Unboxing Marseille's mClassic Game Console Graphics Processor

Feature-Unboxing-Marseille-mClassic-Game-Console-Graphics-Processor-Capture Unboxing Marseille's mClassic Game Console Graphics Processor

The New Gaming Experience

Hello and welcome to another unboxing review of Marseille’s newest successor to the mCable, the mClassic! For those who don’t know about Marseille, a technology company originally based out of Silicon Valley, they have come up with the idea of allowing users the ability to boost their graphics on consoles, PCs, and TVs to have more than expected resolutions without buying in to expensive equipment or purchasing a new console or TV/monitor altogether.


About the mClassic

Feature-Unboxing-Marseille-mClassic-Game-Console-Graphics-Processor-Capture Unboxing Marseille's mClassic Game Console Graphics Processor

First, let’s touch base on Marseille’s previous product, which introduced a HIDMI cable with a built-in graphics processor, the mCable. The idea came to be when Marseille looked back and noticed gamers still playing their old games on their old consoles with no change to upgraded resolutions. With that, gamers are always buying the next-gen consoles for better graphics which they have to wait for each new model to be released, and all because you can’t upgrade the resolution on your current console. That is only available to PC gamers, obviously. Marseille saw this as a problem as it was not fair that only one specific group of individuals can upgrade to better graphics while others can’t. That’s where the mCable comes into play!

The mCable helped gamers, and video aficionados alike, enjoy better resolutions without having to dish out the hundreds of dollars it costs to obtain better graphics whether you’re watching movies, anime or playing video games. So no more having to go through so many TVs/monitors to get that extra boost or buying new consoles as frequently as they release. The mClassic is designed to help you get the most out of your equipment without having to spend too much money on new upgrades which can be pretty expensive if you ask us.

So without further ado, let’s get into this and tell you all that we know about the mCalssic.

On the Outside

First, when you receive your amazing product, you’ll notice it is actually much smaller than the mClassic’s predecessor, the mCable. Just looking through the plastic display for which the mCalssic is viewable, it is indeed small! In fact, with the new design, Marseille and Arabian Prince have designed together is one of the best pieces of tech equipment for gamers to date! This is your ultimate entertainment device.

On the back of the box, there is a shortlist of platforms the mClassic works with and it produces better graphics with any of them. In fact, you are almost guaranteed to see enhancements if you keep your resolutions at their native settings. So for instance, if you have a TV/monitor that is 1920x1080p, natively, the mClassic can upscale the resolution to 1440p and even upscaling 4K to higher than normal resolutions.

On the Inside

Feature-Unboxing-Marseille-mClassic-Game-Console-Graphics-Processor-Capture Unboxing Marseille's mClassic Game Console Graphics Processor

In the box, there are only 3 items: The mClassic, mini High Def HDMI extender, and a USB charge cable. The one thing the mClassic doesn’t provide which is something you will need to purchase separately is an RCA to HDMI adapter—if you want to use a retro gaming console or anything that is RCA source plugged. Now, this is where you really need to do your research as purchasing a cheap adapter may not match the processing power of the mClassic. This is because some adapters have horrible pass-through, processing issues, or limiters just on their own which creates lag or incompatibility. So read the reviews before you buy and also make sure the adapter can pass-through high resolutions with no lag. That is very important!

The mClassic’s Purpose

Feature-Unboxing-Marseille-mClassic-Game-Console-Graphics-Processor-Capture Unboxing Marseille's mClassic Game Console Graphics Processor

The mClassic get’s rid of cables altogether and is simply a plug-and-play device—granted you’ll need to purchase an RCA to HDMI adapter for your retro games... With the fine expertise of Arabian Prince, the design has a nice sleek look to it and there is a switch with 3 modes to choose from: Off mode, Anti-Aliasing mode, and Retro mode. Of course, with “Off mode”, nothing is being done with the mCalssic. Before with the mCable, once you plugged it in, the graphics will enhance if you are following the preferred specs for use—using your display in its native resolution. There really is no ease of knowing how well your visuals are unless you pay attention when switching cables. The mClassic now allows you to see the difference with ease as the switch button on the device provides seamless transitioning from one mode to the next. Once you turn on “anti-aliasing mode”, you will see the smoothing of edges on objects generated in-game in real-time! We tried this out with Call of Juarez: Gunslinger and to tell our honest opinion, it was amazing! Immediately, you can see the difference with graphics in the game, to providing more color, contrast, and depth focus which helps the game pop out more!

