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It’s already been a couple of months since we finished season 2 of Owari no Seraph and we still don’t know when season 3 will be coming out, but we just can’t get those vampires, demons and other badass characters out of our heads! So in this “Top 10” installment, we’ll be reminiscing about our favorite characters from this fantastic series while we anxiously wait for the announcement.

While we could talk about how strong, powerful, evil or twisted these characters are, today we’re counting down the top 10 sexiest boys and girls from the show! I mean come on, we all know they’re tough, we all know they’re crazy, but can we really ignore how beautiful these creatures are? And you can’t deny the atmosphere of sexiness that always surrounds vampire related stories!

We’ve selected 5 studs and 5 gorgeous females, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Ladies first, so let’s get started!

5 Sexiest Girls in Owari no Seraph

5. Mito Juujou

Another member of Guren’s Moon Demon Company squad, Mito Juujou is a colonel of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. When faced in a friendly match against Shinoa and Mitsuba, she was able to hold her own in close combat, which is her specialty.

Mito’s a bit of a tsundere and takes her job very seriously as shown by her impressive fighting abilities. On top of all this, she’s a well-bred, proper lady. But none of that obscures her slender figure and long, flowing bright red hair. This girl makes a pant-suit and ponytail combo look damn good!

4. Shinoa Hiiragi

Shinoa Hiiragi is the leading lady in Owari no Seraph. She is the sergeant of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and leads her Moon Demon Company squad. Guren trusts her abilities and judgement and even puts her in charge of Yuuichirou after he causes trouble.

Shinoa is high on people’s list of favorite / hottest female characters, and it’s easy to see why. She’s smart, cool and collected, sarcastic, and handles her scythe like a boss. And while her appearance is not out of the ordinary, her sleepy eyes and aloof, confident personality make her pretty darn sexy. Not to mention that girl can rock a school uniform!

3. Ashuramaru

Technically, we’re not sure whether Ashuramaru is a boy or a girl, though it refers to itself as “ore” which is usually a male thing (though girls use it too sometimes). But this demon is very feminine in demeanor and style, so that’s why Ashuramaru is in with the ladies. (For now).

Ashuramaru is the demon inside Yuuichirou’s black series demon blade and became his cursed gear after they made a contract. It is a high-ranked possession-type demon and far stronger than they usually are. Ashuramaru also often warns Yuuichirou about the evil in humans and how they shouldn’t be trusted.

Ashuramaru is a slinky little demon dressed in a backless dress, with long purple hair, an angelically vampiric face and little demon horns. It tends to have a sweet innocent face most of the time, except when tempting Yuuichirou or when driven mad by desire for his body and soul, at which point, that innocent face turns into that of a lust crazed maniac. And somehow, that is pretty hot!

2. Horn Skuld

This blonde, buxom beauty is a 17th progenitor vampire noble who accompanies and serves Crowley Eusford who, (spoiler alert) is also in the list below! Horn Skuld is much more proper and serious than her partner Chess Belle, who she constantly keeps in check.

Horn is very lady-like in her attitude and posture and she is calm and level-headed when she fights which makes her pretty hot already. Add to that her hourglass figure, full cleavage and an outfit that accentuates all her best assets, including a very sexy peek at her upper thigh and you can see why Crowly keeps her close!

1. Krul Tepes

Krul Tepes is a third progenitor and used to be the vampire queen of Japan. When Mikaela was fatally injured by Ferid Bathory, she was the one who saved his life and turned him into a vampire. She has secret plans that only Mika seems to be privy to.

I realize Krul looks way too young to be on this list, but stay with me! She is a vampire and therefore hundreds of years old, and while her appearance might seem too young, her attitude and actions are far from it. Krul keeps a queen-like personality and behaves like she owns the world because, well, she’s kind of a badass! Besides her strength though, there is something really hot about the way she cares for Mika and how much she enjoys it when Mika bites her to feed off of her blood. SO sexy!

5 sexiest guys in Owari no Seraph

5. Shinya Hiiragi

A childhood friend of Guren’s, Shinya is the Major General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. His cursed gear is a manifestation type and is in the form of a black rifle, the bullets of which manifest into white tigers and move independently. He’s usually the most useful in long-range battle.

Unlike Kureto and Guren, or other members of the Hiiragi family, Shinya is calm and gentle. His facial features are soft and fine and almost feminine, and along with his silver hair he almost looks like a vampire! All he’s missing are fangs and red eyes, though we’re not mad at those baby blues! Sweet, talented, brave and pretty, Shinya is probably the best member of the Hiiragi family besides Shinoa.

4. Norito Goshi

Norito Goshi is also a member of the Moon Demon Company and colonel of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. His cursed gear is an illusion type and is in the shape of a long pipe he uses to blow smoke from to cast illusions that can even trick high ranking vampires. He normally uses his power to cover Guren and other team members.

Tall, long blonde hair, sleepy eyes, a goatee, a super chill personality AND a pipe? Norito is unquestionably cool and sexy. He’s easy on the eyes and is very confident and reliable to boot. It’s also nice to know he has a flirty, playful side as he’s a bit girl crazy. Mito and the other girls didn’t want to but I’d definitely try on a bikini for him if he asked! 😉

3. Guren Ichinose

Guren is the Lieutenant Colonel of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and the leader of the Moon Demon Company. He wields a black demon weapon as his cursed gear called Mahiru-no-Yo, and he is the one that rescued and trained Yu after he escaped from the vampires.

Where to begin with this guy? Guren is mysterious; he keeps a lot of secrets and doesn’t usually tell anybody the full story, including his subordinates. He’s also an amazing swordsman, and a strong leader and strategist. He’s also so strong, he can even overpower Mika. Guren is tall, dark, confident, rugged and mysterious. And while he looks great with his shaggy hair, the slicked back look makes him look even sexier!

2. Crowley Eusford

A 13th progenitor and a member of Ferid Bathory’s faction, Crowley Eusford is also one of the coldest, and strongest vampires. He can stop a hummer with his bare hands and slices through humans without remorse, all while keeping incredibly calm.

The permanent smile on Crowley’s face makes him look like a very kind and gentle vampire. He’s not. He’s actually very cold hearted and has absolutely no sympathy for humans. But it is exactly that confident, calm, smiley attitude and soft speech which make him so damn attractive! Well, that and his tall, muscular body, pretty face and cool-guy red bangs… I kind of envied Shinoa when he pinned her down, covered her mouth and told her “cattle don’t talk”. (Phew… Is it hot in here??)

1. Mikaela Hyakuya

Mikaela, like Yu, was an orphan who was being used as cattle by the vampires. After their failed escape attempt where he was fatally wounded, Yu escaped and a half-dead Mika was turned into a vampire by Krul Tepes and kept alive. The only goal in his life is to find his brother Yu and “save him from the humans”.

This pretty boy has everything; a beautiful face, blue eyes, blonde locks, a heart of gold and a soft, gentle voice that matches his personality perfectly. He’s passionate, clever and very strong as a vampire, and he looks even cuter with fangs!

Mika is surrounded by sexiness everywhere he goes, like when he drinks Krul’s blood and she holds him lovingly. And I still can’t get over that ultimate BL scene where Yu forces Mika to drink his blood. TOO hot!!!


There’s so much to choose from in Owari no Seraph! I think we covered all the bases in this list; humans, vampires, demons, guys and girls and even one in between. Although we can’t deny, there’s just something about vampires that makes them automatically the sexiest. We can’t wait to see more of these hotties whenever the next season finally comes out!

What do you think? Did you enjoy our ranking? What would your list look like? Remember to share your thoughts in the comments below!
Thanks for reading and see you next time!


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