Top Assault Rifles to use in PUBG

PUBG-assault-rifles-560x315 Top Assault Rifles to use in PUBG


So now that we’ve covered our top sniper rifle picks, perhaps it would be nice to keep the trend moving and take a look at the powerful assault rifle class in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. These guns are very versatile and can be used in almost any scenario whether it be mid-range, long-range and even at times close-range if you keep your aim steady. For those reasons alone the assault rifle class is perhaps the most sought after regarding weapon pickups since they’re remarkably easy to find and with just enough practice, these guns can be a very serious threat in any part of the game be it early or late game. As we always like to say before going into the article, we recommend that you get a grasp of all the weapons in PUBG to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses so that your experience in PUBG isn’t limited to only so many tools. With all that being said, let’s jump right in.


PUBG-assault-rifles-560x315 Top Assault Rifles to use in PUBG

Unlike the sniper rifle class which has a little more variety to choose from, the assault rifle class only has 5 making it a lot easier to choose the preferred tool of destruction for battle. First up we have a fan favorite which is the M16A4 and we can see why a lot of players opt for this weapon when racing around the Military Base. For starters it has a pretty solid base damage of 41, which it shares with its M416 brethren along with the SCAR-L. It comes with single and burst firing modes giving you a nice makeshift sniper rifle with the right attachments.

It has the fastest bullet speed out of all the assault rifles making it a very powerful tool when trying to hit targets from a relatively far distance, and the time between each shot is 0.075s allowing for quick precision and kills. The area that it suffers in however is that it lacks an auto firing mode which means that in close ranged circumstances, you’re better off using something like the M416 or an even better CQC weapon like a shotgun which can get the job done with no sweat. So if you plan to use the M16A4 be sure to use it from a distance because that’s where it shines the most.


PUBG-assault-rifles-560x315 Top Assault Rifles to use in PUBG

It should come as no surprise that the AKM makes its appearance on the top AR list because it’s perhaps the most commonly weapon in almost every shooter out on the market. It’s your quintessential assault rifle that can be used at just about any distance, and with the right accessories in your inventory to strap on it becomes an extremely strong weapon. This can be a wicked sniper rifle but be very mindful that the overall bullet speed is very slow meaning that, after a certain point the bullet will just miss the target due to the lowered trajectory. So mastering the maximum distance for the AKM is imperative if you want to truly get the best out of it, since it rewards you greatly in the long run. The base damage is the highest out of all the assault rifles tying with the Groza, the crate only monster that can tear anyone apart at any moment.

One thing to be cautious of is that the AKM suffers from pretty bad recoil so in order to “compensate” for that we recommend attaching a nice compensator to reduce recoil. Since the AKM cannot use a vertical or horizontal recoil so anytime you’re out on the battlefield and need to ensure your aim is on point, never ignore the compensator for it is your good friend.


PUBG-assault-rifles-560x315 Top Assault Rifles to use in PUBG

Perhaps our favorite assault rifle out of all in PUBG is the SCAR-L because it’s powerful, steady and has a nice array of slots to play around with. It’s another common assault rifle you can find just about anywhere in PUBG making it the go to weapon for beginners and experienced players alike. It does the same damage as the M16A4 and M416 as mentioned earlier but where it outshines both is in its very low recoil, and ability to snipe enemies without much fuss. A few well placed shots and the enemy will have no time to heal, so making sure to have the SCAR-L on hand is a real treat. When looking at weaknesses we can pretty much only say that it doesn’t come with all 3 firing modes, but with single and auto on board that’s all you’ll really need to come out on top. It’s a gun that’s very easy to pick up but will require a lot of practice to truly master the effects of this modern assault rifle.

Honey's Final Verdict:

No Groza?! How could you not put this on the list?! It’s definitely a top assault rifle! We do agree that the Groza is a very powerful AR but to be quite frank, on paper it pretty much syncs up with the AKM in terms of overall base damage and power so you’re better off just using the AKM since a, it can be acquired anywhere on the island and b, you don’t need to risk your life in order to get the same results. The Groza is a gun used to style on your enemies if you ever get your hands on it but outside of flashiness, just stick with the AKM since it really just gets the job done more effectively. We hope you found this article to be insightful and provided some tips to ensure that you stay alive longer in PUBG. Be sure to catch us live on where we break down the game in a variety of ways to provide players strategies in order to stay consistent. Until next time, have fun and stay alive!

PUBG-assault-rifles-560x315 Top Assault Rifles to use in PUBG
And here I thought the Groza was like the OP assault rifle, when I should've just used the AKM! I risked my life so much for that gun!
PUBG-assault-rifles-560x315 Top Assault Rifles to use in PUBG
Well it's not a terrible gun by any means, it's just risky to get one and you're not always lucky with RNG.