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We love mature themed anime here at Honey’s Anime, but we can agree that anime can go a bit too far. By this statement you might mean we’re talking about overly ecchi anime series—like every harem series ever—or violent anime series similar to Berserk. In this case though we mean anime that enter the realm of extremely offensive. Still not understanding what we mean exactly? Down below we will talk about several moments that blew our minds in anime in our article When Anime Goes Too Far. Be prepared to see the worst anime can do…

Semi-racist dialogue

Anime can at times be a bit overly racist. There are lesser forms—take Mr. Popo from Dragon Ball Z—but then there are racist slurs through into an anime’s dialogue that can create some oh my god moments. Ghost Stories is pretty well known for having some truly amazing English dub that was ad libbed the whole time, but some episodes have some pretty…not politically correct lines that can stun those not familiar with the show’s attempt at making stupid humor. We don’t think anime has these racist undertones intentionally though, but it can come across that way to some viewers.

Obscene amount of mature content

There are a multitude of mature anime out there in the world and we could spend all day listing them. While it should be obvious that watching an anime with a R rating or PG-18 rating means you’re going to get some graphic content, we noticed some series push the limits of that mature rating. School Days and Higurashi no Naku koro ni can be considered infamous shows—for different reasons though—that show absurd amounts of blood and gore done on kids and teens alike. Do we hate these anime series that are overly violent? No, but we do realize that shows like this can go a bit too far leading to unneeded controversy.

Strange on a whole new level

When anime goes too far, you almost always presume that line indicates horrible concepts that will cause a series to be potentially banned from certain networks or from ever reaching international shores. Ironically, sometimes anime just goes too far in the sense that it can be so strange even those used to absurdities present in almost anime are just left with their jaws agape. Our perfect example for this comes in the form of a series called Henkei Shoujo or Transforming Girls in English. Just go online and hit up YouTube and enter in the search bar Henkei Shoujo and from there, watch random episode clips or montages from the show. We won’t say much aside from Henkei Shoujo being about a girl who can transform into a jet but that alone should just make your mind stop for a brief second. We love anime weirdness, but anime can be a bit overly strange at times.

Sexual to the max

By now, if you’ve seen a decent amount of non-mainstream anime series, you should realize anime be overtly sexual. Harems for example have girls typically showing their oppai left and right or being stripped of their clothes so often you’re wondering why there is even any censorship. Shinmai Maou no Testament is a great example of this where girls are literally pushed into sexual acts so often we are surprised it’s not considered hentai. We don’t particular dislike Shinmai Maou no Testament as it has some awesome animation and killer action but the sexual content in it pushes the barriers of its R+ rating beyond the limits. If you look on MyAnimeList—MAL—you’ll see it says mild nudity. That statement only feels applicable to the censored version as the uncensored Shinmai Maou no Testament has plenty of oppai and other naughty bits without the random steam clouds that try to hide what is really going on.

Final Thoughts

Anime is something we’ve come to understand as weird, raunchy, strange and often awesome because of its uniqueness. Though even we know anime can push the limits and go beyond what even we thought was possible. What anime have you seen that goes too far? Comment below with the various shows you can think of and we’ll discuss our opinions as well! Be sure to keep stuck to our hive for similar articles to this one here at Honey’s Anime.

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