Top 5 Hangyakusei Million Arthur 2nd Season (Operation Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur 2nd Season) Scenes

The second season of Hangyakusei Million Arthur was an incredibly fun series with so much to like about it. With tons of comedy, action, and an absurd plot, there was no shortage of great moments in this series. Each episode brought with it all kinds of hilarious scenes and showed off just how great its characters are. Today we are going to be looking at some of these moments as we countdown the top five scenes. Each scene will cover some of the best parts of the series featuring all of the different aspects the series has to offer.

5. Who Are You? (Episode 3)

After bringing back every other member of the group, the Arthurs track down the last missing member, Yamaneko. Everyone pours the emotions into their re-recruitment speech with Dancho really giving it her all. Things get complicated for the group when Yamaneko responds with, "Who are you?" This is the shortest and least interesting scene on the list, but it is one of the funniest moments in the series. The funny part of the scene is watching everyone getting worked up in trying to bring back Yamaneko only to find out he has no memory of them. All of the reactions of the characters are really funny, especially Dancho's.

4. Cooking Showdown (Episode 5)

Renkin finds herself in a cooking competition despite not having any cooking skills. No matter how hard she tries, she just can't wrap her head around cooking, but she decides to make a dish from her past. When she was little, Renkin lived in an orphanage and she makes the bread she used to eat there and put as much love and compassion into the bread as her caretakers had done. With her loaf of bread, she is able to defeat the Excalibur wielding chef and his fancy food. Renkin is such a cute character and watching her struggle with learning to cook is both funny and heartwarming. This whole episode is a whole lot of fun and is kind of a parody of other popular cooking anime, but the parts with Renkin really steal the whole episode.

3. Letters (Episode 1)

With the group having disbanded, Dancho and Nuckelavee have been spending their time alone with nothing to do. One day, Nuckelavee tells Dancho that she has received letters from every other member of the group. As Nuckelavee reads through them, Dancho gets to hear all of the negative things they have to say about her and the group. What makes this scene so good are Dancho's reactions to the letters. She has so many hilarious reactions you can't help but laugh all the way through the scene. This was a great scene to start the second season with just how funny it is.

2. The Power of Friendship (Episode 7)

The Arthur hunters find themselves up against a group of Arthurs who are using their Excalibur to excel at sports. The groups compete in a soccer match and the Arthur hunters fall behind in the first half. Thanks to an inspired second half the Arthur hunters close the gap and everything is going well despite Dancho's poor coaching. After Renkin collapses due to exhaustion, Dancho takes her place and the group begins their final counter-attack to win the game. With their combined powers, they are able to score the final goal and obtain the Excalibur. Hangyakusei Million Arthur excels when it puts its characters in these weird and random situations. The soccer match they compete in is by far the strangest of them all and their final attack is hilarious.

1. Final Battle (Episode 13)

With the group struggling in their battle against Pharsalia, they combine their powers to stop her once and for all. Everyone combines their powers to create a giant sword for Dancho to wield and fight back against Pharsalia. With their combined strength, they are able to overcome Pharsalia and stop her once and for all. Out of all of the battle scenes in the series, this is the best one of them all. We get to see everyone get in on the action and we even get to see some cool new powers used in the fight. The scene also ends with the Dancho's best moment in the entire series, in one of the brief moments where she is actually serious about something.

Final Thoughts

That is it for our list of the top five Top 5 Hangyakusei Million Arthur 2nd Season scenes. There are just so many great scenes in this series, it is hard to pick just five, but hopefully, you enjoyed the scenes we picked. What was your favorite scene? Are there any scenes you think should be on the list? Let us know in the comments.

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