Warm Up with Our Favorite BL Ships from A3! Season Autumn & Winter!

It seems Mankai Company has no shortage of acting talent, danger, and hot guys. The Autumn and Winter troupes have their own problems to face but at least they have each other! A dorm full of artistic hopefuls all reaching towards the same goal is a hotbed for BL fantasies. As some of us are struggling to keep warm this winter, let the warmth of these potential ships tide you over until spring!

5. Haruto x Reni

While not the most wholesome pair, they are a most compelling duo. Haruto and Reni are manipulative and ambitious but can be so charming, a testament to their acting abilities. Despite being so nasty to others, they clearly rely on each other; Haruto admiring Reni’s direction and abilities, and Reni knowing that Haruto feels as strongly as he does about crushing any competition. Reni seems to have little patience for others yet keeps Haruto by his side even with Haruto picking fights and having an embarrassing dialect he tries to hide. They fit so well together and their nasty attitudes would keep most others away, so they would naturally find themselves looking to each other for comfort!

4. Omi x Taichi

Omi being the mom of the group has to deal with two members constantly at each other’s’ throats, the scary older guy who can’t word things nicely, and Taichi, the excitable child who gets worked up about being popular. Omi is used to being the peacekeeper but shares a special moment with Taichi in episode 5 that makes us consider the possibility of something more. He’s noticed Taichi being distant yet didn’t know how to approach him, different for a man who’s used to getting between Juza and Banri. When Taichi admits his betrayal and cries, Omi just holds him and comforts him. It seems that Omi already understands Taichi’s complex feelings. Omi insists that they go together and apologize for everyone, saying he’s also at fault for not being there to support Taichi despite knowing something was wrong. Perhaps this is the moment where Omi realizes his feelings for Taichi!

3. Banri x Juza

Banri and Juza are immediately made a pair because of their hostile attitudes towards each other. Even though Banri constantly picks on Juza, he is honestly obsessed with him citing that Juza was the person that first made him feel excitement. As much as Juza dislikes Banri coming after him when Juza is just minding his own business, he can’t stand seeing Banri waste his potential just because things are boring for him. Episode 2 gives us great fodder with Banri and Juza handcuffed together. Not only do they learn to work as a team, but they also beat the crap out of a thief together. What a bonding moment! It’s still not enough to keep Banri until he watches Juza’s acting portrait and he’s beyond moved at how raw and passionate Juza allows himself to be. When Juza watches Banri’s portrait, he understands what an empty life Banri led until meeting Juza, however messed up Banri might be. Their passion for one-upping each other would work nicely in the bedroom!

2. Taichi x Banchan (Banri)

Taichi has his own nickname for Banri and seems particularly interested in him. When showing off his yoyo tricks, it’s Taichi that first tells Banri he couldn’t compete. If it had been Juza, Banri would have snatched the yoyo out of his hands and tried to beat him, but he held back until Taichi called him out. When Taichi has to admit his betrayal to the group, Banri wants Taichi to do a real portrait detailing his feelings about it so everyone will accept him back but also so that Taichi can see the power of his own acting which he has a complex about. Banri is not one to think about how his actions affect others yet he immediately thinks back to besting Taichi at yoyo when Taichi reveals in his portrait with regret. He also spurs on the other members to welcome Taichi back. Banri and Taichi are often seen smiling together and even go shopping together and it’s so cute to see a more tender side to Banri!

1. Tsumugi x Tasuku

Perhaps our most compelling couple on here, Tsumugi and Tasuku have a rocky start but have so many cute moments after. Tasuku’s anger towards Tsumugi is because of his hurt at being separated when Tsumugi gave up theater. It felt like Tsumugi had abandoned their friendship as well. In episode 9, the two are cursed to repeat the same day until they make up which doesn’t happen until Tsumugi lashes out at Tasuku for not being open with him, forcing Tasuku to see it was he who pushed Tsumugi away. As if a switch is flipped, Tasuku and Tsumugi are always seen together after with Tasuku often smiling while praising Tsumugi’s acting abilities. They so happily reminisce about their former theater days and gently tease each other. What really seals the deal is in episode 11 when the two share an umbrella, confess their untold feelings about the past while tearing up, and calling each other by their nicknames Ta-chan and Tsumu!

Final Thoughts

The variety in shippable boys gives us a lot to work with in terms of both personalities and looks! While some relationships you have to use a good bit of imagination for, some are too perfect to ignore. Catching some of the more subtle moments between the boys feel like a special treasure but it’s nice that there are some more blatant moments as well. Let us know your favorite ships in the comments!

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