What a Fujoshi Sees: Kuroko no Basket (Kuroko's Basketball)

Probably all of you already know what the term fujoshi means. Literally, it means “rotten girl” in Japanese, and it's used to indicate all those girls who enjoy any media – anime, manga, light novels, graphic novels, etc. – depicting romantic relationships between men. What not everyone knows, though, is that a fujoshi's mind works differently than any other fan's. In fact, a fujoshi (or fudanshi, if you're a boy) to the core, manage to see gay relationships even when there's an innocent friendship between two boys. All it takes, for example, is a ruffling of hair or a simple high five, and a fujoshi's imagination runs wild and imagines a relationship that doesn't exist. A lot of manga and anime provide food for the fujoshis' minds, and they are also helped by doujinshi that give birth to the relationships that they imagine in non-BL works.

Different Perceptions

One of the most resounding examples to explain how fujoshis see differently, is probably Kuroko no Basket, and together with it, a lot of other sports anime like All Out!!!, Haikyuu!!, Diamond no Ace, and so on. Kuroko no Basket, thanks to its big range of characters, is a real paradise allowing multi-ships.

If we consider our protagonists, Kuroko and Kagami, we can see a real bond, and mutual trust. But how does a fujoshi conceive their relationship? Well, we can't blame a fujoshi for thinking that Kuroko and Kagami would make a good couple, what with Kuroko claiming that he would make Kagami shine. If your average viewer sees friendship, a fujoshi is already imagining how they would roll together under the sheets.

A Certain Inclination

And what if two characters share a past, in which one inspired the other to play basketball? Here we are with our second example: Aomine and Kise. Their romance is tough one from a fujoshi's point of view. In fact, if normally a viewer would see two teenagers who enjoyed playing basket together, but then they went separate ways, a fujoshi sees the drama.

In the eyes of a fujoshi, theirs was a tormented romance in which one admired the other, but then Aomine's pride ended things abruptly, and now Kise suffers every time he and Aomine – who has a very bad attitude – meet. It's as simple as that, because fujoshi can create gay men wherever they glance.

Notice me, Senpai!

What about when it comes to senpai? A romance between two senpai is the dream romance of every fujoshi! That's why, another highly acclaimed couple was made from Teppei and Hyuga. Normal viewers see clearly how their relationship is based on mutual trust, friendship, and cooperation. A fujoshi thinks differently: she can see how the two of them share deeper feelings. A fujoshi understands how the drama of Teppei's injury made their bond stronger, and how happy Hyuga was when Teppei got back in the team.

Imagination Running Wild

The vivid imagination of every fujoshi can be excited with minimal effort. In fact, with a simple high five between Midorima and Takao, the romance between the two becomes a real deal, and their entire background unfolds within their minds. A blushing of cheeks out of embarrassment, turns to an unrequited love; a show of muscular bodies makes a fujoshi think of an imminent boy-on-boy action, while the characters are simply changing their clothes. Not to mention how female characters don't even exist in a fujoshi's mind! It doesn't matter if there's a real FEMALE love interest one of our character has crush on, no, because a fujoshi wants BL, bromance, and skin ship between two hot guys, no matter what!

Final Thoughts

This is what a fujoshi sees in Kuroko no Basket, AND in every other anime, because a fujoshi's mind is as simple as that: it needs boy-on-boy action, bishounen being touchy-feely with each other, and hot guys to be multi-shipped between them. We really like fujoshi/fudanshi's enthusiasm, and their ability to notice the smallest details which corroborate their ideas. It's undeniable: every work is sprinkled with innocent fanservice, but it's low-key, and we like to think it's like a code that only fujoshi and fudanshi are able to see!

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