Top 5 Scenes in Kanata no Astra (Astra Lost in Space)

In this 2019 sci-fi hit that combines Star Trek Voyager with The Breakfast Club, a group of high school kids who don’t know each other are mysteriously stranded over 5,000 light years across the galaxy in orbit after being engulfed by an orb. Thankfully, they find an abandoned functioning ship and chart their way home. As they make their journey, they stop by a lot of planets and face many dangers. For this series, we wish to share with you our Top 5 Scenes from Kanata no Astra. Before we begin, we should note that THERE ARE GOING TO BE SPOILERS!

5. Royal Pain (Episodes 11 and 12)

Towards the end of the series, we learn that everyone on the Astra is a clone (however, this is its own separate scene on this list). However, in relation to that scene is that Charce and Aries happen to (indirectly) be royalty! Charce is the clone of the King of Vixia, and the unassuming Aries is the clone of Seira, the King’s deceased daughter, who not only shares the same physical qualities, but both possessing photographic memories. Due to cloning being banned back on their home planet, the climax reveals it was Charce under orders of the King who banished everyone to the opposite side of the galaxy. Thanks to the careful planning of Kanata and Zack, and exploiting Aries’ photographic memory, they were able to expose Zack. Despite what he did, Kanata and the rest of the crew still forgive him and accept him as family and when Charce assumes the throne, he dissolves the monarchy and pursues a career of being a model.

4. Alternative Facts (Episode 10)

Upon the start of the third act of the series, the crew of the Astra find another ship similar to theirs on the unique planet of Icriss. While exploring the ship, they find one surviving astronaut in a cryogenic slumber and awaken her. She has been asleep the past 12 years and the crew of the Astra takes her in. After Paulina, that very astronaut, recovers from her awakening, they discover a lot of discrepancies in their history, and it dates back to the Cuban Missile Crisis, which happened in 1962. For Paulina, her version of history continued as the real world knows it, and as for the crew of the Astra, they were told that the Cuban Missile Crisis paved the way for World War III! As the series progresses, the audience and our heroes start to learn that the real history as if they’ve been pulled out of The Matrix. Cloning is one thing, but manipulating history is another!

3. I Think I’m a Clone Now (Episodes 8 and 9)

Towards the end of episode 8, Zack discovers that Quitterie and Funicia are a genetic match despite allegedly being adopted siblings. After Kanata and Zack reveal this to the crew, they come to the conclusion that they’re all clones of their parents when they piece everything together. Since cloning was recently banned on their home planet, they come to the conclusion that their banishment 5,000 light years away relates to them clones. Naturally, most of the crew are shocked at the possibility of such a revelation. They agree that they should continue to make the journey home, to have their parents face justice, and live their own lives. This scene is a worthy mention because it proves the wisdom of Mewtwo, it doesn’t matter what the circumstances of one’s birth, what matters is what they do with the gift of life, can apply to just about anything.

2. Luca’s Reveal (Episode 6)

When Ulgar learns that Luca is the child of the man he believes is responsible for the death of his brother, Luca reveals that (the assumed) he doesn’t love his father and they don’t have much of a relationship. As their conversation progresses, Luca reveals that he is a hermaphrodite by revealing that in addition to having a male sexual organ, Luca also possesses female breasts. As a result, Luca isn’t acknowledged as the heir to Esposito estate. It is later revealed that he is the clone of an artist who insisted on having male and female parts to appease his twisted desires. Thanks to this reveal and having the chance to talk, it allows the more reclusive Ulgar to open himself up to the rest of the crew and it opens the door to the true reveal of this series.

1. Everyone Joining Hands (Episode 1)

As group B5 of Caird High School are trying to take into account who made it aboard, they find that they’re one short and that one person missing is Aries, who is still stranded and beyond reach. Without hesitation and refusing to give up, Kanata decides to go out and get her despite the protests of some members. With his cord short and cut off on his way back to the ship, thanks to his influence, all the crew members are ready to also put themselves in harms way as they join hands by forming a chain to further reach Kanata and Aries just outside the ship. This particular scene from the first episode is the first solidification that the crew of the Astra can work as a team and that they’ll always have each other’s backs, and that Kanata is someone who never hesitates to put others before himself.

Final Thoughts

Through these Top 5 Scenes, Kanata no Astra greatly teaches its audience that when faced with a crisis, you have to work together. Naturally, there will be conflicts due to personality clashes but by putting aside those differences for the greater good, all things are possible. By experiencing hardships with other people, you can learn to trust others and discover the true meaning of friendship and family, and what it truly means to live.

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