Usuzumizakura -GARO- Movie Announced for Fall!

What You Need to Know:

  • An offical site has went online announcing that the GARO series will be getting a new movie in the franchise. This will be an anime movie titled "Usuzumizakura -GARO-" and features Satoshi Nishimura as the director, Yasuko Koabayshi in charge of the script, and Masakazu Katsura as main character designer.
  • They have also announced that Masei Nakayama will participate in the movie as one of the voice actors. However, which character remains to be revealed. There was an intro story released below, and a trailer as well below that! Stay tuned for more information as it is released.
  • The Heian Period. Kyoto, the majestic city that boasts of its beauty. When two beautiful looking socerers meet, 1000 years of sorrowful, fleetingly beautiful cherry blossoms bloom profusely in an instant.

Source: Official Website

bee-love Usuzumizakura -GARO- Movie Announced for Fall!
Oooooooo Garo has totally redeemed itself with vanishing line. I am ready for more.
bee-love Usuzumizakura -GARO- Movie Announced for Fall!
I'll say! Bring on the beefy men!

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