Trickster OVA Announced??

Trickster-wallpaper-560x443 Trickster OVA Announced??

What You Need to Know:

  • Normally when an anime cannot air an episode, it is turned into an OVA. An example would be like what happened with spring hit comedy anime Sakamoto Desu Ga? (Haven't you heard? I'm Sakamoto.) Another example is when studios are testing the waters to see if there is enough demand for a second/third/fourth season by releasing an OVA a few months after the most recent TV series airs.
  • Today however, it has been announced that Trickser, the currently airing anime about an all boys detective agency, will be getting an OVA. Not only that, but that the OVA will go on sale as a Blu-ray, DVD rental, and streaming services on December 22nd this year! This is a bit strange because the anime has been confirmed for two cours which means it will stay on air until March of next year.
  • The OVA will portray the main character's pasts as well as how Hanasaki and Kobayashi met. Trickter fans! It just aired last night! What are your thoughts?
Trickster-wallpaper-560x443 Trickster OVA Announced??

Source: Dengeki Bunsho

Trickster-wallpaper-560x443 Trickster OVA Announced??
Oh uh.... lol why did they do this in the middle of the season? This is about the boy who cannot die right?
Trickster-wallpaper-560x443 Trickster OVA Announced??
Oh nice!!! I love this show already from the previews and the first episode was awesome! I will take anything else I can get on the series.

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