TV-Tsukiuta.-THE-ANIMATION-Vol.7-e1601009933555 Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION 2

TV-Tsukiuta.-THE-ANIMATION-Vol.7-e1601009933555 Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION 2


Idol, Music

Airing Date:
Fall 2020

Children’s Playground Entertainment

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The 2 groups of idol units from Tsukino Entertainment Production, Six Gravity (A.K.A. Gravi) and Procellarum (A.K.A. Procella), are both rivals and brothers.
While spending their busy days as TsukiPro's star units, the members have shared a home since their debut. They are shining idols at work, and easygoing people on their days off.. But no matter what, it's their "Moment"!

Now it is the time to reveal the daily scenes for Gravi and Procella!

Characters & Voice Actors

Kakeru Shiwasu: Yuki Kaji

The optimistic and energetic member of Gravi, who is in charge of cheering up others. He is always poor and unlucky but never gives up. He often spends time together with Koi, who is also the younger member of the group, at work, and together they are a good team!
Hajime Mutsuki: Kosuke Toriumi

He is the leader of Gravi, a genius-type guy who is smart, handsome, and charismatic. He is always elegant and full of pride, and others around him call him "King". He is also kind to animals and people younger than him.
Koi Kisaragi: Toshiki Masuda

He is in charge of fashion and mood-keeping in Gravi. By his friendly and brisk personality, he has friends everywhere in his field. He also can react to jokes openly.
Haru Yayoi: Tomoaki Maeno

He is a nice guy with a kind personality and is a brother for the members of Gravi. Because he friendly and cares about others, he is respected by everyone who is either younger or older than him. He loves to support behind the scene, and he is like tactics general for the unit.
Arata Uzuki: Yoshimasa Hosoya

Looks like a cool and mysterious prince...but he lives at his own pace. He looks to be less active, but he has strong concentration skills, and a passion for the things he loves. He loves strawberry milk a lot. He is a childhood friend of Aoi Satsuki.
Aoi Satsuki: KENN

He is an orthodox, fresh prince who is also known as a conscience of Gravi. He is a popular boy, but he is so serious that he does do well when chatting about love. He often supports the unique members from behind the scenes, but he sometimes shows his childish attitude to his childhood friend, Arata.
Rui Minatsuki: Shota Aoi

He is a person with a great sense of music with an absolute pitch. He is a child of a legitimate musician family, but he distanced himself from music after he had troubles with his family. He was picked up by Kai after he had run away from home and got scouted together with him.
Kai Fuzuki: Wataru Hatano

He is the oldest child among the 5 brothers in his family, therefore he is like an older brother for Gravi. He gains popularity for being big-hearten, and he relied upon his office as well. He is the only one who can control Hayato, who is said to be the most unique one.
You Hazuki: Tetsuya Kakihara

He is the enemy of the males who value the ladies the most and lives at his own pace. But regardless of his light-hearted behavior, he often reacts with others' jokes for being the 3rd children of a family who takes care of a temple. Yoru Nagatsuki is a childhood friend.
Yoru Nagatsuki: Takashi Kondou

He is a serious boy of Procella with common sense. He looks like the type to have a humble personality but has a strong belief and is quite hard-headed. He is good at cooking and cares for others, therefore he is respected by younger members in the group. He often controls You as his childhood friend.
Iku Kanzazuki: Kenshou Ono

He is a guy with a big heart, although he is not so tall. He is good at sports in general, and a hard-working man who both tries to belong to the track-and-field club and work as an idol. He is a rare reactor to the jokes in the group while getting along with Rui more and more.
Shun Shimotsuki: Ryohei Kimura

He is the leader of Procella and an unpredictable white demon lord. He has a mysterious charisma, with a fearless smile with a meaning, and often speaks the words which look as he understands everything. He is a big fan of Hajime Mutsuki.
Kanade Tsukishiro: Mahiro Yamanaka

He is a calm and kind manager of Gravi, who always speaks politely. He always supports the activities of the members with a smile.
Dai Kurotsuki: Yasuhiro Mamiya

He is a friendly and nice manager of Procella. He is often at mercy of Hayato but enjoys looking over the members.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: ”Paint It Black“ by Six Gravity
  • Ending Song: ”White Sparks” by Procellarum
Main Staff
  • Director: Yukio Nishimoto
  • Series Composition: Natsuko Takahashi
  • Character Design: Michinori Chiba, Ai Yokoyama
  • Original Illustrator: Ziku

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