Tsuki ga Kirei - Spring 2017

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Tsuki ga Kirei

Slice of Life, Romance, School

Airing Date:
April 7 2017


Honey’s Highlights

mo-happy4 Tsuki ga Kirei - Spring 2017
Aww, this sounds like a really nice anime! A romance between a sporty girl and a bookworm guy, how cute!
mo-happy4 Tsuki ga Kirei - Spring 2017
It looks like it could end up similar to Kimi ni Todoke or Sukitte Ii na yo, with the main couple coming from different social groups.
mo-happy4 Tsuki ga Kirei - Spring 2017
I'm not sure how I feel about this one, it looks cute but also like it could end up kind of boring... I hope there's at least a little bit of drama!
mo-happy4 Tsuki ga Kirei - Spring 2017
Well it's an original so there's no manga or light novel to base any judgements on... But you never know, it could be the next Ore Monogatari!

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Who was it that translated “I love you” the way it is? Dazai? Souseki?

Akane and Kotarou. They both are third year middle students who meet for the first time when they end up in the same class. Classmates, fellow club members, teachers, parents… essentially everything that is related to helping you grow up. In the middle of a running-confused season rife with uncertainty and change, there is a warm, dazzling young love.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Kotarou Azumi

Voice Actor: Shouya Chiba

Head of the literary club, Kotarou loves books and is starting to think that he would like to become a writer. He was born to a father who was born, raised, and works all in the same place and his mother who is a housewife. Ever since he was a child, he has been in the orchestra for his local Shinto shrine. Having a culturally rich upbringing, he was taught the flute, taiko drums, and dance and he was raised to to have a strong bond with his neighborhood. He is an only child who lives in the house that his grandparents built. Because he acts carefree, he looks as though he does not get caught up in what is going on around him. Kotarou is not proactive in his studies, and as such, he is in the bottom half of his class. He does not stand out in his class.

Akane Mizuno

Voice Actor: Yoshimi Ohara

Akane has loved to run ever since she was a child. When she joined middle school, she joined the track and field team and excels at sprints. Due to her father being transferred frequently she transferred into Kawagoe as a fifth grader. She lives in an apartment. She had a carefree and optimistic upbringing with her hilarious father, her cheerful mother, and her older sister who has two years on her. She is diligent at her core, so she is studious and has excellent grades. Akane can be a bit of a braggart, but she actually desperately tries to read the atmosphere at school. Akane is prone to anxiety and so she uses “imo”, a mascot character, as a good luck charm for relaxing.

Takumi Hira

Voice Actor: Atsushi Tamaru

Takumi is the head of the track and field team. He has good grades as well and ever since he was a first year student, he has continued to make it to the prefectural competition every year for sprints. As such, he is an accomplished athlete and student. Takumi naturally pays attention to those around him, and is a person of character whom is frequently relied upon. Akane also joined the track and field team, and Takumi has been thinking about her ever since. He, of course, has never told anyone about this. However other than Akane, it seems that others vaguely notice.

Chinatsu Nishio

Voice Actor: Rie Murakawa

Chinatsu is also a sprinter on the track and field team. Together with Akane, and the running long jump specialist Mamoru Takizawa, they are known as the “Third Year Track Trio” of the track and field team. Bright and innocent, she is amiable with everyone and can cheer anyone up. This makes her very popular among the boys and girls. She does sometimes say that she wants something that someone else has, which leads her to sometimes ‘that’s nice~ Lemme have a little’. However it is never from a place of malice.

Roman Yamashina

Voice Actor: Eishin Fudemura

Roman is in year 3 class 1 and isn’t part of a school club. He has been friends with Kotarou and Daichi since elementary school and has been in the same class as them for his three years at middle school. He has an androgynous appearance and a soft voice and mannerisms, like a fairy. A bit of a weirdo, but extremely popular with a certain group of girls.

Daichi Ogasawara

Voice Actor: Makoto Kaneko

Daichi is in year 3 class 1, is the captain of the Judo Club, and has excellent grades. He’s known Kotarou and Roman since his elementary school days and considers them his best friends, but they don’t have a single thing in common. Daichi is smart and kind of cold to others, and easily comes up with sharp quips.

Aoi Takizawa

Voice Actor: Haruka Shiraishi

Aoi is in year 3 class 3 and is part of the track team, where she does running long jump. She is best friends with Akane and Chinatsu, and is the one in their group who is always coming up with quips against the other two. A stoic perfectionist, she’s dedicated her three years of middle school to jumping. She’s super popular with girls in the year below, and the boys secretly like her, but she herself hates guys.

Other TitleAs The Moon, So Beautiful
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Ima koko by Nao Higashiyama
  • Ending Song: Tsuki ga Kirei by Nao Higashiyama

Main Staff
  • Director: Seiji Kishi
  • Assistant Director: Mitsuhiro Iwasaki, Takashi Ikehata
  • Script: Yuuko Kakihara
  • Series Composition: Yuuko Kakihara
  • Sound Director: Satoki Iida
  • Original Illustrator: loundraw
  • Music: Kurou Igata

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