[Anime Culture Monday] Who is Dennou Shoujo Siro? [Definition, Meaning]

Another day, another virtual Youtuber you can discover! Unless you already know Siro, one of the top virtual girls in Japan right now. This time around we are going to explore the emerging career of a 3D animated gamer who is well consolidated as one of the "four heavenly kings", as virtual Youtubers fandom knows the top performers.

Dennou Shoujo Siro, also known as Cyber Girl Siro (pronounced as “Shiro”, which literally translates to “white” in Japanese) is a rising virtual idol with more than 530K subscribers right now. So, how about learning why everybody seems to lose their minds with her videos? Let’s see what we can find out!

Who is Siro and what’s her background?

Unlike the majority of other virtual Youtubers, the people behind Siro and the reasons to create her are pretty straightforward: her first two videos were uploaded to promote a Japanese web platform called DanceStream, where people can browse hundreds of videos of people and animated characters dancing. The Japanese company behind DanceStream is App Land Inc., known for offering solutions in terms of app design and development.

Although they could have hired professional dancers and call it a day, creating a 3D character to promote DanceStream's animation channel is pretty clever. Also, it was perfect timing to jump on the virtual Youtubers' bandwagon! So it was that App Land created profiles on YouTube and Twitter and Siro began to gain notoriety, with a third video in which she launched her career as an aspiring virtual idol.

Now fully voiced, Siro caught people's attention for being a little different than other virtual —and even real— Youtubers: she speaks calmly, she doesn't overreact that much and she sounds rather natural. Another thing that differentiates Siro from the rest is that she usually appears wearing different outfits, which evidently means a much more careful work when creating her 3D models.

App Land created Siro using the character design of an upcoming mobile video game called Shoujo Heiki Daisen (Girl's Weapon Wars); firstly, because it's always easier to reuse material that you already have and, secondly, because it's an obvious way to promote the game, also developed by App Land. Ironically, the Siro project grew so much that the game has kind of been left in the background, to the point that Shoujo Heiki Daisen now looks like a by-product of Siro and not the other way around.

What Can I Find in Siro’s YouTube Channel?

Like we said before, Siro's main goal is to become an idol, but this doesn't mean she only uploads videos of her dancing and singing. Being App Land so related to video games and technology, it shouldn't be a surprise to find gameplay videos of both conventional video games and VR software. A big chunk of Siro's content is Siro herself playing PUBG, Mario Tennis Aces, Little Nightmares, Dragon Quest Rivals, Bloodborne and a whole lot of other popular titles.

Aside from other videos where Siro talks about herself to help us know her more, you can even find English and German lessons for beginners, and Japanese people really enjoy that. Her pronunciation is not that bad either! In addition to creating content for YouTube and Niconico, Siro also live streams for fans in VR Live, a VR platform created by... guess who? Yes, another project by App Land!

Another thing you can find in Siro’s channel is a fair share of collab videos, mainly as a way to grow her audience and help other less-known virtual Youtubers. That leads us to talk about ".Lead", a club composed of other 13 members, as for example Kitakami Futaba, Karuro Pino or Baacharu, the virtual horse. Oh, and here's the final test: who are the managers of .Lead? You got it! Apple Land. Siro is not only .Live's leader but also one of the top 5 virtual Youtubers in the world, so as a part of the "4 heavenly kings" —the 4 heavenly kings are 5 virtual girls, but ignore that— she naturally has some videos with the other girls on this group: Nekomasu, Kizuna Ai, Mirai Akari and Kaguya Luna.

Taking advantage of Siro's success and as a way to promote the aforementioned Shoujo Heiki Daisen game, App Land even conducted a virtual Youtuber casting in order to add 10 winners as 2D characters within the app.

Siro in the Real World

While mass popularity is only a dream for most people involved in the world of virtual Youtubers, Siro has already achieved a lot of things in a little more than a year. For example, a few months ago Good Smile Company announced the future production of a Siro-inspired Nendoroid model, while Tokyo Otaku Mode and Kotobukiya presented a 1/7 Scale Siro PVC figure prototype. We'll be able to have our very own little Siro's at home very soon!

Siro and Kizuna Ai are the only ones with both Japanese and English Line stamps, although Ai has two sets and Siro has one, which she shares with other .Live club friends. Just a few days ago, Ikebukuro-based Nicocafe did a collaboration with Siro so for 10 days, people could visit Nicocafe only to enjoy Siro-themed food and drinks or hang out around Siro decorations. Sure, a bunch of virtual Youtubers have made appearances at mass events and conventions, with Kizuna Ai as the most popular VTuber. However, Siro is more than just merchandising…

Taking advantage of her animation style and the capabilities of current technology, Siro has also been publishing some videos interacting with humans, such as when she documented her visit to the Anime Expo. In addition to that, she also made some live presentations thanks to Augmented Reality, like when she was playing as herself in a Magatsu Wahrheit event —a video game where she and fellow VTuber Baacharu are guest characters—, next to other character's voice actors.

Siro was also present at E3 2018! There, she answered some live questions from fans and journalists, showing us that she can indeed become a virtual idol of our world without relying too much on YouTube pre-made videos. How long until Siro can finally fulfill her dream of a live show at Nippon Budokan arena? Hatsune Miku is "living" —pun intended— proof that impossible is nothing.

Final Thoughts

What will be the next milestone in Dennou Shoujo Siro's rising career? Will she be able to take the world by storm and conquer wider audiences outside YouTube? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, we can enjoy her daily videos. Yup, DAILY videos! She's one of the few that keeps a steady flow of content, and that’s probably one of the reasons of her popularity.

Please, remember you can share with us your story with Siro or your appreciations now you know her a little more. It's always interesting to know how anime-lovers like you and us think and feel about VTubers and all things related. See you soon!

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