Top 5 Manga Worlds We'd Love to Live In

When you reach this article, you probably wonder what kind of manga the world has to offer to make you go “I’m tired of this world; let’s move to another world and start a new life of our own for the better.” Imagine a migration system that allows us to transport to a fictional world created by authors and mangaka instead of getting hit by Truck-kun and becoming an isekai protagonist, or just get hit by Truck-kun. Well, in some situations, at least, it is subjective to most of us. If you like to live in a dangerous world, that’s all on you as long as it is your choice.

The ranking is based on, obviously, the quality of life that covers a few factors. Is it easy to find a job and make a living? Are the monsters dangerous enough that be fend off by adventurers or government officials? Are there any political B******* that will cost the safety of the entire nation? Without further ado, let’s get right to it, shall we?

5. Shikabanegatana (Corpse Sword, Corpse Blade)

  • Authors: Segawa, Hajime
  • Genres: Action, Shounen, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published: June 2020 - Ongoing

Tatsuki Tsuranuki isn’t your ordinary middle schoolboy as he has a slightly strange family circumstance. His father has given him gun training until a zombie outbreak hits Japan. Separated from his sister during the beginning of the disaster, he equipped himself with guns and utilities from his home to search for her. Going through Tokyo infested with zombies, he encounters a high school girl wielding a mysterious sword.

If you’re not interested in a fantasy world but loves a good zombie apocalypse, guns and swords like High School of the Dead, you probably would be interested in joining this world. Thrill-seekers such as yourself will have to think critically to know when to fire your gun and preserve your limited resources. Intelligence and tactical warfare are paramount if you want to survive in this world. The zombies aren’t what you would expect as they are created through supernatural means, and no, such apocalypse wasn’t caused by Umbrella Corporation, so lower your weapons. There is a lot of mystery behind the main characters and expect some struggles during their journey. The apparels and tactical gears the characters carry are surprisingly close to the actual models you can find in real life, so you can appreciate their designs as you read along.

4. Genkai Level 1 kara no Nariagari: Saijaku Level no Ore ga Isekai Saikyou ni Naru made

  • Authors: Mirajin A (Story) and Uemukai, Dai (Art)
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published: March 2020 - Ongoing

Summoned to another world, Tetsuya Takahashi’s presence is a mistake as his level limit is 1. The King labels him defective and gives him a death sentence. Despite being collateral in this summon, Tetsuya is thrown into the valley of monsters. At the brink of death, he used his unique skill, “Absorb Corpse”, to gain stats from dead enemies and be willing to use it to avenge those who were summoned.

Tetsuya started with a laughable stat, as expected for a level 1 character. There is a lot of gaming RPG element in this series where each monster he can get his hands on provides a unique amount of values to his stats instead of experience level. The concept is exciting and has an idea of what would it be like for a level 1 character with experience gain switched off to overcome the hurdles to reach the end. Although Tetsuya is willing to seek revenge on those summoned along with him, his reasons are valid, and he isn’t some crazy maniac who would kill anyone blindly as he is a kind person in heart.

3. Kajiya de Hajimeru Isekai Slow Life (Different World Slow Life Begun at the Smith)

  • Authors: Himori, Yoshino (Art) and Tamamaru (Story)
  • Genres: Adventure, Fantasy
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published: July 2020 - Ongoing

After finishing his work as a corporate slave and making his way home, Eizo saves a cat and gets hit by a truck. The cat isn’t what it seems to be in his world and is part of a parallel world. As a reward for Eizo’s kindness, it grants Eizo his desire skill and reincarnates him to another world. Instead of hero skills or anything related to it, Eizo chose blacksmith as he has craftsmanship as a hobby and wants to make a living with it. But how many changes can he make to this new world with his newly acquired skill?

Who would have thought that a cat that turns out to be an extraterritorial being or a god? Is this the reason why people like cats? Back to Eizo. He started with a home and knowledge provided to him by the cat, which is a good start. The story progression is slow, as you would expect from the title. It presents the blacksmithing and business skills in their world and how having a family makes a massive change to Eizo’s life compared to his previous time. If you like to read a manga about a comfortable life as a blacksmith in the middle of the forest along with cute fantasy girls, you would be interested in this one.

2. Seijo-sama? Iie, Toorisugari no Mamonotsukai desu!: Zettai Muteki no Seijo wa Mofumofu to Tabi wo Suru (Saint? No, Just Passing Monster Tamer!: The Completely Unparalleled Saint Travels with Fluffies)

  • Authors: Inumajin (Story) and Iida, Toi (Art)
  • Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published: March 2020 - Ongoing

Kanata has always been a hospital bed throughout her life, connected to tubes and IV to prolong her life until the day where she would meet her end. She has been an animal lover, but creatures and domestic animals always afraid to approach her. Given an opportunity by a god, she is reincarnated into a world where she can meet and tame monsters. She is then free to tame all the fluff she wants.

Kanata’s obsession with fluffy animals has made her an interesting character and makes everything seem normal. Even though she was born from parents who turn out to be legendary adventurers, she focuses her effort on her swordsmanship and magic. All to tame monsters instead of becoming a saint. It shows how hard work and dedication can lead to all sorts of unexpected results for everyone and let your work prove who you are while having a cute fluffy monster by your side.

1. Tensei Shitara 15-sai no Ouhi deshita: Moto Shachiku no Watashi ga, Toshishita no Kokuou Heika ni Semarareteimasu?! (I Worked Myself to Death and Reincarnated as the Queen of His Majesty, Who Is Younger than Me!)

  • Authors: Katagiri, Atari (Art) and Ononata, Manimani (Story)
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published: May 2020 - Ongoing

Saeki Emi, 28 years old, died from overworking. Opening her eyes, she found herself in the body of a 15-year old queen and has a husband who turns out to be a 17-year old King! Emi thought she would be living the luxury life of a queen. But she is brought down to earth so to speak by the following words from his Majesty: If anyone knows that you are the transmigrator, they will hunt you down. In addition to that, a ghost of the original body, Emilia, she possessed appeared before her.

Yes. This is an isekai, but not in the way where you explore the world for a relaxing vacation. For now, at least. The series focuses more on drama where the King and Queen usually quarrels due to political marriage and how much they hate each other. At this point, Emilia is on Emi’s side to protect her against the King. On the bright side of this new life is that Emilia can experience the royal life as the King’s wife while being aware of other’s ulterior motives.

Final Thoughts

Everyone has unique circumstances and preferences of their own. If you prefer hardcore survival, go for Shikabanegatana (Corpse Sword, Corpse Blade) and Genkai Level 1 kara no Nariagari: Saijaku Level no Ore ga Isekai Saikyou ni Naru made. To us, we prefer a moderately peaceful world and fun for us to enjoy their culture and be free to explore the world without any worry when it comes to financial capabilities. Most importantly, leaving a legacy where future generations can remember your contribution to the world and seen as a hero. Or a villain, if you’re into that.

Yes, there are many worlds there that can be part of these recommendations. The universe of fictions are vast, and we have to explore as many as we can to find a place where we can call home in our hearts and minds. If you know a world where you want to start a new beginning or isn’t part of this article, let us know in the comments below!

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