Weapons We’d Love to See Added in PUBG [Part 1]

PUBG-weapon-additions-560x315 Weapons We’d Love to See Added in PUBG [Part 1]


With the highly anticipated 1.0 update coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in December, there’s of course a lot of players who are just itching to log in and earn their Chicken Dinners. We of course are on that same hype train and are really stoked to hop in and be able to traverse around the new desert map, along with the new vehicles that were announced. With all of these new additions being implemented which is basically transforming PUBG as we now know it into an entirely new experience, one would wish to see a lot more fresh content come out over the next several months of the new iteration.

The content that we’re really praying to see more of are assortments of weapons which range not only in the AR or SR category, but even in the melee combat area where early game advantage is paramount to long term survival. So we’ve come up with a list of some weapons we’d love to see added to PUBG once everything rolls out, and hopefully the PUBG team chimes in on it!

Baseball Bat

This is like the quintessential melee tool in any given situation, whether you’re fighting against a horde of zombies or in PUBG’s case a horde of random enemies hungry to find a powerful early game weapon. Throwing the coveted baseball bat would surely add a lot more diversity to somewhat lacking collection of melee items that players can use to dish out early game damage. Much like the pan, the baseball bat can pack quite a punch and should be able to knock an enemy out in at least 1 to 2 hits. Given that this item is found in wide variety of titles such as the popular GTA V Online and Capcom’s Dead Rising, throwing the swift yet powerful baseball bat in PUBG would be the perfect holiday treat for anyone hoping to lop a few heads off in the early innings.

Mounted Turrets

Now this may sound a little OP considering that these things pack a ton of damage, but it does leave you open to being sniped if you aren’t careful. For that balanced reason we think throwing mounted turrets into PUBG would just add another element of strategy into the mix as now, players will not only have to worry about snipers in houses and open fields, but also clever enemies who find a turret and are determined to shoot anyone down.

These mounted turrets can be placed on top of specific rooftops like say in the very populated areas such as the School, Polyana, and of course the Military Base. This would also even things out in regards to players always running for the powerful weapons, as they now have more incentive to try and score a higher kill streak by hopping on a turret. This wouldn’t override the current agenda of how players currently play in PUBG, this just adds another added option that players can rush to and of course whoever makes it there first will surely be laughing all the way to the bank.

FN P90

This gun has seen a lot of action in a vast array of shooters from Call of Duty to Battlefield, and the reason why it’s so popular is due to its incredibly fast firing rate. This gun can turn any enemy at close range into swiss cheese and because of its steady recoil, it could be a mid ranged monster. Add on the extra attachments like suppressors and extended magazines and you’re looking at a higher tier version of the Vector. We don’t know why the gun wasn’t included from the get go, perhaps because the Vector was chosen first. Whatever the decision behind it was we’ll never know, but with 1.0 rolling out it’s only clear now that the P90 should be added to the SMG lineup and perhaps remove the Vector down the road.


This may sound a bit farfetched to throw in the Katana when you already have the Machete in place, but come on, everybody wants to role play as the lone samurai chopping heads off early game. Sadly there’s no gore in PUBG to allow such things to happen but just having the Katana on your belt buckle as you run around the map just looks so badass. Also, since a lot of the Asian market makes up a great deal of the player base right now, throwing in the Katana for them would be a nice treat. Japanese players would go crazy for it and you’ll most likely see this weapon in play a lot more during the early phases.

Just imagine running around the Military Base with a bunch of swordsman running around hacking and slashing each other. It’ll look like a real Samurai battlefield and once the victor has been settled then they can grab their favorite gun and score some more kills.


Call of Duty WWII is officially out and many players are hooked. The same goes for the PUBG player base as more and more players are starting to sign up, all ready to chase the dream of one day eating that delicious Chicken Dinner. Unlike in Call of Duty where the playing field is restricted to a certain area, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an open world where you can pretty much hide and run anywhere you desire. Having another sniper rifle added to the list would surely be of great benefit since they tend to play a major role in PUBG.

The Springfield is another bolt-action SR much like its Kar98 and AWM brethren, but the major selling point is that the Springfield is already equipped with a 4x scope making it an easy grab for anyone looking to snipe during the mid game. It can be hard at times to find the right scope let alone a scope at all, especially when everyone is running around like roaches grabbing whatever they can find. The Springfield would be a wonderful non-crate addition which could compete with the Kar98, therefore creating a more balanced playing field and not have every player just simply run for the Kar every time.

Honey's Final Verdict:

We have such a long Christmas list of weapons we’d love to see added in PUBG that we’ll be splitting this up into a two part series, and perhaps have you folks chime in on what you’d like to see in PUBG as well. The game is only going to grow bigger from here and with the enormous support from the community, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is looking to take the top spot as the go-to eSports tactical shooter. CS:GO is still the king but PUBG isn’t too far behind and the throne can be taken at any given moment. Let’s see what happens once 1.0 rolls out and more content comes in!

PUBG-weapon-additions-560x315 Weapons We’d Love to See Added in PUBG [Part 1]
The P90 has been my favorite gun to choose for midrange combat since Counterstrike Source! Such an awesome weapon!
PUBG-weapon-additions-560x315 Weapons We’d Love to See Added in PUBG [Part 1]
I'm so on board with the Katana addition! I've always had this weird fascination with blades and the Katana is one we can't ignore.