What Would a Yugiri Episode of Zombie Land Saga Look Like?

Every single member of Franchouchou (even the permanently zombified Tae Yamada) has had at least one episode focused on them... except for one. Number 5 of the group, Meiji-era courtesan Yugiri, has been shrouded in mystery since the first season and we’re dying to see more from her than just a few interactions with her bandmates. So, what would a Yugiri-centric episode of Zombie Land Saga look like? Let’s round up the clues we have so far and speculate!

Themes and Musical Styles

With the possible exception of Tae, Yugiri hails from the oldest time period of any of the zombies. She has mentioned in passing that she tries to just go with the flow instead of getting overwhelmed by how different the world has become almost 150 years after she died, but it would be so interesting to explore how she feels about her lifestyle changing so much. Does she ever feel like she doesn’t belong, like Junko did in season 1 when she realized how much idol culture had evolved since the ‘80s? Is her motherly attitude towards the other girls a reflection of how much she misses her long dead loved ones? How has her past experience as a courtesan influenced her outlook on life? Perhaps Yugiri’s episode might explore her history (including her implied death by beheading) and answer some of these burning questions.

As for what song she might sing at the end, we do have a few ideas. The first season’s Bluray release includes an extra music video called “Saga Jihen” that features Yugiri as the center – it’s a jazzy number that plays to her strengths as a sultry alto and gives off vibes of old-fashioned class that suit Yugiri very well. We’d love to see something like that in her episode, preferably with the other girls dressed in cute Meiji-inspired costumes alongside her. If she gets a solo performance instead, perhaps she could show off her shamisen playing or other skills she learned in her previous life. No matter what, we’re sure it’ll be a song to remember!

Possibly Tied to the Finale

Several fans have speculated that the reason we haven’t yet gotten a Yugiri episode is that her backstory will be tied into the season finale. We already know that Kotaro’s bartender friend is a fellow necromancer and has ties to Yugiri, so he may have been the one to revive her in the first place. The underlying plot of people starting to catch on that the girls are zombies is ramping up now and may come to a head in the finale – when that happens, perhaps the mysteries surrounding the bartender and Yugiri will be revealed. However, if that ends up being the case, we hope that our girl’s designated episode isn’t rushed to fit in everything else that the finale needs to wrap up. She deserves her own time to shine!

Final Thoughts

When Yugiri finally gets her own episode, we predict that it’ll focus mostly on her adjustment to the modern world and feature a bit of her backstory. Hopefully she’ll be given enough time to show off the depth of her character, as well as sing a unique song that emphasizes what makes her unique. We’ll be looking forward to it!

What did you think of our predictions? What do you think a Yugiri episode would look like? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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