Next, when you move the switch to “Retro mode”, that is specific to older games on older consoles—older PCs too. The mode will scale the video to 4:3 aspect ratio but will still give the full upscaling experience that the mClassic is supposed to deliver. These modes help deliver the magic and they have been known to additionally help out with TVs that are having issues with reaching aspect ratios!

Feature-Unboxing-Marseille-mClassic-Game-Console-Graphics-Processor-Capture Unboxing Marseille's mClassic Game Console Graphics Processor

Remember that there is an HDMI extender, right? Marseille provides this mini High Definition HDMI cable to use when connecting the mClassic to the source. This helps with switching from one mode to the other without straining the mClassic or your reach when in tight, small spaces.

The processing chip design this time seems more fluid and effective as the second you flip the switch, you’re good to go. Now again, we didn’t have the proper tools for testing out any latency issues but the company still boasts the “No Lag” slogan so we will take their word for it. We were not disappointed with the mCable so why should we think otherwise, now?! There are even several videos out which demonstrate the amazing abilities of the mClassic. Below are a few:

Gamecube and Retro Upscaling

Nintendo Switch Upscaling

PC GPU Upscaling

Blu-ray to 4K Upscaling

In addition, the depth of field is also amazing as it compensates for the in-game range of distance and provides blurring effects to objects in far distances to keep the immersive experience intact while playing. This is because mClassic’s algorithm successfully tracks near and far distant objects and creates the best possible picture in real-time.

We covered the gaming side of things, now, we can tell you about the movie side which is even simpler. With the mCalssic, you can watch your movies or animations with much better graphics as the mClassic works with Blu-ray players and the likes. This also enhances the 4K resolution with its 4K Image Certified Technicolor Technology! Again, if you have a video player that is RCA plugged, then you will need to get an adapter as mentioned earlier on in this article.

Honey’s Final Verdict

And that’s it, Folks! From what we experienced with the mCable and how it was presented, the mClassic completely blows it out of the water and in fact, Marseille listened to us gamers and worked around the issues we’ve all voiced. Again, these issues were minimal so I can only imagine that is why it was so easy for Marseille to quickly act on this and further achieve that which they set out to do and that is getting this technology in the hands of gamers!

If you were thinking about upgrading your next GPU or getting a new TV with higher resolutions, why not give the mClassic a try? Marseille recently launched an Indiegogo for the mClassic on July 30, 2019, at midnight and from the time it started, the mClassic successfully completed their funding for the mClassic in as much as a couple of hours upon launching on Indiegogo! This definitely has to be one of the best fundings on the platform in a long time! We think Skullgirls and its DLC goal back in 2013. The goal they set was $150,000 and they met that in 22 hours. The mClassic’s goal is much less than that but with 29 days left to go in its campaign, we see the funds getting higher and higher.

To finalize our coverage of the mClassic, Marseille has done it again, though this time, there was nothing we could say negatively about it. While there is the small hurdle of needing an adapter to enjoy the Retro part of the mClassic, it’s more accessible, easy to use, beefier processing power for the no-compromise upscaling it produces and is amazingly affordable. We highly advise all to check out their Indiegogo page as they have already amazing discounted prices on their mClassic, while supplies last. The link is up at the top of this article but here it is once more, just in case: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mclassic-the-first-plug-play-graphics-processor#/ .

We hope you enjoyed this coverage and if you have any thoughts about this article, make sure to sound off in the comment section below!

Feature-Unboxing-Marseille-mClassic-Game-Console-Graphics-Processor-Capture Unboxing Marseille's mClassic Game Console Graphics Processor

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