[Fujoshi Friday] Top 6 Shippable Couples in All Out!!

All Out!! is a seinen sports manga revolving around rugby created by Shiori Amase in 2012. Later on, in 2016, it was adapted into an anime series, and multishippers around the world were overly happy to have yet another wonderful show full of tall, buff, and hot guys. Well, not like we can blame them! It's enough to take a look at the muscular body of Takuya Sekizan, to understand what we're talking about... But first things first!

All Out!! revolves around a Kenji Gion who faces his entrance ceremony at the Kanagawa High School, and craves to join a club. Meeting Sumiaki Iwashimizu, who had a complicated past with rugby, he happens to see the rugby club during a training session. Curiosity ignites within him, and the burning desire to become a part of the team drives Gion, who manages to have Iwashimizu join, too. Their adventure in the club begins: led by the skillful Captain Sekizan, Gion and the other members will have to learn what cooperation and teamwork mean!

With a huge range of characters, all of them full of teenage angst, problems and trouble, plus muscular bodies half naked for the most part (otherwise, with super-stretchy t-shirts that highlight their shapes), All Out!! turned out to be fertile ground for all those multishippers in love with sports series! The purpose of this chart is to list down 6 of the most shippable couples that popped up during the show. Stick with us until the end, and enjoy!

6. Mutsumi Hachiouji x Takuya Sekizan

Let's start this ranking with our beautiful captain and his funny vice! Their story is very peculiar; in fact, we could almost say that Hachiouji actually courted Sekizan. Yes, because when he first met Sekizan, Hachiouji saw his potential as a rugby player right away. So he tried to have him join the rugby team, but it turned out to be a hard task. Hachiouji stuck to Sekizan like glue and went as far as to leave a love letter in his locker.

Aside from the past these two share, their mutual trust and understanding is before everyone's eyes. Hachiouji believed in Sekizan from the beginning, and in time he became his best friend. So much so that he frequently apologizes in the stead of Sekizan, when Sekizan acts too brute for the other teammates to understand. Their relationship is steady and strong, and it took just one look at how fond of each other they are, for the fandom to see a BL subplot between them. Multishippers around the world would love to see the unfazed Sekizan under Hachiouji's grasp.

5. Toshinosuke Matsuo x Takuya Sekizan

Let's go on with another “innocent” couple in All Out! As we said, Takuya Sekizan is the muscled captain of the team. He appears to be strict, and he wants the first years to be respectful toward their seniors. It's not rare for him to scold Gion, who keeps forgetting his good manners. On the other side, there's Toshinosuke Matsuo, the “big brother” type of character. Matsuo is the supportive, caring and loving third year who keeps supporting everyone. But he has a dark side to him, and it will pop up eventually.

Matsuo and Sekizan's relationship is easy to figure; they have feelings of mutual trust, and they believe in each other's skills. The fandom likes to see a gap in this couple: while bossy on the field, Sekizan would be the uke of the couple, turning all shy and whiny between the strong arms of Matsuo. Of course, while brotherly loving toward his teammates on the field, Matsuo would turn into a proud seme who could dominate Sekizan. Their bromance is rather subtle, but we can't deny that Sekizan shows some kind of shyness sometimes; Matsuo, on the other hand, is way darker than he seems. These peculiar traits in both sparked the multishippers' imagination, and that's how this couple was born!

4. Kenji Gion x Sumiaki Iwashimizu

Let's go on with our protagonist and his right-hand man. Kenji Gion and Sumiaki Iwashimizu's friendship is really something else. The sympathy for each other was clear from the moment they first met, and the fandom was there to notice it! We have two characters on the polar opposites: Gion is a hot-tempered shorty with a complex about his height. Je os very confident and passionate about what he does, and is a ticking time bomb. Iwashimizu, on the other side, is tall, timid, and quiet, and he lacks confidence whatever he does.

