Top 5 Isekai Quartet Scenes

What do you get when you take the characters from four popular isekai series and transport them to a new world? A high school comedy of course. Isekai Quartet brings together the characters from Overlord, Konosuba, Re:Zero, and Youjo Senki and throws into a high school where they go on all sorts of hilarious adventures. today we are going to be looking at the best scenes that this series has to offer as we look at the top five scenes of Isekai Quartet. Let's get started.

5. It's Time for Class to Begin!(Episode 1)

The characters from Overlord and Konosuba are transported to a mysterious new world thanks to a red button. There they are sent to a class alongside the characters from Youjo Senki and are later joined by the characters from Re:Zero. As each new group makes their way into the class, they all take note of how strange everyone else is. While this may not be the best or funniest moment in the series, this scene is still fantastic. The scene sets up the ridiculous premises of the series perfectly and lets you get a glimpse of all of the main characters and a small taste of what's to come for the rest of the series.

4. Subaru and Hamsuke (Episode 7)

While Subaru, Rem, and Beatrice are walking to school, they discuss how their jobs around the school are going. Subaru reveals that during his time as a member of the Animal Care Committee, he is always attacked by Hamsuke, who can't help but chew on Subaru's head whenever he sees him. This is by far the shortest scene on the list, but it is still a quality scene. The scene is hilarious and the interactions between Aura, Subaru, and Hamsuke just put a smile on your face. Also, it is quite interesting seeing what a giant hamster looks like in chibi form.

3. Test of Courage (Episode 9)

After a fun-filled day on the beach, everyone participates in a test of courage. As the group consisting of Aqua, Subaru, Ainz, and Tanya makes their way through the forest, Aqua asks them if they are all from Earth, and reveals that she was the one who summoned to Kazuma to her world. Tanya doesn't take kindly to the news and unleashes her full power believing Aqua to be Being X until she is stopped by Ainz and Subaru. With everything calmed down, the group shares a laugh at Aqua's expense and returns to the rest of their friends. What makes this scene great is that it gives us a brief serious moment that reminds us that must of these characters don't come from fun and happy worlds. On top of that, the scene is able to seamlessly transition back to comedy without a hitch.

2. Kazuma’s Motivation (Episode 10)

With the class given the opportunity to return home if they are able to beat Class 1 during the field, everyone is determined to give it there all except for Kazama. In order to give him motivated Tanya and Puck combine their powers to make Kazama run through the schoolyard while dodging some magical spells. This is by far one of the funniest moments in the series and is the perfect way to end the episode and get us ready for the ensuing field day. Tanya really steals the scenes, but there are some great moments from Kazama, Puck, and Megumin.

1. Cavalry Battle (Episode 12)

Class 2 desperately needs a win after getting dominated during field day and with the cavalry battle being the last event, Ainz, Subaru, Kazuma, and Tanya team up to take down Class 1 once and for all. The group finds themselves not only up against Class 1 but also against a calvary team made up of the teachers and Destroyer. Ainz, Subaru, Kazuma, and Tanya combine all of their powers to defeat Destroyer. This calvary battle is the best moment in the entire series and although it lasts for longer than one scene, it is still too good to not talk about. We get to see all four of the main characters in action and the scene combines action with tons of comedy to send the series off with a bang.

Final Thoughts

That is it for our list of the top five Isekai Quartet scene. This little series was filled with so many fantastic scenes and loads of comedy it was hard to pick just five scenes. What was your favorite scene in Isekai Quartet? Are there any scenes that should have been on the list? Lets us know in the comments.

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