What is Weeaboo? [Definition, Meaning]

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Ah, there’s nothing like slang to make you feel like a community. When like-minded individuals get together and use the same slang and terminology, there’s a feeling of unity, isn’t there? Well, that is unless you are categorized as a weeaboo!

What is a weeaboo, you may ask. Weeaboo is a less than endearing term for an individual who is more than a little obsessed with all things Japanese and anime. It was a term originally started on 4chan when another derogatory term “wapanese” or “wannabe Japanese” was censored from the forum. After, people started to refer to “wapanese” as “weeaboo” in place of the old terminology.

Weeaboos are not your ordinary otaku, guys. Weeaboos take their hobby to the next level! Yes, the term “weeaboo” is not a very endearing one, but not everyone can be a weeaboo. There are certain character traits that apply to those who bear the title. Let us see if you have the qualities of a weeaboo!

Anime Obsessed

I know, I know. You don’t have to tell me twice that otaku can love anime, too, but let’s say weeaboos love anime to a different extent. Weeaboos make anime their life. It’s what they talk about. It’s what they do. It’s what they live! It’s a whole new level of obsession.

While in Japan, not many people walk around on the subways in cosplay out of consideration for others. Weeaboos will walk around in full cosplay for fun regardless of time or place. I’ve seen many a weeaboo go to a mainly Japanese community dressed in full cosplay for no reason other than to walk around or hang out. I’ve also seen weeaboos who dress up in cosplay for events like sakura viewing.

That’s not to say that all cosplayers are weeaboos. There’s merely a time and place for these types of things.

Weeaboos also take all of their knowledge from anime and attempt to explain Japanese society through anime. While anime is a product of Japan with some inclusion of Japanese culture, like dramas and movies, anime is not an accurate depiction of everyday life in Japan. Unfortunately, weeaboos don’t always take the time to research information and will just utilize anime as their only point of reference in regards to Japanese culture. This leads to many incorrect assumptions about Japanese culture as well as misconceptions about what Japanese culture is like.

Unfortunately, weeaboos are mainly governed by what they know from anime. It’s all they know and it is all they care to know, which can be quite limiting in terms of knowledge and understanding.

Lucky Star

Lucky-Star-wallpaper-1-700x438 What is Weeaboo? [Definition, Meaning]
  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: April 2007 – September 2007

Lucky Star is an anime about the ordinary lives of Konata, Miyuki, and the Hiiragi Twins, Tsubasa and Kagami. Watch as they go to school, eat lunch, play video games, and so much more! Every day may seem ordinary, but these girls make it extraordinary!

Lucky Star is perhaps one of the biggest anime when it comes to otaku culture, especially with a heroine like Konata. However, let us take a look at Miss Patricia Martin. Patricia Martin is a transfer student from the United States of America. Patricia is not just any type of otaku; she’s a weeaboo.

Patricia has learned all of her Japanese through anime and manga, which has led her Japanese to be a bit unusual and improper. Patricia also makes generalizations about Japanese culture based on what she knows from anime. Patricia doesn’t even listen to any other Japanese music aside from anime themes. To top it all off, she’s making her livelihood working at a cosplay café. Considering Lucky Star is an anime that parodies real life, you can clearly tell that Patricia Martin is a parody about Americans and weeaboos. Patricia is a character based on a stereotype of any American who goes to Japan, which is clearly not always the case. Sadly, though, this is a very common depiction of Americans in anime.

Lucky-Star-wallpaper-1-700x438 What is Weeaboo? [Definition, Meaning]

Lucky Star - Official Trailer


Lucky-Star-wallpaper-1-700x438 What is Weeaboo? [Definition, Meaning]
  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: October 2010 – April 2011

Mashiro Moritaka has always dreamt of becoming a mangaka, but gave up his dream when he was coping with a tragedy. One day, he is approached by his classmate Takagi Akito, the school’s top student, who had witnessed Moritaka’s artistic skill and wants to ask if Moritaka will join him in writing manga together. Fueled by his desire to get his crush, Azuki Miho, Moritaka decides to take on the venture. Together, Moritaka and Akito work under the pen name Ashirogi Muto in hopes of becoming the best mangaka in Japan.

