Weekly Manga Ranking Chart [12/14/2018]

What You Need to Know:

  • Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to the weekly manga chart from Honey's Anime!
  • This week, we have all the stragglers from last week stay on top of the chart while all the newcomers are on the bottom half! Speaking of, some standout titles like Attack on Titan, Gyarugohan, and Bakemonogatari all debut!
  • After a strong debut last week, the Vivre Card One Piece manga stays strong with Yona of the Dawn and Dragon Ball Super attempting to challenge it. Check out the chart in full below!


VIVRE CARD - ONE PIECE zukan - Booster Set "The Four Emperors" Whitebeard's Pirates

2. UP

Yona of The Dawn Fan Book


Dragon Ball Super 8

4. UP

Yotsubato! 1


IDOLiSH7 (Idolish Seven) Re:member Vol.1

6. NEW!

Attack on Titan 27

7. NEW!

Yoneda Ko 10th anniversary fanbook 20072017

8. NEW!

Gyarugohan 5

9. NEW!

Okami-kun wa Kowakunai

10. NEW!

Bakemonogatari 3

Source: CD Japan

Bakemonogatari-3-351x500 Weekly Manga Ranking Chart [12/14/2018]
Ooooooooo Yoneda Ko~!
Bakemonogatari-3-351x500 Weekly Manga Ranking Chart [12/14/2018]
What's with the top 5?! Dang.

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