What is a Husbando? [Definition, Meaning]

Attack-on-Titan-wallpaper-700x488 What is a Husbando? [Definition, Meaning]


Relationships play such an integral part in the growth of humanity, and we all often dream of that one person who we can spend a lifetime with. Everyone is on a journey to seek out harmony, and discover a new euphoria within. Although the journey to seek out such a person is no easy task, it's a task that we all somehow manage to muster through and end up in the arms of the right individual for us. It's why we thought it would be nice to elaborate more on the very popular term “Husbando”, and why it plays such a huge importance on our lives.

The more predominant “Waifu” is a term that is in direct correlation to that of a beautiful female anime character, while “Husbando” refers to a male character whom we deem fitting enough to have strong attraction to. Everyone who immediately sees the husbando is drawn into his irresistible aura, wishing that they could either be with him, or be like him. There are different variations of the husbando, such as the bishounen husbando whose non-threatening features melt our hearts with his tenderness. On the other hand we have the tsundere husbando, the one who is so cold and distant but deep down we all know his heart is pounding with love and we just want to tame him. Whatever type you prefer is entirely up to you, so it is our job here at Honey's Anime to embrace husbando and give you a few examples to spice up your life.

The brave yet endearing

There are always two sides to every coin, and the same philosophy can be applied to the husbando. As stated in our intro, the husbando can take on various roles but still maintain his irresistible demeanor that just have us all trembling at the knees. In this case, we will start off with the more delicate side of the husbando since the popularity of bishounen anime have always been on the rise, especially as of late. The brave affectionate husbando is the one who we wish to sweep us off our feet with their strong, yet sweet attitude to everything. Their gentle embrace along with their confident character can have us experiencing a new euphoria that can only be received through him.

In our upcoming examples, we will explore what it means to be a strong yet sweet husbando and why we chose them as our candidates. We will start off with Kittan from the very popular Guren Lagann series, and from there we will move into everyone's favorite Levi from Attack on Titan. We decided to start off with these two gentleman because they both demonstrate the core foundation of a husbando, one who is courageous on the outside, but deep down their loving embrace captivates us all.

Kittan Bachika [Gurren Lagann]

  • Episodes: 27
  • Aired: April 1, 2007 – September 30, 2007

Gurren Lagann is one of the better classic anime that dropped around the mid-2000's, with a spectacular story that we can all enjoy, because of its wide array of characters all of whom possess colorful personalities. After discovering a mysterious artifact that turned out to be the ancient artifact of war, Simon and Kamina fend off a whorde of enemies who are out to recapture the Lagann. Shortly after the battle, Simon and Kamina set off on a new journey to explore more of the wastelands in search for more. They soon find themselves against the beastmen, who are humanoid creatures that are out to destroy the gunmen, who are the last surviving remanants of humanity. It is now up to Simon and the rest of the team he has formed to reclaim the surface, while uncovering the mystery behind the ancient artifact of war.

So while the show focuses on Simon and his two other comrades, Kittan plays an extremely major role in the show and really shows us what a real husbando is. Kittan is the leader of the black siblings, a group of survivors who work alongside Simon to bring an end to the terror of the beastmen. After acquiring his own ganman named “King Kittan”, he became a force to be reckoned with and became a great assistance to the Gurren Brigade.

So what makes him a great husbando? Not only does he show us a side of bravery and a willingness to protect everyone around him, his more obnoxious behavior and carefree view on life is what we all strive to be like. One great example is when Simon finds himself trapped in battle with the beastmen, Kittan jumps in to save him and shortly after the two laugh it all off in a very humbling way as if he were saying everything will be alright so long as I'm around. That fearless attitude is what makes us all feel a sense of safety when in the arms of Kittan.

Gurren Lagann Trailer

Levi [Attack on Titan]

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Aril 7, 2013 -September 29, 2013

Attack on Titan came into the anime spotlight back in 2013 with amazing praise from many fans. It's story takes place in a world where mankind were slaughtered to the brink of extinction by gigantic humanoid monsters known as Titans. Their lust for human flesh sparked a lot of terror forcing those who survived to create large walls of concrete to keep them at bay. However, that peace came to an abrupt end when a colossal titan approaches the town, breaking through what was once thought of as an impenetrable wall, creating havoc within minutes. It is now up to the team of elite team Survey Corps to put a stop to all of the chaos that is ensuing, and restore peace to the town before all the titans destroy the wall and also humanity as we know it.

