Weekly Manga Ranking Chart [12/23/2016]

What You Need to Know:

  • It's time for our weekly manga chart! Looking for something to read over the holiday season? Look no further than these popular series!
  • Last week Otoyomegatari took the top spot with big names such as Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghoul:re following after it, but what's most popular in Japan now?
  • Let's get to the chart and find out what everyone is reading at the moment!
Previous Week Ranking

Weekly Manga Ranking Chart [12/16/2016]

1. UP

Tokyo Ghoul:re 9

2. NEW!

Made in Abyss 5

3. NEW!

Golden Kamui 9

4. DOWN 

Attack on Titan 21

5. NEW!

Ane Naru Mono 1

6. NEW!


7. DOWN 

Otoyomegatari 9

8. NEW!

Kou no Dori 16

9. NEW!

Bakuon!! 9

10. NEW!

JoJolion 14

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Tokyo-Ghoul-re-9-225x350 Weekly Manga Ranking Chart [12/23/2016]
Ooh Made in Abyss is here, the one that recently got an anime announcement! Ane Naru Mono looks pretty great too though...
Tokyo-Ghoul-re-9-225x350 Weekly Manga Ranking Chart [12/23/2016]
Kou no Dori and Golden Kamui are here again too, they always seem to do well in the charts!

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