What’s Up with Pink-Haired Characters in Fall 2020 Anime!? Spoilers!

Pink is the color associated with femininity, cuteness, youthfulness, all sugar and no spice. In anime, hair color usually signifies something about the character’s personality. For example, villains often have white hair, the main character is often blond, blue-haired characters are brainy, but what about pink? We have noticed a pattern in Fall 2020 anime: pink-haired characters are serving us plot twists! What is their true personality? Get prepared to gasp in surprise as we meet these two-faced characters.

Spoilers Ahead!

Nana from Munou na Nana

Nana looks as cute as a bean. The first episode of Munou na Nana reminded us a lot of My Hero Academia. Nana’s school is on an isolated island, where all future superheroes, the Talented, are getting training against the so-called enemies of humanity. Nana's special skill is mind reading, and she uses it to help out her classmates. All looks like this is going to be yet another action anime, but Nana holds a great secret, which she tries to hide behind her girly voice and smiley face.

We soon find out that Nana is an undercover assassin, with no superpowers. She is a Talentless, and she has to take out her classmates one by one, because they are, in fact, the true enemies of humanity. The Talentless want to eliminate anyone with special skills, due to the potential harm to the rest of the population, if they ever get out of control. Nana’s face changes as we witness her inner thoughts: she is sharp and calculating, with a chill-inducing lower voice.

However, Munou na Nana excels on yet another level: after watching the first three episodes, we expected that the series is going to follow Nana’s plan in each episode, to kill the students one by one. This is not the case, because her antagonist Kyouya steps up his game. Kyouya is invincible and is almost certain Nana is to blame for all these sudden deaths. This is when they engage in a battle of wits reminding us of Death Note.

Ramuda from Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle - Rhyme Anima

Ramuda is the leader of Fling Posse, the second most popular band from the Hypnosis Mic franchise, after Matenro. He is also one of the most recognizable characters of Hypmic, cute, cheerful, and with deceptively young looks, when in fact he is 24 years old. He runs his own fashion brand, his trademark tune is drops with sugary pop lyrics, and his microphone looks like a children’s toy.

But, when Ramuda’s dark side shows up, his voice and mannerisms change. His cheerful personality turns cold and calculating, and his voice lowers as he lashes out in anger. As confirmed in episode 10, Ramuda was behind breaking apart the Dirty Dawg group, under the commands of The Party of Words. Ramuda is offered one of the legendary Hypnosis Mics, that can mind control opponents, and is asked to use it against Matenro’s leader Jagurai!

What’s coming up is even more shocking. We won’t reveal it, but it has to do with Ramuda’s real identity and his connection to the government. Up until now, we suspect Ramuda’s intentions, it does seem like he is getting blackmailed by the government, but also that he has an old feud with Jagurai. There is still more than meets the eye, though, which you might know if you have been following the Hypnosis Mic franchise before the anime aired.

Final Thoughts

In Fall 2020 pink hair equals plot twists! With only a few episodes until the end of the season, we are anticipating the resolution of Munou na Nana and Hypnosis Mic. Will Nana manage to complete her mission? And what about Ramuda’s plot? Do you have theories about what is going to happen next? We sure do, so let’s discuss in the comments below.

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