Technically, Bakuman. does not depict any weeaboos in the anime, but it does show a lot of earnest devotion to the art of being a mangaka, which many weeaboos do aspire to become one day. Many weeaboos and anime otaku develop an interest in drawing after watching anime or reading manga, so Bakuman. does show us how difficult the road up ahead is for those who seek out a career in anime and manga. It is a very tough road!

Also, Bakuman. gives us a good idea of the inner workings of a mangaka: how it works, what to consider when writing, how do publications work. There is so much that needs to be considered that Bakuman. will allow many adolescents to understand what they need to do if they want to achieve their dreams. Being an artist is a tough job, but working in anime without being Japanese? That may be even harder! We can’t all be waitresses in a cosplay café like Patricia.

Lucky-Star-wallpaper-1-700x438 What is Weeaboo? [Definition, Meaning]

Bakuman Opening 1 HD

Japan Reigns Supreme

Hopefully the title didn’t completely throw you off. Weeaboos are just known for being somewhat Japanese obsessed. Let us retract that sentence. Weeaboos are known for thinking that everything Japanese is the equivalent of gold and diamonds in comparison to everything else. Japanese animation is better. Japanese cars are better. The Japanese language is better. Granted, you can consider all of these things better without being a weeaboo, but weeaboos are just known for thinking that everything Japanese is better than anything else.

Many weeaboos will even use their limited knowledge of the Japanese language and interject the words in their own sentences usually pronounced incorrectly or used improperly. The Japanese language seems to be a fun one with high pitches, cute voices, and highly animated, so why not use what you know, right?

This is mainly where the term “wannabe Japanese” comes from. Weeaboos would generally do anything that makes them closer to their favorite characters. Many weeaboo will even disregard their own cultural background in favor of the Japanese culture. While not everyone is that extreme, it is a stereotype that comes with being a weeaboo, and there are people out there that really would trade in their first born son for Japanese ancestry.

Ladies vs Butlers

Lucky-Star-wallpaper-1-700x438 What is Weeaboo? [Definition, Meaning]
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2010 – March 2010

Hino Akiharu is an orphan living with his uncle’s family, but to lessen his burden on his uncle, Akiharu enrolls himself as a butler at a boarding school where expenses are paid. Unfortunately, Akiharu has the appearance of a delinquent so most of the girls avoid him! It is then when he meets his childhood crush, Tomomi.

A shining example of a weeaboo has to be Pina Sformklan Estor! Pina is a European princess who has come to Japan because she believes Japan is the best country. Pina states all Japanese manga is better than her country’s historic novels! As you can see, Pina believes that Japan is ultimately better than the country that she runs. This is a tell tale sign of being a weeaboo if there ever was one.

While not everyone is quite as exaggerated or critical as Pina is, you can probably remember someone who thinks along a similar wavelength as Pina. Those types of people do exist whether you want to believe it or not.

Lucky-Star-wallpaper-1-700x438 What is Weeaboo? [Definition, Meaning]

PV Ladies vs Butlers


You have probably heard the term weeaboo more than once, but did you really know what it meant? After reading about what is a weeaboo, you can see that weeaboos are not generally thought of in a positive light as they seem to come off ignorant and anime obsessed. Clearly, no one wants to be thought of in such a negative way, but can you think of someone who is like that?

I am not trying to point fingers here, but do you think you may have the makings of a weeaboo? If you do but think it is an entirely negative idea, just like the term otaku, take it and make it your own! Do not let labels ruin your self image. If you are a weeaboo, be a proud weeaboo. We can’t always live in a society where we let other people’s views change us. Be a weeaboo with your heart and soul, no matter what anyone else says.

Lucky-Star-wallpaper-1-700x438 What is Weeaboo? [Definition, Meaning]
Lucky-Star-wallpaper-1-700x438 What is Weeaboo? [Definition, Meaning]


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