The Best Boys of A3! Season Spring & Summer - Which Stars Shine Brightest?

Spring season saw the delayed continuation of winter’s A3! anime adaptation and come Fall 2020, A3! Season Fall & Winter will start! Based on an “actor training game” (read: husbando collector), A3! is of course, full of gorgeous men from all walks of life and so is the anime! And not only are they beautiful, they each have their unique personalities and quirks—as most actors do—and some of them are actually good actors!

We’ve only met two of the troupes, but there is already so much talent and so much sexy! So, while we wait to meet the next batch of actors in the fall, let’s pick out the best boys of A3! Season Spring & Summer! We’ve taken into account their likeability, their acting skills, character development, and how memorable they are. And, action!

5. Misumi Ikaruga (Summer)

Mr Triangles. Misumi has an odd obsession with triangles and wears them constantly, eats onigiri on the regular—for the shape—and you’ll hear him making triangle puns all day long. His regular speaking voice and demeanor come off as a bit childish, but that’s just because he is true to himself. Oh, and he just showed up at Mankai one day and runs around the dorms when he gets excited talking about triangles. He is SO WEIRD! And we love him for it! Misumi is like an adorable, crazy stray cat that decided to move in one day. He’s super friendly, supportive, positive, and happy, and his acting ability may just be the best of all the boys yet! How can he go from a spazzy, triangle-obsessed weirdo to literally any character he is given to play!? Misumi’s acting ability is no joke!

4. Tsuzuru Minagi (Spring)

Everyone’s big brother. Tsuzuru is the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet. His kind eyes say it all. Tsuzuru works several part-time jobs and has done it pretty much all in helping take care of his 7 younger siblings and he moved into Mankai to save his family some money and focus more on his dream of becoming a playwright. Tsuzuru is naturally nurturing and caring and can even be a bit overbearing but he means well. He just wants everyone to be ok and to be happy and he takes that into account when writing scripts for the troupe. Tsuzuru is a talented playwright and actor, and he’s not above pulling all-nighters for the perfect script. The fact that he can somehow balance University, several jobs, a family, acting, and screenwriting certainly earns him a place on our top 5!

3. Yuki Rurikawa (Summer)

You can’t have a theater troupe without a costume designer. And what a designer Yuki is! Yuki is a super fashionable otokonoko who just so happens to be an incredible high school-aged designer. Yuki is also incredibly sassy, and despite being tiny compared to Tenma, he is not shy or afraid to tell him what a snobby, bratty “hack” he is at every chance he gets. He joined as a costume designer but it turns out he’s pretty good at acting too! Yuki gets to play Scheherazade thanks to his beautiful, fine features and he always makes sure the costumes are perfect for each actor. Yuki is an incredibly talented designer, brazen, a great actor, and a wonderful friend… even to snobby hacks!

2. Tenma Sumeragi (Summer)

At first glance, Tenma is the full package; he’s handsome, gentlemanly, refined, rich, and famous for being a talented young movie actor. But, like many actors, Tenma also has a huge ego, is cocky, and self-centered, but it turns out all he needed was friends and to face his fears. Tenma demands the role of troupe leader and he struggles to lead his troupe until he learns to set his ego aside and admit that he has flaws and he could use the help of a friend every now and then. His innate charm, and impressive talent make him a clear choice for a top 5, but it’s his tsundere nature and his ability to grow and mature that we love the most.

1. Itaru Chigasaki (Spring)

It shouldn’t be surprising that our top pick is the most otaku guy of Mankai Company so far! Itaru is not only absolutely stunning with his beautiful features, he’s also a responsible working man, kind, mature, sociable, and can actually act! He’s like a male version of Umaru-chan and we love his ability to go from businessman to lazy otaku as soon as he gets home. What we love the most about Itaru is that he eventually opens up to the troupe and lets his true otaku self show when he gets closer to the other members. Like Sakuya, we think Itaru is prince-like and cool!

Final Thoughts

It looks like the boys of summer win! But who’s counting? We have to say, we love them all, but our top 5 definitely come out above the rest in one way or another. We can’t wait to meet the boys of A3! Season Autumn & Winter! Who is your favorite Mankai Company Troupe member? Are you excited for Fall & Winter?? Chat with us on the comments!

A3-Season-Spring-Summer-Wallpaper-700x468 The Best Boys of A3! Season Spring & Summer - Which Stars Shine Brightest?


Author: Lizzy Nyanko

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