Weekly Anime Ranking Chart [08/30/2017]

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What You Need to Know:

  • Good Afternoon/Evening to everyone around the world. Welcome to the Weekly Anime Chart from Honey's Anime straight from Japan!
  • Last week, saw the debut of BanG Dream! while the real shocker was that Granblue Fantasy took over Kimi no Na wa and Sword Art Online. We also saw KanColle rise and Kuroshitsuji: Book of the Atlantic rise up.
  • This week is a whole new ball game as we find out if Kimi no Na wa cinch #1 again? Or is it doomed to just fade into oblivion? Let's go.
Previous Week Ranking

Weekly Anime Ranking Chart [08/23/2017]

1. UP

KanColle The Movie


Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale


Kimi no Na wa


Granblue Fantasy The Animation 5

5. NEW!

After War Gundam X Blu-ray

6. UP

Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni

7. UP

Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin V


Owarimonogatari Mayoi Hell

9. NEW!

Princess Principal

10. NEW!

Kuroko no Basuke LAST GAME

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Princess-Principal-DVD-354x500 Weekly Anime Ranking Chart [08/30/2017]
P-P-Princess Princpal!? THIS IS AWESOME! GO GO FOR #1!
Princess-Principal-DVD-354x500 Weekly Anime Ranking Chart [08/30/2017]
The big thing I think is that KanColle went to #1 after weeks around the middle of the chart.... what?

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