What We Hope to See in Attack on Titan’s Final Season – Especially for Manga Readers!

So, the trailer for Attack on Titan’s final anime season came out about a month ago and everyone is beyond hyped. We may have lost WIT Studio, but it looks like MAPPA is intent on carrying the torch to the finish line with the kind of love and admiration for the source material that you hardly see anymore outside of JoJo adaptations and Ufotable productions. Manga readers know that things escalate quickly once the action shifts to Marley, so what can we expect to see in this final season? We have some predictions!

-- Manga Spoilers Ahead!--

Lots of (Hopefully Good) CG

MAPPA has had a mixed record with CG imagery – the lower budget Zombieland Saga had some wonky 3D dance sequences, while Inuyashiki and Dorohedoro can be breathtaking at times – but since Attack on Titan is such an important and influential show, we’re certain that they’ll bring their A-game for this one. And they’ll need to, since this season is full of zeppelins, warships, dizzyingly huge crowd shots, and the craziest titan designs to date. We’d love to see most titans animated traditionally, as can be seen with the Cart Titan and others in the trailer, but the otherworldly nature of CG would actually work very well for the wall titans and Eren’s later forms.

A Massive Shift in Perspective

Season 4’s poster says it all – the iconic image of the Colossal Titan looming over the wall and staring down at the lone soldier. Eren has been replaced with the Attack Titan roaring at a wounded Reiner as he destroys Marley’s largest city. Eren has always been an anti-hero, but at this point, he’s fully taken on the role of an antagonist. Once we get to know the mainland Eldians and the Marleyan officials as people, it becomes much more difficult to see them as the faceless enemies that they used to be. We hope the directors and voice actors dedicate their hearts to portraying these morally grey characters as faithfully as they can.

Weird “Paths” Flashbacks

All subjects of Ymir are connected by mental “paths”, which can transfer and alter memories, change body structures, and (in the Attack Titan’s case) travel through time. We hope MAPPA illustrates the flashback/time travel moments with some surreal animation and direction, since the manga uses tilted panels and other odd techniques in these same scenes to imply that what’s being shown isn’t the whole truth. Wouldn’t it be cool if Eren and Zeke appeared in their MAPPA designs while interacting with Grisha in WIT’s art style? Or if they observed a scene from season 1 and the drastically different styles served to visually represent how much their lives have changed since then? If Attack on Titan Junior High can use clashing art styles for comedy, why can’t season 4 use it for drama?

Call-Forwards That We Never Saw Coming

Hajime Isayama has a habit of sneaking hints about future events into the anime, even when they haven’t even appeared in the manga yet. The most obvious is season 2’s ED, which hinted toward the original Ymir’s backstory and the Eldians’ banishment to Paradis Island, but these little moments are all over the place if you know where to look. Perhaps there will be some overlooked imagery in season 4 (or even earlier) that we won’t recognize as a call-forward until the manga ends...

Final Thoughts

We also hope that Linked Horizon gives us some more face-melting OPs and EDs, although a break in the formula like Season 3’s “Red Swan” could help illustrate how much things have changed. But what are your predictions for Attack on Titan’s final season? What do you hope to see? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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