Unexpected Anime Characters You Will Love if You Are a Fan of Monkey D. Luffy

When searching for anime characters as fun-loving and rewatchable as those in One Piece, the frequently referred to titles include those that are already popular and many fans have watched. Multiple parts of the Dragon Ball series, Bleach, Naruto, Black Clover, Fairy Tale, Magi, and more fill the usual lists of recommendations. Though these are great shows, there is not a character in them that is truly someone like Luffy.

Today, we’re looking to recommend a few characters based on the lighthearted, fun-loving, captain of the Straw Hat pirates. We hope you enjoy this collection of anime characters that remind us of Monkey D. Luffy.

Chiya, from Urara Meirochou (Urara Meirocho)

Chiya has just become something like a fortune teller in training. She has fun adventures with three other adorable girls while learning these new skills and learning more about themselves. This charming comedy has a different story, but Chiya has some fun similarities that a fan of Luffy’s will enjoy. She is a wild child who lived in the mountains before her training, and like Luffy has the Will of D., there is an obscure and powerful impression made whenever someone tries to look into the life of Chiya via fortune-telling.
Animals have a natural attraction to her, and she loves to sleep and live in nature.

Not unlike Luffy’s tendency to make friends with the animals he doesn’t make into dinner, Chiya’s first moments of trouble come when animals that don’t belong to her take food from vendors to give to their new friend. This adorable scene continues when Chiya shows her belly to apologize for their behavior. Urara Meirochou is the sweet story of Chiya on a search for her long lost mother; still, the Luffy fan can appreciate her behaviors that are indicative of her mountain upbringing and a lifetime among wild animals.

Gon, from Hunter X Hunter

Gon Freecss follows in the footsteps of his father by taking off at a young age to take the Hunter exam. Hunters have access to money, jobs, and privileges unavailable to those without a Hunter’s license, but Gon looks to use his skills to find his father. Gon takes off into the world, with confidence in his future and abilities beyond his age on his long adventure.

Being keenly attuned to nature and the world around them, Gon and Luffy both have great senses and notice things that other characters around them do not. More than their closeness to nature, Gon and Luffy have backstories of being raised in a small village, after their fathers gave them up as babies. Like Luffy looks at his larger arc problems in terms of, “so I just have to kick [insert villian]’s ass?” Gon finds an easy way to look at each of his problems and come up with creative solutions. Hunter x Hunter also has a special power in it that is as “next level” as haki is in One Piece. Hunter X Hunter is much darker than One Piece, but Gon alone maintains an amount of lightheartedness and sincerity that lifts the whole story.

Seth, from Radiant

Seth is a good-hearted boy with a dream more massive than most believe possible. He wants to find a place called Radiant and exterminate a cause of division from the world. Leaving home after making this decision in his life, Seth leaves his floating house and the woman who raised him to begin an adventure to places unknown. Seth runs out into the world alone aiming to become the person who finds and rids the world of Radiant. Even though this goal is one that others scoff at, Seth is not deterred.

Like Monkey D. Luffy, Seth pursues his objective at a headlong pace and does it without asking or needing the approval of others; he is loyal to his friends but does not take himself too seriously. The fan of Monkey D. Luffy will certainly enjoy the adventure of Seth, the main character of Radiant!

Final Thoughts

Monkey D Luffy is a character who is meant to be simple but has many fun traits to admire. Whether it’s his carefree attitude, the sincerity with which he follows his dreams, or even if it’s how much he just loves to chow down, we hope you’ll find a new character here that you want to learn more about. Do you know these characters already? Please tell us in the comments!

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