In spite his being very tiny, these premises allowed the fandom to imagine Gion as the seme, and Iwashimizu as the uke. Iwashimizu is always there to take Gion out of trouble, while Gion is always there to try to feed Iwashimizu with self-confidence. For as bizarre as it may seem, this couple works and it's dearly loved by the multishippers who like to see a non-conventional seme who prevails on a bigger, whiny uke like Iwashimizu suggests being!

3. Sumiaki Iwashimizu x Atsushi Miyuki

Our third position needed to be this “drama” couple, which looked evident from the first episode, in spite the fact that the two of them don't meet or interact frequently. What allowed the fandom to see a subtle BL between Iwashimizu and Miyuki, though, is the fact that they share a past together. A past that, in the end, scarred both. Miyuki was the cause for Iwashimizu to start playing rugby, as he invited his friend to join the middle school team. During practice, Iwashimizu broke Miyuki's shoulder and that event turned him into a fearful boy unable to play rugby lightheartedly.

The regret he kept feeling because of that accident, made him distance himself from Miyuki. What Iwashimizu didn't know, though, was that Miyuki was offended only because Iwashimizu stopped playing rugby and stopped talking to him. Miyuki held no grudge against him, he just wanted his friend to keep playing rugby! These premises and the hardships these two went through, made the multishippers see a subtle love story, where Iwashimizu turned into the seme of the couple, finally putting aside his whiny behavior.

2. Masaru Ebumi x Natsuki Ise

Talking about “drama couples”, here we are with two former delinquents who used to hang out together! Masaru Ebumi and Natsuki Ise share a past as rascals, but in spite being both former delinquents, their personalities are totally different. Ebumi is rough, and he may be rude sometimes, but he is serious about rugby and doesn't like those who don't practice diligently. Ise is shy and comes from a broken home where he was raised by a brusque brother who dislikes rugby and wants Ise to quit.

In more than one occasion, Ebumi shows that he really cares about Ise. He is very fond of him and does all he can to encourage Ise to stay in the rugby team, in spite his older brother. Ebumi went as far as to pay Ise's weekly wages, so that Ise's brother would finally pipe down. At the same time, Ise's gratitude toward Ebumi is clear as water. Their mutual understanding and their being so fond of each other, of course, led to a possible BL between the two. Easy to figure how Ebumi would be the loving seme, while Ise would be the compliant uke... this couple rocks!

1. Kenji Gion x Etsugo Oharano

Let's end this ranking with a bickering, seemingly unconvincing couple! Gion and Oharano never met a day when they didn't argue over something stupid. As we explained up above, Gion is short-tempered, and he gets mad right away, more over when someone talks about how sort he is. Oharano, on the other side, is a sassy boy. He's not that much taller than Gion, but he knows his own talent, and he puts his everything into it.

While seemingly intolerant toward his teammates, Oharano actually hides some regrets involving his little brother, who initiated Oharano to rugby. Oharano is hurt by his own talent, and he almost blames it, because it shadowed his little brother and his skills at rugby. Gion tends to compete with Oharano, right because they're both shorties and Gion wants to prove to be the best! But the next step was a subtle BL between the two of them. Being Oharano very feminine, and Gion very passionate, it's easy to see how this two argue just for fun, but actually care for each other. It's enough to think how Oharano opened up a little with Gion and managed to blend with the entire team, eventually.

This couple works, and the fandom embraced it figuring Gion as the seme of the couple, and Oharano as the uke with a gap: while cheeky and spiteful in front of the others, he would turn into a meek and docile uke, at the mercy of the hurricane called Gion!

Final Thoughts

With Gion and Oharano, our ranking ends. But All Out!! leaves so much room for the imagination, thanks to a big range of characters, some of whom belong to other teams, as well. What do you think about these couples? We tried to pick those characters who actually showed a hint of bromance between each other throughout the show. If you have any other couple on your mind, don't hesitate to let us know in the comments below. We truly hope you enjoyed reading about these beautiful boys, as much as we did while writing it!

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