What is Discord? [Gaming Definition, Meaning]

Skype, TeamSpeak and Google Hangouts are just a few examples of very popular computer applications that people use to communicate with friends, family and loved ones across the world. These apps give people an interface that removes the usual texting components of messenger or such and adds the ability to use cameras as well as microphones to communicate and speak with others in a more normal and personal way. Though recently, a new application called Discord has been rising in popularity as the quintessential replacement for Skype—at least to some—and the other apps we mentioned previously. Though if you’re not someone who keeps up with every computer app released—and we don’t blame you as that is momentous task to accomplish—then you might be unaware of what Discord is and why you should even care about it. Let us here at Honey’s Anime guide you through what is Discord by introducing you to the main elements of it, give you a brief history of its conception and why you might or might not want to give it a chance for yourself.

Now in case you’re wondering how we plan on talking about Discord so even if you’re a computer novice you’ll still understand, we’ll now explain how this article will go. Below we will be discussing several elements to Discord such as a bit of its history, why it’s so different than other things and finally why it might be the best application for you to use if you’re someone who loves a specific fandom. Our What is Discord article will make sure that at the end of it, you’ll be more versed in all things Discord—at least what it is and how it works—and won’t feel left out of a conversation if someone just so happens to begin talking about Discord non-stop. We will make you readers out there understand the basics of Discord and increase your application knowledge just a small bit. Now let us begin our What is Discord article by starting from the beginning!

The latest social app

Discord might be quite popular and is mentioned on everything from Twitch to Twitter, and even YouTube—as a lot of bigger YouTubers have their own Discord servers—but ironically, Discord is still in its infancy when it comes to when it was released. Discord originally released as a small server-based texting/audio application that was similar to Skype and various other apps. Users could download Discord, make an account, make a server or join one, and then begin talking to others via text or audio. Plus, Discord appealed to many gamers/users because it was—and still technically is—a free to use social application. In October 2017, users were then able to go beyond the text and video less audio as they could use webcams finally and talk in larger groups similar to how Google Hangout works. Needless to say, Discord has become a big application that will most likely only continue to grow as more download it and try it out for themselves.

What makes Discord different

We’ve mentioned already a slew of other apps that are or were similar to Discord and that makes many probably wonder this. What actually is different about Discord in comparison to everything else in the computer world? If you asked this question, we wouldn’t look at you strangely or think you’re asking something off putting. It’s a legit question after all. Why should you download Discord—even if it’s free and we have one ourselves here at Honey’s Anime—if you’re a user of the also free Google Hangouts, Skype and or Rabbit, which also happens to be another video/text-based application.

In the newer age, people like to be in control of everything and anything computer based. The beauty of Discord is that unlike all the things we mentioned above, Discord has a customizable element to it that makes it appealing for all types of users. The perfect example comes from us here at Honey’s Anime—no we’re not trying to shamelessly plug our discord we are legit using it for explanatory purposes here—as our Discord server caters to a multitude of users from those who love anime, manga and video games. Like many others out there who have their own servers, we here at Honey’s Anime customized ours to allow those who wish to talk only about anime to enter a space where the text and chat rooms are geared to anime fans so they don’t feel lost in a slew of other chats that might be about games or manga. This idea of making a customizable apps where others can talk with fans of some things and make spaces that cater to that fandom is easily one of the greatest components to Discord and something we love truly ourselves.

Your own place

When you buy a house or buy a car—heck buy anything that you can alter or choose in style—there’s a feeling that the specific thing you just obtained is yours and yours alone. As we mentioned above, Discord is highly customizable allowing those who use it a space that allows a multitude of fandoms to thrive and gather in places where they can feel comfortable talking with like minded individuals. It’s a rare feeling on the internet in other locations or with other apps because often non-like-minded individuals find their way in and can sometimes ruin the experience you’re having with your friends or fellow fans. That’s why Discord is so awesome and trending more and more as the days/years go by. Discord can almost feel like you’re buying your own piece of real-estate and making it yours and yours alone.

When you download Discord, we mentioned above that you make your account and either join an already existing server—which there are already thousands of—or make your own server. Making your own server is completely free—though there are subscription-based ones that offer more things to do within your own server—and you are then free to do whatever the heck you want with it just like your own apartment or home. If you want specific sections dedicated to all things K-On or Boku no Hero Academia—yes, these are two very different anime but they were first series to come to mind—you can do that and people who join will know to be more vocal in the specific section they want to.

Aside from just customizing and making your Discord truly your own little space, you are also the one who delegates what role people have in your discord, the powers they have as users and who you wish to allow to stay in your discord…and who might have to be removed. There is a dizzying amount of options users have in Discord such as giving specific roles—like admin powers or the ability to remove unwanted people—to people you choose and you can even give these users specific names. We’ve seen some people act like they are in an anime world and make groups represent names of teams—like Naruto’s Team 7—as their various roles in Discord. It might sound silly and goofy to a lot of people, but to most, this is just another example of the greatness that is Discord. It’s ultimately your app and you can change it to how it best suits your preferences. Plus, you can even download other apps to Discord—such as music bots—to liven up your Discord with popular tunes found off YouTube.

Final Thoughts

Discord might have been released only a few years ago—less, if you think that the more stable version is only a year or so old—already, it’s showing the world a new way to talk with people regardless of your place in the world. That alone is a reason we love Discord as we have fans and readers spread across the Earth and Discord is means of allowing us to communicate with you all to discuss various themes and such in a safe environment that you’ll enjoy. It’s why we do recommend joining our own Discord server to be informed of various streams we might do on Twitch—which we do a fair amount of—and talk with various writers and Honey’s Anime alumni. Though even if you don’t join, still feel free to keep up to date with all our articles and various posts here at Honey’s Anime.

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