word. The way the two of them go about caring for the child while only exchanging glances and the occasional thumbs up is something you have to see. While the others eventually come to help the two of them out, the sight of Honda Fuma taking care of a child is truly something special.

5. Ieyasu’s Campaign Video

With Ieyasu running for student council president, he makes a campaign video starring Masamune. We get to see Masamune do some ridiculous stunts that include ballet, one man baseball, and some extreme eating. Although this is the shortest scene on this list, it may just be the funniest. We get to see the usually serious Masamune take part in some ridiculous activities that he would never usually do. Yukimura also makes an appearance at the end of the scene claiming he would not be bested by Masamune and vows to do everything he did but better.

Final Thoughts

Gakuen Basara is a fantastic anime that has plenty of fantastic comedy. The series finds a way to balance out the action and comedy to bring a whole new style of anime for the Sengoku Basara franchise. What did you think of the franchise? Which scene did you find the funniest? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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