Top Sniper Rifles to use in PUBG

PUBG-top-sniper-capture-560x315 Top Sniper Rifles to use in PUBG


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an all out battle royale that pits players against each other to see who will come out alive as the last person standing. With there being so much going on around you and very little room for error to be committed, PUBG is a game that requires your full attention and knowledge about how to properly assess every situation that occurs. Weapons are scattered just about everywhere and it’s your responsibility to understand just how each functions, and to determine both its strengths and weaknesses prior to enemy engagement. While all of this may sound like a handful to the individual just starting PUBG don’t worry, it’s not as challenging as you might think.

It does require some extra work on your part but with enough practice you’ll be placing top 10 in no time. We thought we’d give you a head start by providing details about what we think the top sniper rifles are, and why they’re effective for any skill level. We do advise once again as always to experiment with all the weapons in the game so that you’re able to fully come to terms with them, and avoid relying heavily on the more commonly used weapons. With that being said let’s hop in!


PUBG-top-sniper-capture-560x315 Top Sniper Rifles to use in PUBG

We covered the Mini14 in one of our other articles so be sure to check it out should you require a little more detail. For now we’re just going to cover the basics behind the Mini14 and why we think it’s a top class SR to use in PUBG. When choosing a sniper rifle you want to be very mindful of its properties pertaining to recoil and rate of fire, both of which play an integral role in becoming a top class sniper. The Mini14 isn’t as strong as the other rifles in PUBG with regards to base damage, as it sits only at 44. It’s not the lowest however as the VSS sits at 38 and doesn’t really provide any merit down the road, but we’ll touch on that in another article. Where the Mini14 shines is in its bullet speed which is the highest out of all the sniper rifles in PUBG, at a rapid 990, making it a very powerful offensive tool when you’re at advantage.

What this means is that the once the bullet leaves the chamber there’s very little that your enemy can do once they get hit, since the bullet moves at such a quick rate. In addition, it also means when the bullet travels between you and the opponent there’s very little slowdown and so the bullet is more likely to travel in a straight direction without swooping downward if let’s say the wind is against you. This gives Mini14 the edge because you don’t have to depend on trajectory as much for your shot to hit the target, so long as your shot is accurate of course. It’s also a semi-automatic Carbine meaning you can shoot in succession without needing to reload for each bullet like the bolt-action rifles.

Kar98 [Karabiner 98 Kurz]

PUBG-top-sniper-capture-560x315 Top Sniper Rifles to use in PUBG

Where the Mini14 lacks in firepower the Kar98 can take some heads off clean without very much effort, so long as your aim is precise. The Kar98 is revered by a lot of players in PUBG for its powerful bolt-action power and because it’s the highest in damage regarding out of crate rifles, it’s widely regarded as the best sniper in PUBG. It’s a little harder to get accustomed to when compared to the semi-auto firing Mini14 because each shot requires you to reload, so players behind the scope of this gun need to learn a great deal of patience to master it.

The Kar98 is commonly found everywhere in PUBG so it will not be a hassle to grab one and so when you do, make sure to get the right attachments to transform it into a beast. Grabbing a suppressor will certainly do the trick along with bullet loops since adding the loops to your Kar98 will reduce the reload time and give you the advantage when it’s time.

One major downside however to the Kar98 when compared to say the Mini14 is in its magazine size, which sits at an atrocious 5 while the Mini14 has 20. Without a slot to allow extended magazine storage it means that players using the Kar98 need to be extremely careful when using it, since every missed shot just leads you closer to being targeted and not much room to escape.


PUBG-top-sniper-capture-560x315 Top Sniper Rifles to use in PUBG

The last two rifles we’ll be looking at are crate only weapons and if you’re lucky to get your hands on one of them, chances are the enemy will have little chance of survival after being hit. The M24 is an extremely powerful bolt-action rifle that hits you at 84 base damage and 20,000 body impact meaning that one shot straight to the head is instant death, and any other region of the body will have you leaking. It’s bullet speed isn’t as fast as the Mini14 which means that you’ll most likely need to guide your shots as you take them, to ensure that it hits the target right away. Without a scope attachment the M24 is pretty bad so it’s imperative that you at least find a scope that’s at least 4x or higher to ensure you get the best use out of it. You may find a nice 15x scope in the crate you found the M24 in but don’t count on it all the time since PUBG is all RNG based, and so make sure to prepare yourself ahead of time if grabbing the M24 is your main goal.


PUBG-top-sniper-capture-560x315 Top Sniper Rifles to use in PUBG

You’ve seen this SR used a lot in other titles such as the popularized Counter Strike franchise and in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it makes its appearance once again in a much more powerful form. It’s nicknamed the “Monster sniper rifle” in its description box and we can’t argue against that because this bolt-action behemoth can take out just about any enemy despite their armor. Much like its M24 brethren it severely lacks an ironsight to be used without a scope, so we highly recommend strapping on a nice scope to provide the best results. If this rifle were not in the crate it would certainly be the best SR in the entire game but then people would probably beg for it to be nerfed significantly due to its remarkably high fire power. At 132 base damage and a monstrous 40,000 body impact rate you can pretty much say light’s out to anyone who gets shot with this one.

Attach a suppressor to this thing and you’ll have the ultimate advantage since you’ll be a silent beast and no one will be able to stop you. If you can’t get a hold of one however then opt for a flash hider instead since it will pretty much prevent the enemy from locating where the shot came from, with the flash being totally hidden from sight. Your shot might be loud but if you don’t know where you’re getting hit from there’s a very high chance death is right around the corner. Like any bolt-action rifle in PUBG we advise to use it with caution because each shot will require some reload time meaning that, if you miss your shots a lot then all of that power will be of no use since you may be dead from giving up your position. Like any other aspect in PUBG we recommend practicing as much as you can to fully grasp the potential of each tool.

Honey's Final Verdict:

We did leave out a few of the SRs but that doesn’t mean they’re bad (well the VSS is) since any gun can come out on top if you practice hard enough with them. These particular rifles just seem to get the job done and make quick work of the enemy in front of you so that you’re able to move onto the next target safely. Which sniper rifle do you feel is the best in PUBG? Let us know in the comments section below and be sure to catch us live on when we play PUBG on stream! Leave us a follow when you can and be sure to give us a shout! Stay tuned for more PUBG articles as we’ll be creating a ton of content to ensure newcomers and experienced players alike have something fun to read!

PUBG-top-sniper-capture-560x315 Top Sniper Rifles to use in PUBG
I totally agree with the AWM being an incredible rifle, but damn I have to risk everything for it!
PUBG-top-sniper-capture-560x315 Top Sniper Rifles to use in PUBG
Sometimes taking the risk rewards you greatly, so go for it!