Levi is the captain of the scouting legion division and leader of the special operations squad, which is an elite team of hand picked individuals brought together to protect Eren. The reason why we chose Levi as one of our husbando's is because of his handsome features, strong leadership qualities, and demonstrates loyalty to everyone who is around him. Levi is also somewhat of a perfectionist, in that he ensures that everything around him is spic and span, and readily available. A great example of his bravery is when one of his comrades fails to fend off one of the titans and finds themselves on the verge of death. Levi being the great husbando, flies in courageously fending off the titan and saving his comrade from near death, doing so in an almost effortless fashion.

Everyone falls in love with this type of husbando because we all desire to have one who can take care of things, keep our place clean, and take charge when necessary to protect us. Our hearts melt with joy as we are greeted with an individual who not only takes good care of himself, but his charm and confidence will have you absorbed immediately.

Attack on Titan Trailer

The one we desire to change

There is that one husbando who you just want to fix because they have so many great qualities about them, but they misuse them on so many occasions. We have all come across that one individual who just can't seem to get it right, but when they do we immediately feel like we've contributed to their success. Evil or good natured, every husbando we desire to fix will more than likely have some side to them that somehow doesn't bring all the pieces together. We have decided to choose Light Yagami from Death Note as the one who we try so hard to change, because we know behind that cold exterior is a charming and warm individual who really only wanted to do the best for others. However they somehow slipped along the way and we need to be there to help pick them back up. So let us hop in and cover more about our handsome devil, Light.

Light Yagami [Death Note]

  • Episodes: 37
  • Aired: October 4, 2006 – June 27, 2007

The story of Light begins in an odd way, since he wasn't really aware of the events that would follow in his very pathless life. He was a very distant student in school who really had a strong disdain for those who brought harm to the world. He felt in his heart that there should be justice for those who brought pain and suffering, and that he would be deemed a God if he could simply rid of all of the evil around him. That is when shinagami Ryuk shows up one night, accidently dropping his death note while wandering around the human realm. Light eventually stumbles upon the note book on his way home from school, and from here his life changes forever.

Curious about how the death note works, he witnesses a very disturbing event take place on TV, and so he writes the name of the suspect down in his book unknowingly aware of the events that would transpire. Soon after the suspect dies in the same way he had wrote it, his thirst for justice grew stronger and his twisted ways became more apparent over the course of the series. With the divine strength in his grasps, Light uses this note to dispose of anyone who gets in his way creating serious consequences for our handsome husbando.

Light is by no means an evil person, as we can see that his intent to seek justice is not wrong. However, his approach to it all is what created a span of countless investigations around him, deeming Light to be a criminal himself. He demonstrates very positive qualities about him that we love, such as his calculated mind state and ability to foresee things. This shows a man who is very organized in his ways, and plans out his actions with every ounce of detail being written down. This great quality is what makes us fall in love, but we just want to change that careless and impulsive side to him since it's what puts him in trouble in the first place. Nobody is perfect, but this is exactly why everyone tries so hard to bring peace into his confused heart.

Death Note Trailer

There are a large number of anime characters who we would deem husbando potential, some of which display similar qualities like those on our list. Much like the waifu, there is never a shortage to choose from and for us to truly embrace as our own. The husbando is one we all can rely on in times of struggle, since they demonstrate the innate ability to protect us from the dangers the world bring us. Similarly to the waifu who is there to nurture and bring about peace, the husbando's job is to ensure that we always feel needed no matter what.

If you feel like there are other husbando's out there that tickle your fancy and make you drool for more, be sure to drop them in the comments section down below! As always, for your sweet anime fill, keep it locked here at Honey's Anime.

Attack-on-Titan-wallpaper-700x488 What is a Husbando? [Definition, Meaning]


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