Unboxing the QuadCast S Microphone from HyperX Gaming

HyperX_QuadCast_S_8_box_contents-500x500 Unboxing the QuadCast S Microphone from HyperX Gaming

Light, Sleek, and Very Powerful!

Microphone Specs:

  • Power consumption: 5V 220mA (white light)
  • Sample/bit rate: 48kHz/16-bit
  • Element: Electret condenser microphone
  • Condenser type: Three 14mm condensers
  • Polar patterns: Stereo, Omnidirectional, Cardioid, Bidirectional
  • Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz
  • Sensitivity: -36dB (1V/Pa at 1kHz)
  • Cable length: 3m
  • Weight: Microphone: 254g
  • Shock mount and stand: 360g
  • Total with USB cable: 710g
  • Lighting: RGB (16,777,216 colors)
  • Light effects: 2 zones2
  • Connection type: USB-C to USB-A

Headphones Output:

  • Impedance: 32 Ω
  • Frequency response: de 20Hz à 20kHz
  • Maximum power output: 7mW
  • THD: ≤ 0.05% (1kHz/0dBFS)
  • SNR: ≥ 90dB (1kHZ, RL=∞)

About the QuadCast S Microphone

The QuadCast S microphone from HyperX Gaming is the sister mic for the QuadCast and everything is basically the same but with some added perks. This wonderful standalone mic is perfect for professional streamers and podcasters to casual streamers who love raids and quests with friends online. The QuadCast S is very easy to connect to your PC, PS4, PS5, and/or Mac devices. In fact, the QuadCast S is basically a plug-and-use mic that doesn't really require any downloads to install, especially, on consoles. The QuadCast S is also compatible with Streamlabs OBS, OBS Studio, and XSplit and provides quality sound for your audience, especially, if you use Discord and Team Speak as the QuadCast S is certified for both platforms.
HyperX_QuadCast_S_8_box_contents-500x500 Unboxing the QuadCast S Microphone from HyperX Gaming
The QuadCast S is a condenser mic that comes with its own shock mount for anti-vibrations and a built-in pop filter to eliminate as many plosives and muffled sounds that can be annoying to your content. Like the initial QuadCast, the QuadCast S has the Tap-to-Mute sensor on the mic with an LED indicator, but better. Now, the QuadCast S has an RGB light customization indicator instead of the solid Red LED from the initial QuadCast, so you can customize colors to either match your room, mood, theme, etc. Simply download the NGENUITY app to your PC and you can customize your QuadCast S' RGB lights to fit your preferences.

HyperX_QuadCast_S_8_box_contents-500x500 Unboxing the QuadCast S Microphone from HyperX Gaming
For example, you can choose some preset RGB settings to get things moving quickly or you can assign specific colors to the mic and you can choose how long each color is shown. In addition, you can also change the effects of the colors with 5 different options to choose from which are: Solid, Blink, Cycle, Lightning, and Wave. We liked the Wave and Cycle effects!

The QuadCast S also has targeting for the mic in 2 different sections at the top and bottom of the mic, so you can choose which part of the mic to show the RGB or all of it. You can also change the contrast of the colors, the opacity, the speed of the color transition, and the brightness. With the NGENUITY app, you also have the option to adjust volume meters depending on the content and use of the QuadCast S which includes mic volume, mic monitoring, and headphone volume as well.

HyperX_QuadCast_S_8_box_contents-500x500 Unboxing the QuadCast S Microphone from HyperX Gaming
On the QuadCast S itself, you have the Polar Pattern dial for almost any situation regarding recordings and there is also a Gain control for very easy adjustments of the mics input sensitivity which is located on the bottom of the QuadCast S. There is also a headphone jack for voice monitoring and the power connector for the QuadCast S is USB-C to USB-A.

The QuadCast S’ Performance

Now, let's get into our impression of the unique mic. The QuadCast S is ready to use right out of the box and is attached to a mount that is very lightweight and the mic has a smooth soft-touch matte coating finish for a sleek look. Simply plug in the mic and you are set to go. Your PC will recognize the QuadCast S immediately and Discord or Team Chat as well. The tap-to-mute function is great and is very responsive as well, so long as you tap directly on top of the mic. The gain control dial on the mic is also very nice as it is easy to reach and adjust, unlike other microphones where the dial is located in places that make it somewhat difficult to reach and adjust during live broadcasts and/or recordings.

HyperX_QuadCast_S_8_box_contents-500x500 Unboxing the QuadCast S Microphone from HyperX Gaming
The RGB features are really nice as well. On the mic, we did notice there is a spot in the middle that was noticeably dimmer than the rest of the RGB area on the mic but that wasn't so much of a big deal as your camera won't show that side of the mic during recordings. It would be more of a personal aesthetic issue than anything else. When changing the speed of the RGB lighting, we did notice the color sequences were a bit rough/choppy when transitioning from one color spectrum to another. This was when the speed was set very high because when it is set at a slower speed, the color sequence changed smoothly and was visually pleasing. We tested out the anti-vibration shock mount and it was great. We heard very little to no rattling with the movement of the mic while either on a desk or, especially, attached to a mic boom/arm, which the QuadCast S comes with a mount adapter for mic booms/arms.

Honey’s Final Verdict

Our overall experience with the QuadCast S was nothing less than spectacular when comparing to Blue Yeti mics or other higher-end microphones. For just $159.99, you can have a wonderful mic for an affordable and very competitive price that is a must for the everyday streamer, podcaster, musician, vlogger, and/or content creator. If you are interested in this great product from HyperX, then make sure to visit this link for more information about the QuadCast S and where you can buy it. HyperX not only specializes in microphones, but also gaming headsets, earbuds, keyboards, mice, memory, and storage so check them out!

We want to thank HyperX for sending over this wonderful-looking and high-performance microphone for us to check out. Make sure to follow and support HyperX Gaming and keep tuning in here at Honey’s Anime for more unboxing goodness!

We hope you had a great time reading this article and make sure to take care and we'll see you next time!

HyperX_QuadCast_S_8_box_contents-500x500 Unboxing the QuadCast S Microphone from HyperX Gaming

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