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Uto no Prince-sama was originally a visual novel game and was adapted into an anime. The anime started airing July of 2011 and until now, UtaPri is still going strong! with its 4th season currently airing. UtaPri follows the journey of Haruka Nanami and her beloved group, ST☆RISH, as they strive for stardom. It’s a reverse harem anime that is filled with amazing art and with astounding music that anybody who loves this genre would play it on repeat.

Even though UtaPri is known for being a dating sim and a reverse harem anime, it is also famous for fujoshi/ fudanshi shipping interests. Although Haruka is the center of all the boys’ attention in this anime, we will momentarily set her aside and list the top 5 BL/ Yaoi pairings in Uta no Prince-sama! Just scroll down to find the most loved pairings and see if your OTP is on the list. Enjoy~

5. Camus x Aijima Cecil (CamuCeci)

Now, lets us start the list with our famous royal pair, Camus and Cecil! You must be wondering why they are known as the royal pair. Well, that is simply because Cecil is the cursed prince of Agnapolis, while Camus is a count that has sworn his loyalty to the Silk Queen of the Permafrost Kingdom. During the second season of the anime, these two were introduced by none other than the eccentric Shining Saotome. Camus was tasked to be Cecil’s senpai that would help him grow as an idol. Of course, it’s not easy, as Cecil was overly confident and cocky in his talents and capabilities at the beginning. This all changes, though, when Cecil becomes inspired by the other ST☆RISH members.

Even though Cecil has found his passion for music and for becoming an idol, he still has a long way to go because of the different culture barriers he kept on experiencing in the current world he resides in. Now, this is where Camus shines as his senpai. Camus teaches the young prince the ways of the human world and gives advice to the boy on how to become an idol that everyone will cherish. Camus is indeed quite harsh in his teachings with Cecil, but during the series, he acknowledges Cecil’s efforts and is even proud to take credit for Cecil’s amazing changes. Shippers can truly see that despite Camus’ cold attitude toward his student, he has a soft spot for Cecil. In turn, Cecil appreciates his senpai’s teachings and becomes more modest and mature. Both see the strengths in each other and they respect that a lot.

This pairing may have started roughly, but throughout the process, it has greatly helped Cecil as a person and we also get to see Camus as one of the best senpai in UtaPri despite being tsuntsun with his student.

4. Kotobuki Reiji x Kurosaki Ranmaru (ReiRan)

Reiji and Ranmaru are often paired together. Despite Reiji being the cinnamon roll that the QUARTET NIGHT needs, Reiji’s favorite target will always be Ranmaru. Ranmaru is always subjected to Reiji’s pranks and jokes, that is because unlike Ai and Camus, Ranmaru tends to react more. With Ranmaru’s moody persona, Reiji can practically get any colorful reactions in his team member. Reiji even affectionately calls Ranmaru “Ran-Ran”.

Despite not liking Reiji’s playing tricks on him, Ranmaru loves any food that Reiji makes. He also gets a little bit lonely when Reiji is not there to make noise, just like his co-members, as they have gotten used to Reiji’s cheerful antics. Overall, these two are an amazing pair that anyone would love and enjoy. If you are looking for a pairing that is fun and playful, then ReiRan is definitely for you!

3. Shinomiya Natsuki/ Satsuki x Kurusu Shou (NatsuShou/ SatsuShou)

Natsuki and Shou, without a doubt, are the most adorable couple in this list. To start off, despite Natsuki’s large stature and very handsome looks, he acts so cutely that anyone would want to pat this lovable guy’s head. Similar to Natsuki, Shou has his charming side too. You could say he is the opposite of Natsuki. Small and cute on the outside but very manly on the inside, which makes him attractive and adorable to any viewer.

