Top 10 Annoying Characters in Anime!

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If you're an anime fan/lover like myself, you most definitely have come across some characters in anime that you can't stand.
To be more specific, I'm talking about characters that have made an impact in your life to the point that you just want to (insert explicit description here). Characters that are useless, problematic, stupid and/or irritating are my main focus in this article.
I know there are some people who find other characters to be more annoying or not at all, what I've selected here is just annoying characters I've come across throughout the years. Here are the “Top 10 Annoying Characters in Anime”!

10. Udon from Naruto

Naruto Shippuden

Udon is in Team Ebi with Konohamaru Sarutobi and Moegi.
He's a character that has this look on his face that shows no confidence or strength. Always wanting to back out fight or run away from any kind of confrontation, he does it with style, always having a string of snot hanging from his nose in every scene of naruto. This is the kind of weakness that irritates me in a show full of talented characters.
But as the show continues, there was one instant where he finally showed strength, but lets see if that will last.

9. Trebol, of the Don Quixote Pirates in One Piece

one piece strong world dvd

I know this character is somewhat newly introduced to the Dressrosa arc but none the less, I was immediately irritated for two reasons, with his lack of intelligence being a part of the two.
First, is his attribute in appearance, if there is anything that annoys me the most about an anime characters stupidity, is the nasal sound that comes with it. Trebol ate the Beta Beta No Mi Devil Fruit, and gives him the ability to transform his body into and produce mucus, which just so happens to be flammable.
The second reason he irritates me is he just doesn't stop saying “NE, NE” before he speaks.And his nasal sound amplifies that beyond belief.

8. Tomo Takino from AzuManga Daioh

tomo takino
azumanga daioh dvd

Tomo is your typical school girl who wants to be the best and the center of attention at most times, the only thing she lacks is respect and intelligance.
She is very hyperactive and capable of making good decisions when she needs to use her brain and yet, she's always making the wrong decisions. My annoyance with her is that the show is a great depiction of Japanese schools and knowing that there could be a person like her out in the world, makes me loose faith in humanity.
She's loud, obnoxious, and conceited.

7. Kagura from Fruits Basket

kagura sohma
Fruits Basket

Kagura is the kind of girl who is quiet and and always keeping to herself.
Until she see's Kyo and all of a sudden becomes this stalking, creepy girl that's always in your face like a little fly buzzing around. Also, she has a short fuse, bipolar almost.
There've been many situations when she normally and then goes crazy because of wild assumptions, all of which in conflicted on Kyo. Poor boy.

6. Haruhi Suzumiya from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

haruhi suzumiya
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya dvd 03

This was a great show, really, the idea behind it was imaginative and one of kind.
And with that being said, she had to be one of the most childish, stubborn, crybabies in a anime that I have ever seen. And I've mentioned Shinji Ikari above, Haruhi is right up there. She's very bossy and has no consideration for those around here.
Because of her attitude, she hardly has any friends, and the friends she has, are forced to what she wants or suffer.

5. Mr. Satan (Hercule) from Dragon Ball Z: The Cell Games

dragonball z dvd 03

This character annoyed me as well, and on a different level.
He is the World Martial Arts Champion who appears in the Cell Games to fight amongst the others. The funny thing is, he doesn't realize they're out of his league in strength and ability. But that doesn't stop him from making a complete ass of himself buy showboating and claiming he's better than everyone else.
His arrogance is what got me the most, and long story short, he got what he deserved. Which was humiliation! Grand.

4. Orihime Inoue from Bleach

orihime inoue
bleach dvd

My problem with her came to a pleasant end when the show was completed.
Inoue, possibly one of the significant characters in the show, mainly because her relationship with Ichigo was one to remember. She had some skills and power but ultimately was there to spectate most of the time. What's weird is, that would normally bother me to a certain extent as I would've seen her as a useless character, and I don't think she was.
What annoyed me was her dialogue, “Kurosaki-kun, Kurosaki-kun, Kurosaki-kun, KUROSAKI-KUN”, every episode! (Almost every episode) My eyes would roll back every time I heard her say that phrase. (I'm gonna have nightmares tonight).

3. My Melody from Onegai My Melody

my melody
onegai my melody dvd

A lot would see her as a very cute, white rabbit with a pink bonnet on her head, and she was.
What annoyed me was her perfection, her voice and demeanor. She reminded me of a traditional grandma-like person who whines and cries about everything. And she's clueless, even though she means well.
The one thing I remember I hated the most was the way she said Uta, another character in the show. I just didn't like it.

2. Mihoshi Kuramitsu from Tenchi Universe

mihoshi kuramitsu
tenchi muyo! DVD

This character is one you should not be deceived by, even though she has a cute, sweet look in her eyes and a very soft polite voice, the girl is ultimately a train wreck! In the show, some how, she's a detective in the Galaxy Police Force who is seen pursuing a character known to be the most wanted criminal in the galaxy named, Ryoko.
So far, that's a good start to give a sense of what kind of character you can expect of Mihoshi, WRONG, while in pursuit of Ryoko she is suddenly is viewed as the last person to go after a criminal of such caliber.
And as the series continues, you really see how much of an airhead she really is, with eating and sleeping being a very common thing for her. (Sigh)

1. Ikari Shinji from Evangelion

shinji ikari
evangelion DVD

This character pretty much made me wonder why he was the center of attention in the anime, for him not to know his father for most of his life and being raised by a martial arts instructor, you'd think he'd have more confidence and question why his father doesn't show the same emotion as he does.
Instead, we get to see the depressing side of a weak, naive, martyr of a character. I put Shinji under the category of Useless. Oh, and I got to see the most recent movie for Evangelion, and it did bring some closure about Shinji.
Although, the series still left me hanging and wanting more.

shinji ikari evangelion

There you have it, these were some of the most annoying characters I've seen throughout the years, and I'm sure there are more to come!

Do you have a character you're annoyed by and wasn't mentioned above? Let me know in the comments below! I'm curious to know who?


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