Weekly BL Manga Ranking Chart [01/14/2017]

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What You Need to Know:

  • Welcome fujoshi, fudanshi, and other BL lovers or explorers to our weekly yaoi and shounen-ai manga chart!
  • Last week we made a comeback after the holiday season to find Coyote and Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu were still super popular, but what's all the rage now?
  • Let's check out the chart and find out what Japanese BL manga fans are reading this week!
Previous Week Ranking

Weekly BL Manga Ranking Chart [01/07/2017]


Super Lovers 10

2. UP

Watanabe Yuu (23) Danyuu Hajimemashita 3


Neon Sign Amber

4. UP

Bi no Kyoujin: X Side'

5. NEW!

Jotaika Yankee Gakuen 2

6. NEW!

Juujin Kareshi no Dokusenyoku

7. NEW!

Are ga Shitai, Kore ga Hoshii

8. NEW!


9. NEW!

Bukiyou na Silent 6

10. DOWN

Zantei Boyfriend v

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Super-Lovers-10-225x350 Weekly BL Manga Ranking Chart [01/14/2017]
Super Lovers is still number one! I'm so happy it got a second anime season, too!
Super-Lovers-10-225x350 Weekly BL Manga Ranking Chart [01/14/2017]
I want to read everything... Except maybe the one with the animal boyfriend...

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