Natsuki and Shou have been friends ever since they were little and are even roommates in the academy. Natsuki finds Shou very cute and would like to pounce on him at any given opportunity. He also finds pleasure in dressing Shou in pretty cute clothes and likes to tease him a lot. Natsuki even showed his fondness towards Shou when he said “I Love You”, much to the latter’s embarrassment. On the other hand, Shou hates Natsuki with a passion. After all, all those stomach aches he had experienced being Natsuki’s guinea pig, and those scary things he has endured were all Natsuki’s doing. But even with his animosity towards Natsuki, Shou naturally cares for his roommate and even goes as far as to protect Natsuki’s other persona, Satsuki. Before others come to accept Natsuki and Satsuki; Shou, being the first one who knew about Natsuki’s “Gemini Syndrome”, was also the first one who openly understood and welcomed Natsuki and Satsuki for who they really are.

For shippers, they can go with the NatsuShou pairing for a more fluffy kind of romance, while others can also go with SatsuShou for a hot and kinky version of the pairing. Also, do not underestimate the imagination of a shipper, as some even match these 3 together. We don’t know how they do it, but the 3P between them sure works!

2. Ittoki Otoya x Ichinose Tokiya (OtoKiya)

Unlike the other two ST☆RISH pairings, Natsu/SatsuShou and RenMasa who started off as childhood friends; in the beginning, Otoya and Tokiya became close as roommates in the Academy. In the beginning of the series, Tokiya appears to be cold and distant with Otoya. He even became irritated and annoyed every time the red-haired boy would come to him and start up a conversation. However, after some time, he begins to warm up and loosen up around Otoya. Tokiya begins talking to him on a first name basis and is the first one he’ll inform of his whereabouts.

The two are mostly seen together, partnered with each other, and are equally a good pair. Tokiya’s uptight and perfectionist attitude balances well with Otoya’s relaxed and happy-go-lucky nature. Tokiya becomes more calm and carefree in Otoya’s presence and sometimes even begins to act in silly ways because of his roommate’s influence. In turn, every time Otoya is having some serious problems with things that he cannot figure out, he goes immediately to Tokiya. Tokiya does help Otoya in his troubles, albeit with the latter not understanding anything, but throughout the series viewers see how Tokiya chooses simple words and terms so his partner can understand at once.

Surely, Otoya is the sunshine that Tokiya needs. Otoya will always be a constant reminder for Tokiya to slow down and take a breath sometimes. And of course, Tokiya will be there for Otoya when his partner begins to get out of hand. This pairing is amazing in its own way because the two are like puzzle pieces that absolutely fit together perfectly.

1. Jinguuji Ren x Hijirikawa Masato (RenMasa)

On to our last, and of course, the number one pairing of this list. As stated earlier, Ren and Masato were childhood friends. They met when they were young during a dinner party. Both of the boys were bored as they found the party very dull. Ren invited Masato to sneak out, and that is where their friendship began. Throughout the process, the two learned that they are very similar to each other but their communication was cut short when both learned that their respective families were against each other. They slowly drifted apart until they meet again in Saotome Academy as rivals and roommates.

Despite them being rivals, they both get along quite well and even support and help one another. Though they do try their best not to make it too obvious. They also know each other very well, hence the reason why they know how to act or what the other one is thinking right away.

Masato has also been jealous of Ren. For Masato, who was brought up strictly by his father and was only given a limited time to study at the famous music school, Ren is very lucky that he does not have to bear the weight of the Jinguuji family’s name, and that he can freely continue making music. However, Masato did not like the way Ren took music for granted. And this is why he appears irritated every time the playboy is near him. Funnily enough for Ren, Masato was one of the people who brought out his love for music once again. Ever since that incident, the two still bicker, and Ren will constantly joke around and tease Masato because of their friendly rivalry.

This ends our list of Top 5 Uta no Prince-sama BL/ Yaoi Parings. With the large male cast of UtaPri, there are more out there that we haven’t included it in this list. Like Camus x Mikaze Ai, Tsukiyama Ringo x Hyuga Ryuga, heck there's even one for Shining Saotome x Raging Otori and of course even more!

As we said earlier, UtaPri Season 4 is still currently airing, and since ST☆RISH is having a cross-project with HE★VENS there is a high chance that another ship will be born and bloom! So what do you think of our list? Did your OTP make it into the selections? If not, then feel free to state your OTP that wasn’t listed here and tell us why you love it.

Always stay tuned to Honey’s Anime! Till next time, Ciao Ciao~ Now signing off!

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