Uniquely Japanese Real-Time Dungeon RPG Hyakki Castle Coming to PC This Winter

hyakki Uniquely Japanese Real-Time Dungeon RPG Hyakki Castle Coming to PC This Winter

What You Need to Know:

  • Japanese videogame publisher, Happinet, today revealed it will bring Hyakki Castle, a beautifully stylized 3D dungeon RPG game, to PC via Steam this winter for western players. The game transports players to a terrifying haunted castle, to confront and battle creatures from ancient Japanese literature. Fans will be treated to beautiful Ukiyo-e style graphics and ghost lore inspired by famous ancient Japanese scrolls and artists.
  • Hyakki Castle is a real-time RPG in which players will explore a sinister fictional castle set in the 18th century – during the Edo Period, an infamous period in Japanese history known for economic growth, social order, foreign policies, healthy population and heightened enjoyment of arts and culture. The game’s giant castle is situated on Hyakki Island, where skilled criminals were exiled, but also rumored to be on the island were ghosts and demons. Borrowing from these ghost stories, Hyakki Castle creates an eerie and mysterious environment where the evil supernatural have been summoned by a shadowy figure and it’s up to the player to strategically make their way through the dark rooms and areas.
  • Players can choose to split their party up into a 2 party system, a feature not yet seen in real-time dungeon RPGs, allowing a player to select four characters and make one party with them, creating new strategic gameplay possibilities. For instance, one character can lure a monster while the other three lay in wait for an ambush—or the party can split to flank a monster or to solve a puzzle. Players can play as traditional Japanese classes such as Samurai, Ninja or Monk while also choosing from different races, such as Oni, Tengu or Nekomata, with each having their own special abilities.
  • The giant castle is mysterious and dark, and full of smart traps and dangerous boss monsters, as well as spooky ghosts and ghouls taken from ancient Japanese literature, creating a unique experience for roleplaying fans as they enter the eerie “Fantastical World” of ancient Japan. A slew of creepy monsters, such as the supernatural "Yokai" of ancient Japanese literature, await players inside the castle. Be warned! Game details can be found below!

Source: Official Press Release

Game Details

Real-time RPG Action: Become a Samurai or a Ninja, create a party, and venture forth to do battle, solve puzzles, defeat bosses, and explore a mysterious castle to defeat its Lord!

Unique Japanese Heritage: Instead of generic fantasy creatures, clash with vivid monsters and supernatural creatures from Japanese literature.

Twice the Possibilities: Split your party of up to four players for unparalleled strategy and party options.

Explore a Monstrous Castle: The enormous castle is filled with cunning traps—some of which can only be solved by dividing your party—and tough boss monsters, testing player instincts and judgement.

Explore Japanese Character Classes and Races: Choose to play as a Samurai, Ninja or Monk with three distinct races on tap to add diverse skillsets to your party.

Unique Soundtrack: The game features traditional Japanese music and ambient sound creating an environment of mystery, suspense and fear to the gameplay experience

Official Trailer

HYAKKI CASTLE Announcement Trailer

hyakki Uniquely Japanese Real-Time Dungeon RPG Hyakki Castle Coming to PC This Winter
I'm a huge fan of Japan's illustrious Edo Era, so I may check this out for the historical lore.
hyakki Uniquely Japanese Real-Time Dungeon RPG Hyakki Castle Coming to PC This Winter
Yeah Japan's history is so rich and full of mystery, and the Edo Era had a lot of wonderful aspects to it.

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