What We Love About Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu (Komi Can’t Communicate) So Far!

Komi Can’t Communicate has hit Netflix with episodes released every week and we have loved it so far! The series explores the realities of social anxiety as a high schooler, with the titular Shouko Komi unable to communicate properly with people. Komi-san’s desk neighbour Hitohito Tadano is the show’s protagonist, and the anime follows the development of their relationship as Tadano finds out that Komi-san can’t communicate and enlists his help to make 100 friends. This shatters Komi-san’s classmates’ perception that she is stoic and elegant, but the illusion remains throughout the series, with a small group of friends forming around her that know the truth. With the Komi-san doing so well and with how much we love it, we decided to gush over it today!

A Visual Treat

The opening scene of Komi Can’t Communicate shows just how seriously studio OLM are taking the adaptation of a cult classic manga. Attention is paid to every detail along Komi-san’s walk to school, with the key visuals focusing on the character design of Komi as she turns heads down the street. The artwork is typical for a Slice of Life or RomCom anime, but with greater detail paid to facial expressions as this anime’s main storyline relies so much on character interactions and their reactions.

The art style has also played an essential role in enhancing character interactions throughout Komi Can’t Communicate. Komi-san’s social anxiety reactions are reflected in a change in the art style from the detailed picturesque format seen in the opening scenes and profound moments to a simplified comedic version composed of mostly line drawings and exaggerated body language adding to the shows comedic side. The ability for the show to switch between the two styles so quickly provides an extra dimension to the storytelling.

Characters Make The Story And Comedy

The most vital point of Komi Can’t Communicate so far is the characters and their interactions. Interpersonal relations in a Slice of Life anime are crucial to the plot, as a lack of chemistry of interesting dialogue leaves a show feeling flat or empty of soul. On the other hand, Komi-san, despite not being able to interact with the other characters effectively, their interactions are full of comedy and exciting dialogue prompted by the quirkiness of the cast and the uniqueness of the conversations with Komi-san.

The first friend outside of Tadano that Komi-san makes is Najimi Osana, a popular member of their class who has known Tadano for years. Osana adds the bridge between Komi-san and the other classmates we get introduced to throughout the anime, like the over-dramatic Omoharu Nakanaka or the yandere Ren Yamai, giving the cast a reason to start talking to the unapproachable Komi.

Final Thoughts

Komi Can’t Communicate has become a hit with fans of the manga hoping for an adaptation for years. However, casual fans have also enjoyed the series with it being an easy point of entry as a Slice of Life and having outstanding visuals. There is not much plot development so far in the show, but that is what makes the anime so much fun to watch, as Komi’s predicament is slowly worked out by a unique cast of quirky individuals. Have you been watching Komi Can’t Communicate? What have you thought of the adaptation so far? Let us know in the comments!

komi-san-wa-comyushou-desu-Wallpaper-2 What We Love About Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu (Komi Can’t Communicate) So Far!


Author: Lewis Williamson

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