Weekly Anime Music Chart [05/07/2018]

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What You Need to Know:

  • Welcome to the weekly anime music chart! Kick off Monday with a great new jam!
  • Last week, a Granblue Fantasy album and V-enus debuted on the chart. Oddly, LiSA's best album and Blue Compass from Inori Minase both stayed in their same positions from the previous week too. As for alubms that gained, the Splatoon 2 OST and the Piano Collections from NieR:Automata rose up.
  • What does this week bring us? Find out below!


Homatsumugen Kochojin - Granblue Fantasy - by Narmaya (M.A.O.)

2. UP

LiSA BEST -Way-(


Splatoon 2 OST -Octotune- by V.A.


V-enus by Urashima Sakatasen


BOOTLEG by Kenshi Yonezu

6. NEW!

Detective Conan Movie: Zero's Executioner OST by V.A.

7. UP

Blue Compass by Inori Minase

8. NEW!

To See the Future by Tomori Kusunoki


Love Live!Sunshine!! Aqours CLUB CD SET by Aqours

10. DOWN

Piano Collections NieR:Automata by V.A.

Source: CD Japan

To-See-the-Future-500x444 Weekly Anime Music Chart  [05/07/2018]
Not only does Homatsumugen Kochojin stay on top, but the SAO Gun Gale Online theme song debuts as well! This will be on loop all week!
To-See-the-Future-500x444 Weekly Anime Music Chart  [05/07/2018]
I am excited for that too and that LiSA and Inori Minase's albums both gaining!

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