Weekly Manga Ranking Chart [10/06/2017]

What You Need to Know:

  • Welcome back to the latest and greatest, and also the first one of October, manga chart. It is Friday and it is time to get down to those manga that are selling like hotcakes in Japan!
  • Last week, 3-gatsu no Lion rose from the bottom of the chart to #1 and Nami yo Kiitekure & Saint Oniisan rose with it. Inyashiki kept a happy 5th, and Golden Kamuy fell. The rest were all newcomers.
  • This week it is yet again a shakeup as everything from last week has left! So, check out the new chart below!
Previous Week Ranking

Weekly Manga Ranking Chart [09/29/2017]

1. NEW!

Anata no Koto wa Sorehodo 1

2. NEW!

Masamune-kun no Revenge 1

3. NEW!

Haru no Noroi 1

4. NEW!

Alice to Zouroku 1

5. NEW!

Tsugumomo 1

6. NEW!

Bernard-jou Iwaku 1

7. NEW!

Uroboros - Keisatsu wo Sabaku wa Ware ni Ari 1

8. NEW!

Konohana Kitan 1

9. NEW!

Himegoto 1

10. NEW!

Ore ga Ojosama Gakko ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Rachirareta Ken 1

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Masamune-kun-no-Revenge-1-349x500 Weekly Manga Ranking Chart [10/06/2017]
ehehehehehehehe what is this #10
Masamune-kun-no-Revenge-1-349x500 Weekly Manga Ranking Chart [10/06/2017]
I loved Masamune-kun no Revenge!

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