Top 7 Beautiful/Handsome Sarazanmai Characters

The plot of Sarazanmai can sound a bit crazy. But then, Sarazanmai is an anime from the mind of Kunihiko Ikuhara, better known for Mawaru-Penguindrum and Utena. So of course, we're here for an incredibly insane plot, and characters we'll fall in love with. But, of all of them, which ones are the most beautiful or handsome? We’ve ranked our favorites by level of beauty so read on and find out!

Just a bit of a warning: While we’re trying hard to keep most secrets out of the list, there are some unavoidable spoilers so proceed with caution.

-- Spoilers Ahead! --

7. Chikai Kuji

Chikai is Tooi’s older brother and living proof that good looks run in the family because while he's not a supermodel and is a terrible person whom you wouldn't want to be friends with, he's still attractive and as long as we don't think about his personality or activities, one can easily daydream about him. Let’s start with his appeal: He’s a bad boy that wears a rumpled suit and disheveled dark hair. That alone makes a lot of people swoon, as there’s something to be said about the rebels who don’t care about what society thinks. And finally, he raised his younger brother and would do anything for him, which adds to his dark and troubled past as their parents killed themselves, which makes everyone believe that he is hiding a heart of gold. What is there not to love?

Well, the fact that he puts children in danger is one thing that really detracts from his attractiveness for one. For another thing, he is completely absent from Tooi’s life when the series begins and has been such a poor role model that when we meet Tooi, he’s trying to steal from a car. He is also quite rude and is convinced that only bad people can succeed in the world, which is a very cynical view of humans. Still, he is quite handsome, has a gorgeous voice, and thus we can’t help but put him in the seventh place on our list.

6. Enta Jinnai

Enta is a very cute teenager and it’s hard to deny it. He’s the shortest of the trio of unwilling Kappa, has short brown-blond hair and green eyes. He also wears glasses and everyone knows that glasses make an anime character a lot more attractive just by being there. He loves playing soccer, and when he used to be on the team with Kazuki, they were considered the “golden duo”, as they were pretty good. Enta also has a crush on Kazuki, and at first, seeing him act flustered around his friend, and doing anything in his power to spend more time with him makes Enta more relatable and we all just want to hug him and tell him that everything will be alright.

At this point, you may be asking “If he is so adorable, why is he ranked so low on the list?” The answer to this is two-fold. First, cute is not the same as handsome or beautiful. Yes, we can see that he may grow to be a heart-breaker, and that gives him extra points, but for now, he’s not there just yet. Second, and more importantly, he tends to be jealous and clingy and that is never attractive. It takes him a long time to realize that maybe he’s not really in love with Kazuki but with his image of Kazuki, and by then, Enta’s done some very questionable things in order to make Kazuki into his image of a perfect guy. Just for that, he falls all the way down to sixth place on our list.

5. Sara Azuma

Sara is an idol who gives the morning news in Asakusa, which automatically means she’ gorgeous because she depends on her appearance to keep her career. With long, flowing purple hair, violet eyes and a sweet, charming smile, it’s no mystery why she has so many fans, including Kazuki’s younger brother Haruka. Sara's cute attitude when giving the news helps make even the grimmest information a bit more palatable and makes everyone in Asakusa start the day with a smile and a little skip to their step. Sara is also always the optimist, looking for her lost Prince, whom she describes as having a very sexy voice and black, beady eyes.

As she’s the only woman in the main cast, Sara is pretty notable. However, she loses a few points as she rarely interacts with them at the beginning, and when she does, things go from bad to probably worse. There’s also the little detail that Sara’s attitude in the news can become creepy when you think too much about it: After all, who can smile, pose, and make cute jokes when telling everyone that a dead body appeared on the river? Sara can, but that makes it very obvious that she’s not really a normal human and that is why her place on our list is just number five.

