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Wikipedia defines fanservice as a “term originating from anime and manga fandom for material in a series which is intentionally added to please the audience. It is about “servicing” the fan – giving the fans “exactly what they want.” Well that’s all good and whatnot, but what do we want? Well, when you see your favorite female character in a series walk across the screen and her hip or boobs shake, or she trips and lands cutely on her butt, that’s fanservice! It’s about teasing us, the fans, with stuff that we would like to see our characters do! Fan service or male fanservice is geared towards men. So the objects of our desires, tend to be women!

Fanservice was originally started in the 1970s with a very old show called Cutie Honey. It was minor things like poses, teases of figures, provocative shots, bouncing boobs, etc. It began to spread into other shows. Then by the 1980s we saw the most glorious of all fanservice scenes be introduced – the shower scene. You can’t see everything, but It’s. So. Close. You. Can. Almost. Reach. Out. And. Touch. It. Full frontal nudity, aka seeing the front of a female character naked became standard. Heck, if you’ve seen Evangelion, that show was supposed to be ripe with fanservice, and while it does have some, it was drastically scaled back when it was actually aired.

Okay so we have poses, shots, bouncy boobs and hips, and the Holy Grail – shower scenes… Hmm so then, what else is fanservice in a show? Things like shots that show from behind the character where you can see their underwear or between their legs. How about when the characters go to the beach? We get to enjoy our favorite characters in very revealing bathing suits! Usually, a female character asks the main character to rub sunscreen over her back. Harmless right? Except the cream is always white and comes with a sound effect! How awesome is that?!

Once quick note though, fanservice is not hentai. You will not see sex or anything explicit. Boobs and butt are about all you will see. The goal of fanservice is to push the envelope as much as possible, sometimes more direct than others! Ultimately, fanservice is to help us, the viewers, enjoy the shows a little bit more. Let’s take a look at some shows that give us more fanservice than most bargain for!

Bikini Warriors

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Bikini Warriors

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2015 – September 2015

Plot Summary:

Lots of boobs. Bikini Warriors is just like the name suggests. It follows around four main characters; Fighter, Paladin, Mage, and Dark Elf, as they fight in what appears to be a video game. Their armor are bikinis. This video game world is overflowing with monsters, magicians, and key holding mayors that are creepy. The four women must fight to save the world/universe from evil.

Bikini Warriors holds nothing back in the forms of fanservice. We have gratuitous amounts of boobs everywhere. Bikini Warriors leaves very little to the imagination. Boobs are constantly bouncing all over the place. It needs to be said twice due to the amount of boobage. The girls can be covered with slime and eels that will enter into their bikinis. There’s a shower scene!! Yes!

Fighter gets matched up with a puppy and well… let’s just say that this is the extreme of fanservice. The voices here in this series are also quite “fanservicey.” They have the very high pitched, whining voices that are endearingly cute. Oh! How could I forget, there’s all of the crotch shots too. Bikini Warriors is perfect for showing newer fans quite explicitly what exactly fanservice is and how it should cater to us as fans!

Prison School

prison school wallpaper

Prison School

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2015 – September 2015

Plot Summary:

Way out on the far side of Tokyo there is a special school. It’s called Hachimitsu Private Academy. What makes it so special? Well it’s a guy’s heaven; it’s an all-girls school! This school raises the best and brightest. However, change is on the horizon. Starting this year, they will accept boys. 5 boys, Kiyoshi, Takehito, Shingo, Joji, and Reiji are accepted. As boys would normally do, they are curious and go to peek on the girls the first night. They are caught though and the student government condemns them to be locked up in a prison in the middle of the school grounds. Suddenly, life is not as great as it seems…

Prison School is a great show for those who want to experience more fanservice! I’ll break down some great parts for you for this! The best example is Meiko Shiraki, the student council vice president. Besides the fact that her school outfit BARELY fits her, she has a very voluptuous chest, her shirt rights up very high on her nice thighs, and her nipples are basically the only thing that her blazer covers. When Meiko takes a step, her boobs bounce. Imagine her just walking through and episode and trying to count the number of times they bounce! It’s impossible! When she sweats from physical exercise, she looks like she has been covered in something else… Ha! And she is punished one time by the student council president and forced to wear and even tighter uniform.

