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Patience in video games isn’t the easiest thing in the world at times. While death in most gaming titles is meant to be a way to learn and better yourself, dying too often just leads to anger and frustration. Then when you begin to hit too much frustration and anger, you just find yourself throwing your controller and calling it quits. This term has been aptly named by the gaming community as “rage quitting” or simply “a rage quit”. Today we here at Honey’s Anime plan on showing you in detail some examples of what games can cause this to occur in our article What is Rage Quit.

In our What is Rage Quit article, we will explore several titles that are infamous in the gaming world as games most likely to cause you to lose your cool and rage quit. These gaming titles aren’t badly designed or unfair they just are tough for numerous reason. We want to explain to you beautiful people out there reading why someone gets to that rage quitting level. By the end of this article, you will either understand why your friend has just bailed on your fighting a tough boss or why you feel the need to now lay down and yell into a pillow. If you’re ready, continue reading to get some new gaming knowledge thrown into you.

Brutal Difficulty

Games that are too easy tend to feel like you’re playing a title aimed for kids. Thus why a lot of developers—such as one of which we’re about to mention down below—have opted for making games that require you to learn from failure by implementing unforgiving enemies and various other gaming hazards. While a patient gamer can calm down quickly after dying ten times in the same area, others usually wish to break the nearest object near them. When this feeling hits a high point the rage quit is soon to follow. Don’t feel bad if this is something that befalls you, we’re the same sometimes here at Honey’s Anime.

Dark Souls 3

  • System/Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment, FromSoftware (JP)
  • Developer: FromSoftware
  • Release Date: Mar 24, 2016

The Age of Fire has kept the kingdom of Lothric strong for many generations. However, as time goes on the fire has begun to cease and with it chaos has begun to arise. Those who have died in Lothric find death to be only temporary as they rise back and become an Undead. As time marches on the Undead begin to lose their minds and have become a greater curse on the lands. If the Age of Fire is to return, a new Lord of Cinder must come into existence. You just so happen to be a soul that is going to attempt this fear as you are titled the Ashen One, a chosen soul to relight the fire and rekindle the dying fire of Lothric.

Developer FromSoftware has always given us great gaming titles such as the Armored Core series. However, the Dark Soul franchise—in particular Dark Souls 3—has caused numerous rage quits. That anger that wells up as you die multiple times from a boss such as the Dancer of the Boreal Valley—known as the toughest Dark Souls 3 boss—causes your mind to just feel the emotion of anger. This is when after your seventh death just decide enough is enough and launch your controller into a nearby wall. That emotion is rage quit at its core and not only is it frustrating on your soul, it’s also painful for your wallet when you have to repair the now small hole from your controller’s impact.

Dark Souls III- Launch Trailer | PS4 (Official Trailer)

Ninja Gaiden Black

  • System/Platform: Xbox, Xbox 360
  • Publisher: Tecmo
  • Developer: Team Ninja
  • Release Date: Sept 20, 2005

Ryu Hayabusa is on a mission to take down the Shadow Clan. Their evil has been spreading and it seems as if they are planning some new nefarious plot. While Ryu is within one of the clan’s bases, he is told by female shinobi Ayane that he is needed back home. When Ryu returns to his home, he learns that Doku—a rogue ninja—has come to steal the legendary Dark Dragon Blade hidden in Ryu’s village and while Ryu attempts to fight back, he is quickly defeated by Doku who now wields the blade. Though he should be dead, Ryu is bought back to life and quickly aims to get the blade back as well as take revenge on Doku.

Ninja Gaiden needs little introduction as most consider it the hardest hack and slash game ever crafted. However, there were proud gamers out there that refused to be beaten by Ninja Gaiden and somehow beat it showing their skills. Developer Team Ninja saw that some people felt the game was too hard and decided to be kind by releasing Ninja Gaiden Black as an updated title so you may wonder well then how is this a tough game. Knowing that people beat the first version, Team Ninja made Ninja Gaiden Black have an even tougher mode and this was no joke folks. We here at Honey’s Anime have played Ninja Gaiden Black on the hardest setting and while some of us survived, others felt more angry than before they started. If you want a game to cause you to rage quit, Ninja Gaiden Black does a great job at showing you what a simple difficulty spike can do in an already brutal gaming title.

Tricky Levels

Another element that will cause rage quitting comes in the form of tricky level designs. There are numerous gaming titles out there that require players to be at their best in terms of perfect timing and or quick reflexes. While you may think these scenarios are unfair—which we can’t blame you for here at Honey’s Anime—this isn’t poor level design but more so level design that requires perfection from the player. Let us examine one of the best examples of what a game with tricky designs can do to a player. If you want to know why a game that looks cute or silly can cause a player to give up and rage quit, then look no further than the title down below.

Super Meat Boy

  • System/Platform: Xbox 360, PC, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, Android
  • Publisher: Team Meat
  • Developer: Team Meat
  • Release Date: Oct 20, 2010

Meat Boy was enjoying another day with his girlfriend—Bandage Girl—when all of a sudden danger strikes. The evil Dr. Fetus kidnaps Bandage Girl and leaves Meat Boy forced to chase after him. Unfortunately for Meat Boy, the evil doctor has left numerous traps and enemies to challenge Meant Boy. Now Meat Boy must jump, slide and avoid death at razor like objects if he wants to be reunited with his girl once again. Will Meat Boy be the hero and save the day or will Dr. Fetus get away with this horrible act? Find out in Super Meat Boy.

Ever think a platformer is too easy and wish you could get more challenging titles? Well folks, why not try developer Team Meat’s game known as Super Meat Boy. Originally Super Meat Boy was just a web based title but soon Team Meat found rapid popularity from gamers and it was released as a console indie title on numerous platforms. However, while the game featured simple controls—literally you only have a few buttons to press—the level designs weren’t as simple. Players would be forced to jump at perfect moments and find just the right way to avoid dying from numerous pitfalls and level hazards. There are some players out there that have shown how many times they died on some levels of Super Meat Boy and it could end up being in the hundreds. Super Meat Boy might seem cute and just fun—which it is both of these things—but behind that allure lies a game that will make your blood pressure spike and a feeling of utter anger that will make you appropriately put your controller down and walk out of a room.

Final Thoughts

When you rage quit in a game you’re seen as getting overly upset or sometimes even mocked for letting your emotions get the better of you. However, folks take it from us here at Honey’s Anime, there is nothing wrong with rage quitting. Sometimes you just need a break from a tough fight and or level so you can relax and unwind. Then after a few minutes—or hours—you go back because you still love the game despite the anger it sets in you and you’re right back at it again with sometimes more successful results. Hopefully after reading this article, you can now understand not only yourself better but other gamers out there and feel a bit more sympathy for them. As always folks, we would love to hear from you so make sure to use the comments down below to let us know how we did or give us some ideas for other topics you wish for us to explain. Till then, we will eagerly await your return here at Honey’s Anime so you can dive into more articles and get some more gaming knowledge from them.

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