4. Kazuki Yasaka

Kazuki is, for all intents and purposes, the main character of Sarazanmai. His is the first voice we hear, and most of the story is told from his point of view. He’s also a very attractive middle schooler with brown hair and eyes that was always friendly to everyone and was one of his school’s best soccer players until he quit the club for no apparent reason. This coldness doesn’t make him less attractive, as not only Enta becomes clingier—which is understandable considering his crush—but it also seems that others in the school think he's now more mysterious and thus cooler. The reason behind his change of attitude makes him even more interesting to the viewer: he just figured out he's adopted, and when he was coming to terms with it and realizing his adoptive family loves him as much as if he was their birth son, there was an accident that left his younger brother paralyzed and Kazuki feels responsible for it.

And then we have Kazuki’s biggest secret: Every morning he crossdresses to look just like Sara Azuma, to the point that it's almost impossible to distinguish between the two. His reason is not that he likes Sara, he does it because Haruka, his younger brother, loves her. So in order to make him happy, he sends selfies and texts to Haruka, pretending to be Sara, just to get Haruka to smile. If that's not brotherly devotion, we don't know what it is. Since there's nothing more attractive than someone totally committed to making his loved ones happy, Kazuki climbs fast to the fourth place on the list.

3. Mabu Akutsu

Mabu has a lot of things going for him in the looks department: He's tall, dark-haired, pale, has green eyes, wears glasses and is a cop in uniform. Not only that, he always looks aloof and unaffected by everyone and everything around him. This can be a bit unsettling, but we've already established that at least in fiction, cold, mysterious, and aloof characters are more attractive than warm and caring ones. And everyone loves a man in uniform, so really, what is there not to love?

Well, that he can't love you back for starters. As the story advances, we find out that he's not fully human so, among other things, he can't eat and if he ever shows his true feelings, he could explode. That can halt anyone's love life, and it is why Mabu can’t be a good partner. He’s also one of the people responsible for the Kappa Zombies, which means he has killed people for committing no crime other than being a bit obsessed with the object of their desire. Those things could be overlooked separately but together, they make Mabu lose points and only reach the third place on our list.

2. Tooi Kuji

Tooi has blue hair. This is not his most important feature, but blue hair always makes a character stand out, and since he wears it in the official bad-boy-with-a-troubled-past style—short, but with long bangs that cover one of his eyes—that automatically makes him the most attractive of the main trio. And, just as his haircut implies, he is a rebel without a cause who scoffs at authority and has no friends due to the rumors around him. In short, the kind of anime main character everyone swoons for. We can also add that his rebellious side and crimes have a good reason to be: He adores his older brother Chikai and wants to spend as much time as he can with him. But since Chiaki is a wanted murderer, the only way Tooi has to bond with him is to be a criminal himself.

And when we say crime, we don't mean petty crimes, he has helped Chiaki torture people and has been a drug dealer since he was at the very least ten. Just like his brother, Tooi thinks that the only way to survive is to be evil since good people can't get ahead in the world. All this can make him seem less attractive but as he’s younger than Chiaki, he still has a chance to change and because of that, we give him the second place on our list.

1. Reo Niiboshi

Reo is Mabu’s partner so right out of the gate, he’s incredibly attractive because he’s a man in uniform. He’s also tanned and blonde so he gets extra points for looking stunning. Add to those points his long, messy hair, his gold eyes, the fact that his new year’s resolution is World Peace and that he would do absolutely anything as long as he gets to stay together with his partner Mabu, and every watcher of Sarazanmai swoons upon seeing him. The animation team is well aware of this: he’s nicknamed “the hot one” and there isn’t a single piece of official art where he appears where he is not bringing sexy back.

Now, you may be wondering why he doesn’t get any points off by being one of the villains of the story who, among other things, kill homeless people and endanger children without a care. Well, unlike everyone else who does that kind of evil in the series, Reo has a very good reason: He does it all to get the man he loves back. And it’s impossible not to adore that kind of devotion, so that is why Reo Niiboshi earns the first place on our list.

Final Thoughts

Sarazanmai is a bit weird at times. After all, we’re seeing guys turned into Kappa trying to extract orbs out of giant zombie anuses using songs about desire and connections. And yet, it’s impossible not to watch it because it is a great work of animation, as expected of Ikuhara, with some delicious eye-candy.

Now, we know there’s a small cast, and thus we didn’t miss anyone important with a name but we still want to know: Who is your favorite in the series? Why do you think they’re attractive? And of course, Do you agree with our ranking? Let us know in the comments below!

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