Top 6 Friend Zoned Kuzu no Honkai Characters

Kuzu no Honkai (Scum's Wish) was born as a manga in 2012, from Mengo Yokoyari's wise pen. It was adapted into an anime for winter 2016/2017, and it gained a huge popularity thanks to the themes it revolves around. In fact, it takes the main concept of “love”, and depicts it in all of its worst aspects.

Our protagonist is the 17-year-old Hanabi Yasuraoka, who is in love with Narumi Kanai, his teacher and childhood friend she had always considered almost like an older brother. Kanai, though, is in love with the worst kind of woman out there – Akane Minagawa, the music teacher. On the other side, there's Mugi, a 17-year-old boy who is in love with Minagawa, as well. Hanabi and Mugi, sharing the same kind of unrequited love, meet and decide to become each other's substitute for their beloved ones, and so the drama begins.

Kuzu no Honkai is a crescendo of delusional love stories, people who betray each other and all the unpleasantness that is part of every human being. Yes, Kuzu no Honkai is dangerously realistic, it is painful and it can stir anger up. Yet, once you start watching it, it sucks you in with no turning back.

As the title of this article suggests, we're gonna show you how Kuzu no Honkai is full of characters in love with the wrong person, totally unable to take a look on the other side to find out where love truly lies. So here we are with our top 6 of friend zoned characters, unlucky in love, naive, and yet crawling in the depths of the abyss, just to obtain what they crave for!

6. Narumi Kanai

Let's get this ranking started with Kanai, dearly loved by Hanabi Yasuraoka, his neighbor he considered as a little sister. Kanai offered to Hanabi a shoulder to cry on, a person to rely on, and a counselor. Hanabi fell in love with Kanai's attitude towards her. Let's say it clearly, from the beginning we realized how naive and simpleton Kanai was. He began to define himself as THE friend zoned one, we all saw that coming.

Kanai's love towards Akane Minagawa, though, was far deeper than what it looked like. We thought that perhaps, after discovering what wicked woman Akane was, he would open his eyes. No way, not so easy. Kanai, friend zoned times and times again, decided to face Akane's behaviors head on, and to accept her wholly and unconditionally. Whether it was true love, or a mere obsession, we don't know. But we needed to mention Narumi Kanai, the friend zoned character willing to suffer!

5. Atsuya Kirishima

Let's go on with the one who could probably be defined as the most sincere among Kuzu no Honkai's characters. Atsuya is in love with her cousin – Sanae Ebato – who is in love with our protagonist, Hanabi Yasuraoka. We bet you all can already see how the “friend zoned characters” circle goes. Atsuya has always been honest; he loves Sanae and doesn't lose the chance to confess every time he sees her.

The question is: did he actually believe he had a chance? What with Sanae being a girl and loving a girl? Probably he didn't. But he was willing to face his delusional love head on. Of course, his love confessions kept ending with Sanae shouting at his face how much she loved Yasuraoka, even when Atsuya spoiled Sanae's plans to have a nice holiday with her beloved one just the two of them. So here we are with our well aware, habitual, friend zoned character!

4. Sanae Ebato

Our 4th position, as a consequence, had to be Sanae Ebato. Sanae – called “Ecchan” by Hanabi – is a beautiful, serious girl, and the only friend Hanabi Yasuraoka has ever had. Sanae fell in love with Hanabi's frail soul. She noticed how lonely Hanabi was, and knowing how it felt, Sanae offered her a true friend Hanabi could rely on. The next, unavoidable, step to fall in love with Hanabi was very short.

When Sanae confessed to Hanabi, and got turned down, she was willing to keep trying. She went as far as to think that she could be Hanabi's makeshift lover. She didn't fall back even when she discovered that Hanabi wasn't in love with Mugi and how she was faking it, but with another person. Swallowing her dignity, though, wasn't the best choice: she ended up used, discovering how much it hurts to be a make-shift, and finally brutally friend zoned. We admired her determination, at least.

3. Noriko “Moka” Kamomebata

What about a girl dignity-free in the name of love? Here we are with Moka, Mugi's childhood friend and neighbor. During her childhood, she dreamed about true love and the Prince Charming that would come and save her at last. And guess who she identified as her Prince Charming? Yes, Mugi Awaya. In order to obtain his attention, she was willing to throw herself away. We don't know what you thought about her, but we thought she was simply an innocent, spoiled girl locked up in her dreamy world full of pink clouds and unicorns.

Let's talk about her being brutally friend zoned by Mugi. After he accepted to have a date with her – for who knows what reasons – she realized how that wasn't enough to tie Mugi down. That's how they ended up in Mugi's room. When Moka was about to give Mugi her virginity, thinking that it would draw him near her, both of them realized the mistake in time. Sadly, though, Moka got friend zoned and had to pick the pieces of her heart up!

2. Mugi Awaya

Let's go on with the main male character. Mugi Awaya is your non-conventional high school boy, who is self-confident and popular among girls. He is beautiful and at the age of 17-year-old he is in love with Akane Minagawa, the music teacher. Mugi's love towards Akane has deep roots; she was his home tutor once, and Mugi fell deeply in love with her. One day, Mugi decides to confess his love to Akane, even knowing the kind of woman she is. Against all the expectations – or maybe not – she agrees to date him for a bit, but of course, just for a physical relationship.

For Mugi, that's even more than he could ask for. Mugi and Akane start meeting occasionally, and even going on dates. Everything seems just perfect, Mugi starts thinking that he can actually change Akane's mind and make her fall in love with him. That's the exact moment when Akane states the one thing Mugi didn't really want to hear: she is getting married. This is how Mugi's delusions come crashing down, and the recipe for our badly friend zoned, naive, unlucky boy.

1. Hanabi Yasuraoka

Our first position goes to Hanabi Yasuraoka, the undisputed protagonist of this story! Hanabi got friend zoned by even her accomplice, when she started to feel something for him. But let's get there step by step. Mugi and Hanabi, both tired of being in a state of limbo, decided to confess their feelings to Akane and Kanai. Mugi got lucky and found Akane ready to accept him, even if just for a physical relationship, while Hanabi, as she expected, got rejected by her “Onii-chan” Kanai.

Left alone, Hanabi tried to throw herself into Ecchan's arms, but it wasn't enough. In the meantime, Mugi had disappeared before her eyes. Hanabi figured things could have worked between him and Akane, but that's when she realized that she may feel something for Mugi, who friend zoned her for good, to devote himself to Akane.

So after giving up to Kanai, resolving her feelings toward Ecchan, uncertain about Mugi, what is left of Hanabi Yasuraoka? Well, a pluri-friend zoned character who totally deserved our first position!

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this ranking! We talked about these friend zoned characters, jokingly pointing out their huge mistakes. Actually, Kuzu no Honkai was a twisted story that kept us glued to the screen craving for more. We can't deny, though, that it was very hard to swallow sometimes, and stirred our anger up. Well, what did you think while watching it? Did you like it? Do you agree with our ranking of friend zoned characters? Don't forget to share your thoughts in the comment below!

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