What Makes Fate/Grand Order so Popular?

Fate/Grand Order is a mobile game focusing on the infamous Fate series. Full of all our favorite characters and plenty of opportunities for new quests, Fate/Grand Order has made a big impact!

Despite being a free-to-play mobile game, fans have spent billions of dollars on the game in total, mostly to try to obtain the characters they love. But what makes fans keep coming back for more? We here at Honey’s Anime decided to take a brief look at some of the mechanics that make Fate/Grand Order so appealing!

A Combination of All the Fate Series

There have been other Fate-centered games in the past. However, Fate/Grand Order is truly one of the first to combine all of the different Fate series into one mobile experience. The game incorporates all of the different characters, with some unique storylines to tie them all together. Players act as their own versions of a “Master” in a world where there are very few other such human beings left, and command a plethora of summoned heroes from all walks of life to help them balance out the disturbances in time. This is a different take on the classic Fate concept of Master and Servant fighting with other Masters for the Holy Grail – for though you still search for the Holy Grail in each time period, it is not for your own use and there are no other Masters to fight you for it, only Servants. In a way, Fate/Grand Order has become its own separate part of the Fate world, even as it combines all the other stories and characters into one!

Free to Play, but Addicted to Pay

Some of most popular mobile games nowadays are free-to-play! Fate/Grand Order delivers on this promise as well, offering players the ability to play through the entire game without paying a cent. However, due to the game’s often-criticized rates for drawing high-level characters, many players resort to paying just to get the characters they want. Basically, Fate/Grand Order breeds only two types of truly successful players: the pay-to-win type and the type who grinds at every quest or event to get earn exactly what they want. For either kind of player, Fate/Grand Order will turn into an addiction regardless!

Old and New Favorites to Summon

This game has some of the most well-known characters from Fate, like King Arthur and Medusa. Yet because Fate/Grand Order boasts its own storyline, it also includes plenty of brand new characters to inhabit the different time periods. Though the rates for summoning high-level characters can be difficult, the game includes enough characters that you can be sure you will fill up your team quickly! Fortunately, even if you are not able to summon your favorite characters, they are still incorporated in various parts of the story and in event quests. If you love Fate for the Servants who were introduced, Fate/Grand Order is perfect for you.

Art And Animation

The Fate anime are known for being gorgeous all around, from the character detail to the fluid motion of weapons in fight scenes. Fate/Grand Order does not disappoint in this regard either. Though the story scenes are told through static images and text, the characters movements in battle are just as good as in any anime series. And the art for the cards you earn is intricately detailed as well, giving life to the many heroes introduced throughout. With each new character or singularity that is announced, we are all the more impressed at the art Fate/Grand Order brings!

Final Thoughts

Plenty of Fate-related games have been introduced over the years, but it is clear why Fate/Grand Order has garnered the popularity that it has! Though it may have poor drop rates for high-ranking characters, this makes it all the more addicting for Fate fans to reach for their favorite Servants. With everything else we love about Fate, from the characters to the beautiful art, Fate/Grand Order has a balance of originality and the familiar feeling of a Holy Grail War to keep fans coming back for more!

Have you been playing Fate/Grand Order? We would love to hear your thoughts about the game in the comments below! As always, stay tuned for more great articles and discussions here at Honey’s Anime!

FateGrand-Order-Wallpaper What Makes Fate/Grand Order so Popular?


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