Vehicles We’d Love to See Added in PUBG [Part 1]

PUBG-new-vehicles-560x315 Vehicles We’d Love to See Added in PUBG [Part 1]


In the last article we covered, we took a look at some weapons that we’d love to see added to the PUBG roster. Look forward to a part two of that article very soon but for now, we’re going to continue with the trend and take a look at what vehicles should make an appearance in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Recently the team made some cosmetic changes to the currently accessible vehicles, altering the sounds to give them a more realistic feel. The new addition is a classic 70’s ride known as the Mini Bus, a vehicle that skyrocketed in popularity during that era due to its multi-functioning abilities, but also that it was like a hybrid of sorts.

It wasn’t a car nor was it a van, but it was able to perform much like both and so it became the car used for traveling in groups. We’ll see just how the Mini Bus functions in PUBG once 1.0 is released but we can only assume that it’ll function much like the Jeep where multiple players can enter the Mini Bus and go on a shooting spree. For now, let’s take a look at some vehicles we’d love to see added in future updates and their impact to the overall world of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Military Tank

Now of course this isn’t World War II or anything like that, but throwing a Military Tank in PUBG would just create such a fun experience for players who are able to obtain it. This vehicle would only be obtainable in the Military Base or Mylta for example and of course, once you’re inside this thing you can unload a ton of explosive damage to enemies scurrying around. This could also act as a multiple player vehicle much like the other vehicles, meaning that one person could be driving the tank around while another player is controlling the gun outside. Just imagine seeing this monstrous thing racing across the open field crushing anything in its path, and come end game players could use it as a shield to block out gunfire. The possibilities are endless and so throwing this into the already chaotic world of PUBG would be glorious indeed.


This one may be pushing it a little bit but hey, this is PUBG we’re talking about and anything goes in this game. Much like the Military Tank that can only be accessed at the Military Base, the Helicopter should be placed in a location that only the most brave are willing to explore. Perhaps the top of a mountain would suffice since it’s out in the open and so therefore, players who choose to run after it put themselves at risk of getting sniped.

It should also be a rare spawning vehicle too meaning that the odds of you always grabbing one will really depend on whether RNG is on your side. It would be too one sided if the Helicopter were always readily available like the other more common vehicles, so keeping it low key would even the playing field but still give players the incentive to run around and not just sit in one place waiting for the safe zone to move. Death from above! Have one player controlling the Helicopter while you aim your sights down on unsuspecting enemies and start lopping heads off, while you cruise all the way to the end game.


To be quite honest, the boat in PUBG isn’t that great just because it moves sluggishly and you often times can get sniped by people on shore if you aren’t careful. We need something with a little more speed that gives players a chance to race towards the safe zone on water, without feeling overwhelmed and that’s where the Jet-Ski comes into play. This popular water-based vehicle would be an awesome addition to the vehicle selection in PUBG because it can allow two players to hop on and play shootout with other players on their Jet-Skis, which would create some pretty epic moments in the safe zone. Imagine a group of players just speeding across the open water and the player on the back can just shoot fearlessly at other incoming enemies who try to take you down. Think of Wave Race or even Diddy Kong Racing but with guns!


Now this may sound really farfetched and comical but that’s exactly why it should be added in the PUBG vehicle lineup. Go-Karts are such a popular item and you see them at just about every amusement park you attend, and who can forget good old Mario Kart! Just think, you load up squad mode and you have 4 Go-Karts readily available to drive around in. Players would have a blast just racing around the open world with their partner in the back like Mario Kart: Double Dash! shooting enemies down as you all race desperately towards the safe zone. Now if only PUBG would throw in some blue shells! Just kidding!

Honey's Final Verdict:

We have such a long Christmas list of weapons we’d love to see added in PUBG that we’ll be splitting this up into a two part series, and perhaps have you folks chime in on what you’d like to see in PUBG as well. The game is only going to grow bigger from here and with the enormous support from the community, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is looking to take the top spot as the go-to eSports tactical shooter. CS:GO is still the king but PUBG isn’t too far behind and the throne can be taken at any given moment. Let’s see what happens once 1.0 rolls out and more content comes in!

PUBG-new-vehicles-560x315 Vehicles We’d Love to See Added in PUBG [Part 1]
Haha I'd love to watch a match with squad players racing toward the safe zone with their Go-Karts, trying to take down the opposing teams. Would make for some great entertainment.
PUBG-new-vehicles-560x315 Vehicles We’d Love to See Added in PUBG [Part 1]
Oh I'm so for the Jet-Ski! How wicked would that be to zip by other enemies on the water and have a shootout! It would be awesome to experience.