In order to tease us more, she has to close her blazer, but it’s clear that she’s ready to burst at the seams. She’s such a tease. Towards the end of the series, there is a night scene where again, she has to wear a very tight suit. As she struggles to get out of it, her boobs bounce and it becomes tighter as she starts to sweat. She was two best moments though. The first is when she suffocates someone. I know not that hot.

However! She does it by sitting on this girls face! She pulls up her skirt and sits down! Her crowning moment, has to be where she is doing 100 finger pullups on a door frame, and she slips. The door handle catches her thong and she has to rip it off of her body to get off of it. This is then flung around the room and the girls talk about it. It even appears again later in the series! If only she would give it to someone! (I volunteer as tribute.)
Hana is another great one. Hilariously awkward, she serves on the student council as well. She has this weird thing for Kiyoshi. He accidentally peed on her.

Yes that’s right, he accidentally pees on her! She is out for revenge after that day. She wants to, this is fanservice, pee on him as revenge on multiple occasions, but has issues. There are some *ahem* scences where she and Kaito are in VERY compromising situations and this leads to a very… provocative make out scene later. Both Hana’s and Meiko’s actions towards Mari and the way that they speak makes it feel as if Mari is running some sort of erotic harem with these girls and it’s actually quite hot! They are very submissive and it would not surprise me if Mari actually wanted something more from one of them! (please)

Even the principal also has an affinity for erotic things! As the father of the student council president and the head of the school, he has some kinky habits! He owns mousepads that instead of a wrist guard, have a woman’s butt on them. He had tons of photos that he tries to hide, but he is constantly called out by his daughter, Mari. He even has an at length discussion with the boys at one point about how a butt is better than boobs! (I want to join in too…)

High School DxD

highschool dxd

High School DxD

  • Episodes: 12 + 6 OVA’s
  • Aired: January 2012 – March 2012

Plot Summary:

Issei Hyodo is a standard high school boy, and a bit of a pervert. His dream is to have a harem, but he has no game and it’s terribly obvious. He finally though gets a chance to go on a first date with a girl. There is a twist. The girl, Yuma, is actually a fallen angel! After she kisses Issei, he goes back about his daily life. Things are looking up for him!

Unfortunately, he is attacked and almost killed by another fallen angel. Rias saves him. He wakes up the next morning and Rias is by his side naked?!?! She explains now that she has healed his wounds with her magic and he is now her slave! Not only that, Rias is now his master!!! He joins the Occult research club and learns of other mythological creatures. He has a sacred gear that allows him to attack. This now makes other fallen beings decide to come after him!

The one thing that is great about High School DxD is how they got the harem right for fanservice. The girls are all over him. In fact, unlike a traditional harem where men exist but the girls are much closer, they sleep with him! Not only that, but they also sleep nude with him! Sign me up!! They also fight over him. True to a fanservice harem, he is the only object of their desires. The one thing that set him apart too in this harem from other ones, is that he is a total pervert. He fantasizes about them instead of meekly sidestepping them.

First, this series is VERY uncensored. There is a gratuitous use of boobs, butt, and naked bodies in this series. The girls’ boobs bounce up and down as they walk to school in their uniforms and around town. They will expose themselves if need be, and bathe together nude. Hair will be swept down in front of a girls nether regions in order to tease us the viewers by not exposing too much. More boobs are shown. When Issei needs help studying, the girls will always lean in to help him making contact with him and their boobs. This distracts him (and us because we would love the same thing) and he can’t focus anymore.

The greatest part of fanservice after seeing boobs for the umpteenth time is the fact that the girls will say things like, “hurry up and do it!” or “this is embarrassing!” or “Just get it over with!” as they are embarrassed to be bearing it all. Regardless they are giving us what we he wants; a hot girl who still has a modest and friendly personality!


There you have it! I hope that you have enjoyed this introduction to male fanservice! If I had to suggest some shows that would be great if you want to expand beyond these three, I have some recommendations. Queens Blade, Highschool of the Dead, To love-Ru, Seikirei, Freezing, and especially Saekano: How to raise a boring girlfriend, are all amazing shows! Keep your eyes peeled for more and let me know what your favorite fanservice anime is in the comments below!

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