[Fujoshi Friday] Top 6 Shippable BL Couples in Owari no Seraph

Owari no Seraph was born as a manga in 2012, by the amazing duo made up of Yamato Yamamoto for the art style, and Takaya Kagami for the story. This supernatural, shounen manga gained huge popularity, and in Spring 2015 it received an anime adaption.

Owari no Seraph's success is thanks to a wide range of characters, a catching story, and interesting plot twists leaving the readers/viewers with their mouths open. It revolves around Yuu Hyakuya, and his remaining family member, Mikaela. When due to a virus killing people above the age of 13, humanity is subjugated by vampires who swear protection in exchange for blood. Both orphans, Yuu and Mika manage to create bonds with other orphans, becoming one big family. One day, Mika comes up with a plan to escape from the vampires' grasp. Something goes wrong, though, and Yuu is the only one managing to save his life. Yuu swears revenge against the vampires, who tore his family apart!

Thanks to the abundance of bishounen, interacting in ambiguous ways somehow, it was unavoidable for multishippers around the world to start shipping some characters! Owari no Seraph is a fertile ground for those who love bromance, skinship between two boys, and problem kids obsessed with other problem kids. Now, let us list down to the best 6 among the most loved shippable couples in Owari no Seraph universe!

6. Guren Ichinose x Yuu Hyakuya

Let's start this ranking with Guren x Yuu, a couple loved by those who are into guys who keep bickering, and yet they really care for the other! Guren saved Yuu when he managed to escape from the vampires' grasp. Guren then swore that he would train Yuu to let him join the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, with one condition: that Yuu made friends.

Their relationship is not easy. Guren pretends to be lazy and loves teasing Yuu, but he is actually hard working and caring towards the rookies. Yuu is hot-tempered, and can't stand Guren's way of doing things. Yet, when push comes to shove, Yuu always looks for Guren for advice. It's like they are brothers, somehow, and they're shippable because of it. It's not hard to read a subtle BL plot between the two of them, right because Guren is the one Yuu rely on the most! These two hotties keep arguing, but they're there for each other in time of need!

5. Ferid Bathory x Mikaela Hyakuya (FeMika)

Our 5th position is a pairing truly loved by those fans who cheer for the vampires! In fact, this pairing is probably the less noticeable while watching, or reading Owari no Seraph, and yet multishippers ship Ferid and Mikaela, for how absurd as it appears. After all, it's no wonder if we think how Ferid subjugated and misled Mika, while still craving for his blood.
At a first glance, we see Ferid as a chatty and enthusiastic vampire. Then, he shows his true colors, and we see how ruthlessly he can kill. On the other side, there's Mika, who was turned into a vampire. Even though Mika hates the vampires, he still has to rely on them in order to find Yuu. And so we see him and Ferid interact, and they're a feast for the eyes!

It's easy for the fandom to imagine Ferid overpowering Mika – we mean in the sheets – and Mika being defenseless and refusing Ferid, while not refusing him actually. They're shippable because this couple is prohibited: they're enemies, fight on opposite sides, and still, fate cannot separate them.

4. Yuu Hyakuya x Yoichi Saotome (YuuYoi)

Our 4th position sees Yuu Hyakuya in the guise of the seme. It means that all his whiny behaviors are put aside because the other party is a power bottom. Yoichi Saotome was the first person Yuu managed to befriend. This is an important step for the fandom, who immediately managed to see a subtle bromance between the two of them. Well, they actually seem meant to be a couple!

Yoichi is the sweetest boy in Owari no Seraph universe. He is kind, altruist and with a big heart. He is always worried about his friends, and dislikes fights in his squad. In fact, he acts as a peace maker with Kimizuki and Yuu, who keep fighting whenever they can. His calm personality really matches Yuu's personality, which is the polar opposite. When Yuu sees red, Yoichi is there to help him think twice; when Yuu fights against Kimizuki, Yoichi is always there to stop him; when Yuu is in danger, Yoichi tries to do whatever he can to save him. And it's the same for Yuu, who really treasures his very first friend. Maybe they're not a sparkling couple, but they are the cutest for sure!

3. Shiho Kimizuki x Yuu Hyakuya (KimiYuu)

And now, for our 3rd position, we have a shippable fighting couple! Before Kimizuki attended his first class, Guren presented Yuu as the idiot of the group. That's the exact moment when the two of them started fighting, and never once stopped. The fandom loves the KimiYuu couple because it is the meeting of a tsundere personality – Kimizuki – and a hot-tempered one.

Kimizuki showed his bad attitude from the start, and Yuu suddenly felt the need to compete with him, to show that what Guren said, was actually wrong. But even without admitting that they actually like each other, even refusing to be a team, they keep helping each other whenever it's time to get serious. This couple is fierce and strong; Kimizuki and Yuu fight, are rivals, and often they bicker over trivial things. They are bound to be loved right for these reasons!

2. Guren Ichinose x Shinya Hiiragi (GureShin)

Let's head toward the end of this ranking with the GureShin, a couple that captivated the greater part of the fandom. Guren and Shinya, together – or not – are a joy to the heart and the eyes. Literally. Guren is the Lieutenant Colonel of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, while Shinya is the Major General. They fight against vampires side by side.

Because of the past Shinya went through, and the events of the Nagoya Arc, this couple is often seen as a “dramatic” one by the fandom. On one side we have Guren, fond of his comrades. On the other side, we have Shinya who seems to be always smiling, but who actually hides a tremendous past. Shinya admires Guren, and he was the first person he opened up to.

Multishippers find these two made for each other, and we agree. In fact, it's impossible to forget how in Nagoya Guren decided to sacrifice himself, in order to save his comrades, just to be saved by Shinya, who had had his back the whole time. Shinya can read each of Guren's expressions, and he can understand what he's thinking. Guren knows he can rely on Shinya and would trust him with his life. It's easy to notice a BL subtle subplot when we think about these two!

1. Mikaela Hyakuya x Yuu Hyakuya (MikaYuu)

Let's end this ranking with the number one couple, the most shippable one in Owari no Seraph universe! Yuu and Mika lived as a family while they were subjugated by the vampires, and throughout the anime version we follow Mika in search of Yuu, and Yuu unaware that Mika is still alive and behind the enemy lines.

The main theme of “family” is always there, so it's no wonder the fandom immediately saw something between the two of them. Yet, we can affirm that these two are actually the less subtle pairing, what with Mika obsessed with Yuu. If in the beginning of this story we see Mika as a tender and sweet kid able to tame Yuu and his bad temper, years after the tables turn: Mika is hardened by what he went through, while Yuu became a cheerful boy able to make friends.

Mikaela and Yuu are the most shippable couple in Owari no Seraph because of how they express their feelings to each other. Mika only has eyes for Yuu, and Yuu is so happy to discover that his family is still alive, that he will cry his eyes out. Essentially, what Owari no Seraph screams from the beginning, is how Mika and Yuu belong to each other. Their relationship cannot be defined as bromance, but it can't even be defined as romance. They're just two hot boys meant to be together, to make the fandom happy!

Final Thoughts

Mika and Yuu, the most shippable couple, put an end to our ranking of shippable characters in Owari no Seraph. Thanks to all its beautiful characters, deeply analyzed even in their pasts, this story leave room for imagination. As we said up above, it's a fertile ground for multishippers, as there are endless ship possibilities. The shippable characters have so many sweet moments together, and many are the subtle suggestions throughout the story. We really hope you enjoyed this list, as much as we did while writing it! So, what do you think about these couples, and what is your favorite OTP in Owari no Seraph? Don't be shy and let us know in the comments below!

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