Weekly Manga Ranking Chart [01/27/2017]

What You Need to Know:

  • It's Friday here in Japan and that means it's time for us to bring you the weekly manga chart, based on manga bought by Japanese otaku.
  • Last week Tokyo Tarareba Musume managed to hang in at number one, but has any other series managed to tower over it this week?
  • Let's get to the chart and find out which manga are the most popular in Japan this week!
Previous Week Ranking

Weekly Manga Ranking Chart [01/20/2017]

1. NEW!

Youjo Senki 3

2. UP

Uchuu Kyoudai 30

3. NEW!

Masamune-kun no Revenge 8

4. NEW!

Emiya-san Chi no Kyou no Gohan 1

5. NEW!

High Score Girl 7

6. DOWN 

Tokyo Tarareba Musume 7

7. NEW!

Dungeon Meshi 4

8. NEW!

Inuyashiki 8

9. DOWN 

One Piece 84

10. NEW!

Fate/Apocrypha 2

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Youjo-Senki-3-225x350 Weekly Manga Ranking Chart [01/27/2017]
One Piece 84 is STILL hanging in there? It must have been over a month that it's been in the chart now!
Youjo-Senki-3-225x350 Weekly Manga Ranking Chart [01/27/2017]
Tokyo Tarareba Musume is still here, too! I'm interested in checking out the Youjo Senki manga, as well!

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