Where to Take a Manga Drawing Class?

A lot of people are interested in drawing manga - but it’s hard to get started sometimes. Just because you know how to draw doesn’t mean you understand exactly what goes into drawing a manga. After all, mangaka use many different techniques and tools that are special to the manga industry. So if you want to get started drawing a manga yourself by taking a manga class, or are just interested in learning more, where can you go? Why not start with a manga drawing class? Finding a manga drawing class might be easier than you think!

Before you jump right into a manga drawing class, consider what your needs are going to be. Do you learn better in person, or is an online course better for your busy schedule? Do you have an idea of how much you want to spend on classes? Do you already have resources and experience, or are you starting from scratch? These are important things to consider when choosing a manga drawing class, but we hope we can help you get started!


Let’s face it, if you aren’t living in Japan and fluent in Japanese, the easiest way to take a manga class is online. There’s no shortage of manga drawing courses that you can do from the comfort of your own home and in your native language. The price can range from free to quite expensive, so you’ll have to look into what gives you what you want for your budget. A good place to start is YouTube to see if it’s even something you are really interested in, and going from there before you commit any money to it.

If you want a more professional manga drawing online class, several universities offer manga drawing courses. Udemy is also a great resource for learning at home for affordable prices and includes highly user-rated manga drawing classes you can have a look at. Some online classes do require that you have a digital drawing tablet, but others let you use your own paper and materials you have on hand. It’s best to do a bit of research about what best suits your budget and resources, but there’s plenty of manga drawing classes just a click away on your favourite search engine.

In Person

If an online course doesn’t suit you, you can also take manga drawing classes in person. Unsurprisingly, in Japan, there are a lot of opportunities to take a manga drawing class, or even an entire manga drawing course. This is often how famous mangaka perfect their skills and start on the road to becoming professionals. Most art universities in Japan will have manga courses that you can take, but they are done completely in Japanese. That might be a huge barrier to most Western manga fans that still want to take a manga drawing class, but don’t let it discourage you. Some tour companies like Inside Japan can book a manga drawing class for you along with a private guide to help translate. Nakana Manga School near Nakano Station in Tokyo also offers one-time manga lessons completely in English with a professional manga instructor. These options give you a chance to take a manga drawing lesson right in the heart of the country that created it!

If you aren’t in Japan and don’t have a chance to visit any time soon, don’t worry. More and more places are offering manga drawing classes and courses in other countries. The easiest way to find these classes is to check with the local art universities closest to where you live and see if they have any upcoming events. A lot of manga drawing classes in the US, UK, and Canada are taught as one-time workshops and are open to anyone for a price. If you’re fortunate enough to live near a big city like London, Los Angeles, or San Francisco it’s even easier to find places to learn! A lot of big cities like New York and Paris also have Japanese cultural centres, which are a great resource to find manga drawing classes in your city.

Final Thoughts

Whether you learn better online or in person, there’s a manga drawing class out there for you. If you have the chance to go to Japan, it’s a great opportunity to learn from a professional. But even from your hometown and the comfort of your home, you can still take a class! There are manga drawing classes available for everyone and every budget through YouTube, Udemy, universities, Japanese cultural centres, and online classes. So if you have been thinking about trying out a manga drawing class, take the plunge! There are many options out there for every person and every budget.

Have you ever taken a manga drawing class, either online or in person? Have you had the chance to take one in Japan? Are you looking to try one in the future? Do you have any other recommendations on where to take a manga drawing class? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments below!

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Pro-no-Sakuga-Kara-Manabu-Cho-Manga-Dessin-Danshi-Chara-Design-no-Genba-Kara-book Where to Take a Manga Drawing Class?


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